My connection with the 50 Shades of Grey series

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Don’t ask why I made this. I just want to. LOL.

Recently, I watched the last installment to the trilogy, 50 Shades Freed. It was okay, actually alot better compared to the previous movies in the franchise. From the music to how the story flowed, it was done well.

Now….what’s up with my title above?? Well, I kinda do have a connection with it.

When I was in med school, 50 shades was very popular to a point almost all of my female classmates keep on talking about even during our lab class. Out of curiosity, I joined their convo. The next thing I know, I was given an ebook version of the trilogy and they encouraged me to read it. As a very cautious person, I did some research about it and I didn’t like what I saw. I knew it from that point that I won’t entertain the franchise.

And yet, here I am talking about it. LOL.

I will explain what happen.

On my last year in med school, I had few subjects (I failed on some subjects so yeah). Because of it, I had alot of free time. To keep myself occupied, I watched alot of western tv series and read alot of books. I haven’t reintroduced myself to anime at that time so I was more into the Western media stuff.

One day, specifically on Feb. 14, 2013, I was bored to death. I didn’t have any classes at that time and wasn’t allowed to go out (I was living with my grandparents at this point). It just so happened that I finished watching all of my Western tv series and read almost all the books I owned, except for one franchise. And yep, you guessed it right….it was the 50 shades series.

I still don’t understand why I haven’t deleted my copy of it even though I swore months earlier to not read it at all costs. I can never understand the old version of me. Anyway, as I didn’t have a choice and was bored to death, I f*ckin’ read everything in one day. Heh.



I read the whole franchise on Valentines Day. Great. Very epic.

Really amazing on my part. -_-


Anyway, it was through that, that now I “appreciate” the series. The premise is quite interesting, and very fanfic which I find very interesting. I mean, I started liking to read stories because of fanfics. I definitely found alot of fanfic moments, especially in the first book. It was hard to unsee. Good thing, the writing kind of improved in the 2nd book, but yeah, went downhill (story-wise) in the last book. Not a fan of the last book.

After that day, I kept this secret from everyone. I dunno why, but the thought of me, reading 50 shades franchise on Valentines Day, its really embarrassing. Even until now, I still facepalmed myself. LOL.

And…my connection to the franchise didn’t stop there.

2 years had past and I was now a psych major student on a different school. My bestfriend, who had a complicated love life, wanted a companion on Valentines Day as it was her first time (in a long time) to celebrate it as single. At first, I decline but she offered to free me everything. Of course, I accepted her offer. LOL. Little did I know that we were about to watch the first installment of the 50 shades franchise, 50 shades of Grey. Great. It seemed my connection to this movie will never stop.

The movie followed the book, yep. But it was the acting the made the series abit….meh. Alot of the “sex” scenes were abit awkward, and I wasn’t feeling the chemistry between the characters. Still, it was a great watch. Lel.

Since then, we continued to watch movies on Valentines Day (she was still single for a few years). On 2016, we watched 50 shades of Black, a hilarious version of the first movie. Then on 2017, 50 Shades Darker, which both I and my bestie kinda liked. It was alot better than the first movie, but it sucked cuz of the soundtrack. Alot of the songs didn’t fit well to the moments shown on screen and it was a huge turn-off. Still, the acting of the actors was more on point this time and I already liked the story so it was good.

Fast forward to 2018. My bestfriend and her ex-boyfriend got together again, and I was thrown aside (no hard feelings). She wasn’t single anymore (like me) so it was understandable that we didn’t celebrate Single Awareness Day. Because of it, I forgot that the last installment of the franchise was released and just proceeded with my life.

A month ago, I stumbled on a copy of the 3rd movie. I thought that watching it would atleast become the “closure” I needed for my connection to the series. I wasn’t able to watch it on V-day, as I was depressed at that time, but I still watched it on Feb, so there is still a connection. LOL.

I was able to get the “closure” I needed for this chapter of my life.

I didn’t expect I would have alot of connections and memories related to the 50 shades series. It was an interesting ride.


Anyway, I think I shared to much now.

Thanks for reading.

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