EIGASAI 2019: The movies I watched

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Here in my country, there is an annual event that celebrates the friendship between Philippines and Japan. That event is called, EIGASAI. In this event, we Filipinos, get to watch, see and appreciate the art, culture, and Japanese Cinema.

Various movies from Japan were shown in this event, from anime to live-action. You name it. And as a huge fan of Japanese media, art & culture…This is a must see for me.

As always, the list of Japanese movies was amazing. Seeing it made me want to watch everything. But unfortunately, I couldn’t. Compared before, I am now a working adult and my time is very…..not friendly. So I only got to watch 2 movies.


Sad, but that’s life.

Anyway, let’s proceed.

In this entry of mine, I will be sharing to you guys my thoughts about the movies I had seen. What movies were there? They were One Cut of the Dead and The 8-Year Engagement.

Okay, before you judge this movie, let me tell you that it’s not what you think. This movie is actually good. REALLY GOOD. REALLY REALLY GOOD. It was really a shock to me as to how much I enjoyed watching this movie. One Cut of the Dead was definitely one of a kind.

I won’t be telling you its premise as I might share or spoil some stuff and just let you guys do the research. Let me just express my thoughts about this movie.

What I like about this movie was its unconventional way of storytelling. As the movie had been cut into 2 parts, the “movie” and the “reality”, I haven’t seen this kind of storytelling style before. Because this was new to me, it was really refreshing and very interesting.

At the start, you might think your watching a “cheap” / “meh” movie…but damn it’s not. Everything made sense as both parts of the story were interconnected all along. It was so cool!

From its actors’ performances to the huge amount of effort given by the production crew, it was all well thought out. Uuuggghhh…such a brilliant movie.

Another thing I like about this movie was how it ignited my desire to he part of the production team. I always dreamed of being part of the Behind-the-scenes, whether it’s in the movie/tv industry or music, I just want to be part of the whole process behind the curtain. It was through this movie that made me appreciate more their efforts just to make a satisfying piece of media.

I also like how they were able to add some moral lessons in the movie. I didn’t expect that at all as there were alot of stuff going on already. Still, the moral lesson was just about right with the movie as its connected with most of the main character’s development.

Speaking of characters, the casts’ overall performance was AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZIINNNGGG. Without their extreme acting prowess, I dont think this movie would become what it is now. Kudos to them.

Overall, this movie is a MUST WATCH. Why? It will not just blow your mind, it will also give you a sneak peak of what s really going on behind the seen (though, exaggerated). We also got some good learnings along the way while watching. Uuuggghhh…its so good.

Bruh, this movie is totally worth your time.

The next movie I watched was The 8-year Engagement. The moment I knew that this mo ie was part of the lineup for EIGASAI, I knew I need to watch this. From its story to its casts, it’s a must see. So I didn’t think twice and immediately find time to watch it.

This movie blew me away.

Few months ago, I already knew the synopsis of this movie as I stumbled on its trailer a long time ago and I made some assumptions as to how the story will flow. But man…I was wrong.

From the moment the two main protagonists met to the end of the movie, I was captivated by its story. Maybe it was the acting of the actors or maybe it was how the movie was directed, I just LOVE IT. I mean, I know this movie would definitely touch and move my heart, but I didn’t expect it’s real impact. It’s that good.

Like I said above, the actor’s performance was legit amazing. From the start, I knew Satoh Takeru would do a great job because…well, he is Satoh Takeru. But man, it was Tao Tsuchiya that blew me away. Her acting was spot on to appoint I almost couldn’t see “her” and I saw the legit character she’s portraying. Uuuggghhhh…she was so good. All the supporting casts did well too with the amount of screen time they get. They definitely made a mark to me and were not forgettable. I like it.

One of the aspects of the movie that amazed me was the lack of background music. Usually, in this type of movies (other than Japanese), they put a lot of instrumental bgms that adds flavor to the movie. But this movie doesn’t have that. It was so raw that even the silence was painful. This kind of move made the movie more realistic as you could only hear the nature and the everyday sounds of Japan. I love it. Still though, the movie has a theme song that played at the end of the movie. It was a good song and I wanna check it out.

Overall, this movie was beautiful. The story of the main protagonists was beautiful. Even after many years, true love will always prevail and this movie is a huge testament to that. If you want to watch this type of Japanese movie, then definitely check this one out.

Totally recommended.


I think this post is really really long now. It’s a bit shame that I wasn’t able to watch a lot of the movies offered, but I’ll definitely check them out in the future.

I guess, that’s it for now.

This has been Will Sirius and Thanks for reading!!


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