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Finding You, a Filipino Movie Review

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With the current pandemic, we can’t help but just chill at home and watch whatever is available. That’s what I did.

Other than watching the typical foreign shows & animes, I decided to check out Filipino content on Netflix. One of the movie that caught my eye was Finding You.

I was planning on watching this movie in the theatres months ago, after seeing its trailer. I was really intrigued by the plot and it seemed the cinematography of the movie looked amazing. However, I kind of forgotten about it, then the next thing I know, it wasn’t airing in the cinemas anymore.

Definitely, my mistake.

Seeing it being available on Netflix made me really happy. I could now watch it for free.

Nel never forgets, literally. His condition called Hyperthymesia makes him remember everything in the past, and he uses it for his work as a journalist. He is plunged into an enigmatic journey when one day, his social media account pops up throwback posts he supposedly wrote about a girl who apparently broke his heart. (IMDB)

I didn’t expect I would really enjoy watching Finding You. I mean, I know I was curious about it, but mainstream Filipino movies tend to be very cheesy and cringey that its hard to watch. However, Finding You was far from that.

The plot, as you see above, is really interesting. This is the first time I actually see a Filipino movie using Hyperthymesia as a plot device. I had seen this already in some foreign shows in the past, and as a person who had one point in their life researched the hell out about this condition, I am legit happy seeing this being featured in a movie. Hahahaha.

Anyway, back to the movie.

The movie follows Nel (Jerome Ponce), along with his best friend, Kit (Jane Oineza), as they tries to find who’s the girl who broke Nel’s heart all these years. This simple plot, along with the plot device, made me confused as hell. Lol. As a semi-expert about the condition, it doesn’t make sense that he forgot about it. It was then revealed later on the reason to his memory loss.

And bruh, the twist was…damn.

It made me speechless.

I totally didn’t see that coming.

I actually paused the movie to process it. It was that impactful to me. Lol.

However, it was also through me pausing the movie, my brain was able to pinpoint the clues that were laid out all throughout the movie, I just didn’t see them at all. I was too focused on the plot, I wasn’t able to see the bigger picture.

It was mind-blowing and a smart storytelling.

However, this movie is not perfect.

At first, I found some of scenes in the first half of the story unnecessary, but after seeing the twist, I guess they belong? I think it would have been better if it was told in a different way and not waste too much time.

Yes, they wasted time in the first act, which then made the 2nd half, especially the aftermath of the twist, fast paced. It didn’t fit well with me. It would have been better if they explored it more, letting Nel digest WTF is going on, along with the viewers.

Connected to that, I am not happy with how everything ended.

This might sound nitpicky, but as a fan of the bff to lovers trope, personally, I feel bummed with how everything ended. But, I let it slide because the resolution make sense. However, what doesn’t make sense was that lack of growth of the main protagonist, Nel.

All throughout the movie, we were able to see, know and understand Nel’s life. He doesn’t forget, he’s a social media journalist, etc. We also see the struggle of Nel as he continue to pursue the mystery girl. When the twist was introduced, it was heavily emphasized how broken Nel was afterwards. Seeing him that way was painful to watch, but it also made me root for him to change and become a better version of himself.

However, that never came?

After some realization, Nel pretty much went back to his old life, his typical routine lifestyle, and I am not happy with it. It would have been better if we were shown with Nel getting (proper) help to be stable mentally again, and then see him grow as a person. But nope, we, instead, got a typical Filipino ending where the protagonist still gets a love life in the end. 


Having no love life and actually prioritizing one’s mental health is also a happy ending!!! If only Filipino movies would actually use this realistic ending over the cheesy ones. Uuugghhh, so frustrating.

Moving on.

I’m actually amazed with the movie’s cinematography. I know that the recent Filipino movies are now using the modern way of get proper scene shots, it still amazes me how good they are now. However, I do have a problem with the use of lighting. There were too much warm colors all throughout the movie. It would have been better if they were able to control the color scheme and fit it well with the tone of the scenes. Other than that, I’m all good.

I also love the acting performances of the artists. I am amazed by Jane Oineza. I already liked her even before the movie and I knew she’s a good actress. But damn, she blew me away here. She was able to pull off a lot of emotions in every scene she is in. It made me, the viewer, more curious and confused about her intentions and her real feelings. And the twist would definitely won’t work if Jane was bad with her job as Kit.

Jerome Ponce was also amazing with his portrayal as Nel. Like Jane, I knew already how an amazing actor Jerome was, however, I am still disappointed with how the movie ended that it made me dislike (a little) and affect my liking of Jerome’s performance. Still, he was amazing.

The other actors and actress also did well with there scenes, I am actually happy with it.

Overall, this movie is really good, for a Filipino movie. It’s not your typical mainstream movie that I used to watch before, and that made this very refreshing. Yes, there were some bumps, especially the ones I pointed out above, but it doesn’t affect the fact that this movie was really fun to watch.

I will definitely recommend this movie to anyone who doesn’t have anything to watch next.

Will Sirius here. 

Oh, I didn’t expect I would write this much for this little movie. Hahahaha. 

As I had also been watching a lot of movies lately, expect more reviews like this.

And also, I think I am slowly getting back into the groove of writing, which is nice. However, I still won’t post regularly or on schedule. My mood is still the dictator of everything I do, unfortunately. Lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed this movie review of mine.

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