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Library Wars: The Last Mission Movie Review

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After watching the TV Special, Library Wars: Book of Memories, it’s clear that I’m set to see the movie sequel, Library Wars: The Last Mission.

It’s through this movie, we get to see the satisfying conclusion to this amazing franchise.

Set 18 months after movie “Library Wars.” After the government’s enactment of the Media Betterment Act, battles wage between the Betterment Squads and the Library Defense. The Library Defense resists censorship and advocates freedom of expression. The biggest battle awaits for the Library Defense.


  • Junichi Okada as Atsushi Dojo
  • Nana Eikura as Iku Kasahara
  • Kei Tanaka as Mikihisa Komaki
  • Sota Fukushi as Hikaru Tezuka
  • Chiaki Kuriyama as Asako Shibasaki
  • Tori Matsuzaka as Satoshi Tezuka

Watching Library Wars – The Last Mission was a thrilling ride. I didn’t expect I would be on the edge of my seat majority of my watching. It was that good.

The movie typically starts off seeing the current standing of the 2 factions. The Library Defense continues to do what they always do, making sure people knows the existense of amazing books that are censored by the enemy faction.

In the previous TV special, we were introduced to the enemy leader leading the enemy faction, Satoshi Tezuka, he also happened to be Hikaru’s big brother. From the first movie, Hikaru’s position on LDf had been sketchy. I mean, I had seen some people trying to swallow the fact that Hikaru’s part of LDF. Those subtle lines of the supporting characters made me think he has a big part in the story, however, I didn’t expect he would be the younger brother of the enemy. That was a good twist.

Just like the TV special, the enemy lines infiltrate the LDF and tried to frame the main character. They were able to use and took advantage of the main character, Kasahara. I’ll be honest, as a viewer, the red flags were really clear, but because of Kasahara is a kind soul and also an idiot, she fell for it. Lol.

I really like how that problem was overcome by Kasahara, she never wayed down even though the Inquiry were very harsh already. I also love how the other characters believed her as they know know who she really is and she could never burn books.

However, the main big fight is yet to come.

The enemy faction, Betterment Squads, was able to be ahead and put the LDF in a corner. Not only they overpowered the latter with guns and manpower, they were able to influence the government to support their cause, or so they thought.

What made this movie very very thrilling to watch was the fact that its clear that the LDF is on a pinch with everything that is happening around them. As a viewer, you personally can’t see the light in the end of the tunnel. However, the LDF was able to stay strong.

The leader of the LDF was able to convince the government officials not to sign the project of the Betterment Squads. The LDF soldiers were able to hold on, even though they were outnumbered.

But the best part of the movie would be the run to the museum. Kasahara was chosen to deliver the book, along with Dojo. Because the Betterment Squads had alot of guns and soldiers, the run to the museum was a rollercoaster ride. It was rough and full of grit, alot of fights happen, it was amazing to watch.

That made everything more worth it in the end. Kasahara was able to deliver the book and the press were able to witness the wrath of the enemies and later show it to the whole world.

That ending was really satisfying as it not only was a rush to watch, you can really feel the dedication of Kasahara to fulfill her job and to make sure the vision of LDF could be delivered to everyone.

The end was a happy ending, still, I feel like the fight of LDF is still not over. However, the general opinion now shifted in favor of the LDF and that, for me, is a win.

It’s clear from this movie that Dojo and Kasahara will eventually become together, also Hikaru and Asako. It would have been nice if I could see their romance bloom, but it would not fit well with the theme of the movie.

Overall, this movie was amazing. A really good movie to end the franchise. From the beginning to the end, the movie was able to deliver the message they want to express. The quality of the cinematography is also amazing, on par with the first movie. It’s clear that the production got alot of budget in this movie.

Again this movie is a must-watch. However, as this is a sequel, you guys need to check out the first movie, Library Wars.

Anyway, that would be all for now. This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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