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Let’s take a break from reviewing animes, and let me share to you guys my thoughts about a movie I recently watched, Midnight Runner.

Around the time when this movie became popular, I was planning on watching this Korean movie. However, I dunno what came up to me that I actually put this one on hold. If you guys are asking me why I did that…I really don’t know. Lol.

Now, why did I decide to watch this now?

I’ll be honest, it’s because of the news that there will be a Japanese version of the movie. It will star 2 of the rising stars of the Johnny’s, Hirano Sho (King & Prince) & Nakajima Kento (Sexy Zone). This news made me remember to watch the Korean version first before seeing the Japanese counterpart.

So yeah, here we are now.

Ki-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) and Hee-Yeol (Kang Ha-Neul) are new students at the Korean National Police University. They are not the best students, but they are sincere when it matters. They decide to go out one evening. Towards the end of their night, they witness a young woman being kidnapped. Ki-Joon and Hee-Yeol try to get the police involved, but they meet apathy and bureaucracy. The two police cadets decide to save the young woman’s life before it’s too late. (AsianWiki)


Park Seo-Joon as Ki-Joon
Kang Ha-Neul as Hee-Yeol
Park Ha-Sun as Joo-Hee
Sung Dong-Il as Professor Yang

I really like Midnight Runners. It’s been awhile since I enjoyed a Korean movie like this one.

Everything about it was amazing.

From its very interesting story, to the captivating characters, everything was done well.

About the plot, it was well executed. Even for a short time, we were able to fell in love and get to know the main characters. Both of them are very interesting and charming in their own way. Personally, I like Hee-Yoel better as I find him funnier, even though, it’s quite clear the Ki-Joon had more sense of humor. Still, I would love to meet these guys in real life.

What I like about this movie was the realistic nature of it. Midnight Runners gave us a glimpse of what is like for Korean men in the police academy. They are trained well, it was refreshing to see it. The characters, other than the main ones, are very realistic too. Maybe the scenarios they are in are quite typical, like them making fun of their classmates. Their reactions to their situations feel really authentic. For example, their stint at the club was both cringey and awkward. Still, I can imagine guys from the academy would act like what they did.

Another part of the movie that I really love and was amazed by was the aftermath of their first encounter of the enemies. Rather than the police letting them help or proceed in capturing the villains, they were instead put back in the academy, just because they are not yet legit police officers. It amazed me because of how it was different from what I expect it to be.

This then became the main motivation of the protagonists to save the victims from the enemies, even if it meant the loss of their admittance to the academy. Seeing them training felt like I saw the training arc of a shounen anime. LOL. It was both hilarious and tense. I can really feel their frustrations and determination to push their plan through.

And indeed they succeed.

I had always love seeing Korean movie action scenes because they are on par, or even better than the western movies. It was nice to see it in here too. I really like the parts when the main protagonists go head to head with a mob of thugs and, even though it looked unrealistic, the fight scenes were really cool and full of action. Both the first and the last fight scenes were really rough, even I winced like I was the one being punched or kicked. It was that well choreographed.

It wasn’t just the fight scenes of the Korean movies, of course, the cinematography of this movie is amazing. It reminded me how good Korean movies are when it comes to angles and perspectives. Bruh, I could watch any Korean movies every day over the cheap Netflix movies.

As this movie is also a feel-good movie, we got a happy ending.

Both Park Seo Joon and Kim Ha Neul did a great job doing comedy-action and portray their characters really well. I pretty much have forgotten who they were as actors and just saw them as their characters, and that it speaks a lot about their talent in acting.

It is true that the movie had a lot of eye candy and mouth-watering moments, especially Seo Joon’s abs, but I guess I’m immune to it that I didn’t even mind. LOL.

Overall, Midnight Runners is a must watch.

Not only this movie is funny and full of action; it also has a lot of heart and could definitely bring you to tears.

But I think the only thing that could make people watch this is that PARK SEO JOON AND KIM HA NEUL ARE SO HOT IN HERE. So check this one out.

Now that I finished this movie, I will now wait until I could get my hands on the Japanese version of the movie. I heard that its going to be a TV series, and I LOVE IT EVEN MORE. Yeeeeee!!!

Anyway, I won’t prolong this any longer. This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!!

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