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After watching the first movie of Library Wars, I always wanted to check out the sequel.

Little did I know that their was a TV special released before the sequel. That special was Library Wars: Book of Memories.

Iku (Nana Eikura) joined the Library Defense Force after a member from that team retrieved an important book that was targeted for censorship. She is assigned to work under Atsushi’s (Junichi Okada) team. She endures Atsushi’s harsh treatment and looks for the member who retrieved her book. She also finds herself becoming attracted to Atsushi.

Iku meets female high school student Marie (Tao Tsuchiya) at the library. Maries has a hearing disability. She is also a childhood friend of Mikihisa (Kei Tanaka).  Iku senses Marie’s strong feelings for Mikihisa.

Asako (Chiaki Kuriyama) works as a clerk for the Library Task Force. She has frequent meetings with curator Shuji (Aoi Nakamura). This creates complicated feelings for Hikaru (Sota Fukushi).

One day, Mikihisa is arrested because of a book he recommended to Marie. Official reason given is because the book is unsuitable for disabled people. The members of the Library Task Force are angered by Mikihisa’s arrest. (AsianWiki)


  • Junichi Okada as Atsushi Dojo
  • Nana Eikura as Iku Kasahara
  • Kei Tanaka as Mikihisa Komaki
  • Sota Fukushi as Hikaru Tezuka
  • Chiaki Kuriyama as Asako Shibasaki
  • Tao Tsuchiya as Marie Nakazawa
  • Aoi Nakamura as Shuji Asahina

I really enjoyed watching the first movie. Because of it, I guess I have high expectations for the sequel.

I guess the production team behind the movie wanted to expand more, they made a TV special focusing on a specific arc that focuses on Komaki & Nakazama’s relationship.

Even though the special was on the side characters, the other important characters had an important role in this special.

Marie Nakazawa, a new character introduced, was played the amazing Tao Tsuchiya. Her character was quite interesting as she has an impairment which becomes a huge factor in the special. Her relationship with Komaki had put the latter in danger and it’s up to the Library Defense Force in how to solve it.

I’ll be honest, the moment the problem was introduced, I theorized a lot of possible solutions to it. However, I wasn’t able to come up with anything. So I decided to just wait and watch. Their solution felt a bit surreal and unrealistic, at first, however, the moment I saw the result, everything made sense.

I love how clever everything was done and how everything was placed in the end.

Another new character that was introduced that I was wary of was Aoi Nakamura’s character, Shuji Asahina. His entrance to the special felt weird and he exudes mysterious vibes, so I concluded him to be someone working from the other side. And I was right. However, I was expecting his role to be bigger like he’s supposed to be a high ranked enemy or something, but nah, he’s just a lackey of the enemies.

The way he flirted with Asako Shibasaki was quite convincing too. However, what surprises me most was the latter’s talent in espionage. I didn’t expect her to be knowledgeable with the enemy’s doings, which makes her ahead from them 10 times more. Even though she’s usually at behind the scenes, she was so badass in her moments, I so love her.

I was really shocked by the twist at the end. I really didn’t expect Hikaru Tezuka would have some connection to the other side. I always thought of him as someone who is arrogant and just there to be annoying to Asako and the main protagonist, Kasahara, but nope, he has a bigger role that I expected.

I also love his moments with Asako. Clearly, that they are into each other. It would be nice if I would see more developments with their relationships in the sequel.

Lastly, the main couple, Atsushi Dojo & Iku Kasahara comes into terms with all of the revelations at the end of the first movie. Kasahara was really in denial that Dojo was the supposed “Prince Charming” she met before, but with everything that had happened in this special, it’s quite clear that he really was.

We also got a chance to meet Kasahara’s parents. In here we learned that her parents doesn’t know about her joing the assault team of the LDF, which caused a huge ruckus all over the special episode. We also got a chance to know Kasahara better through the input of her parents. It was a heartwarming moment for them.

Cinematography wise, the special felt like it was a downgrade in quality over the 1st movie. I dunno, I guess it was how everything was shot. It was more like a TV episode, other than a movie special. Still, it was still very good.

Overall, the TV special was a nice addition to the franchise. Not only we got deeper to the plot and story of Library Wars, we also got to see more growth and development of the important characters.

This special definitely made me excited to see the sequel and I can’t wait to see everything to be concluded.

Also this special made me want to check out more the source material, as it shows that there is more than what is on the movies. I’ll definitely give it a read.

Anyway, that is all.

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