My Top 10 Favorite Single Songs of Girls’ Generation
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3rd post in a row. Oooohohohohoh! Yay!

I am now going to share to you my current Top 10 favorite songs that were released as singles by Girls’ Generation. All of this are my opinion.

Here is the lists:

10. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Who wouldn’t love this song? This song is really well made. I loved the arrangement and how the it builds up to the climax. This might not be as catchy as Gee, this song is better to listen anytime of the day compared to Gee. Declaring you are a genie to the person you like, the lyrics were very encouraging and dreamy. I am not much of a fan with the distribution of singing parts of this song, but this is better than nothing.


This song is like experiencing a roller coaster ride. The arrangement of the song is really bizarre but it fits. The lyrics is something. It seems it composes of different point of views, or people talking to each other. lel. It’s like talking with your group of friends. It is really a fun song.


8. Party

This is a summer song. The lyrics are simple but it is all we need. It’s all about enjoying and having a great time partying with people you close with. Even the melody is easy to catch. The arrangement is clean, as expected by SM. Even the distribution of singing lines were reasonable. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this. Every time you listen to this song, you can’t help but enjoy the heck of this song.

7. Paparazzi

What I love about this song, is the arrangement. Dunno why, I just find it classy and that beat, damn. The bass is pumping hard, it is really nice to listen to it in headphones. I always get eargasms with this song.

6. You Think

The lyrics are harsh, so harsh that I really love it. It is so fierce, that I get eargasms listening to the vocals of the members. I can pretty much feel the harshness of the lyrics even though I don’t look up the english translations. I think the only downside of this song is I find the instrumentals a little meh. It lacks more ooomph and wow factor. The only reasoning I could think of is because they want us, the listeners, to hear what the singers wanted to say and express, to a point they minimize the potential flavors in the background. Well, over time I became okay with it.

5. All My Love Is for You

I really really love this song. The meaning of the lyrics, very moving. The lyrics didn’t specify if it is meant to a lover or family, so this song can be dedicated to anyone close to you. The really really love everything about this song. From the melody to the arrangement, it is perfect. I am satisfied with the distribution of the singing parts, it was better than Time Machine, at least.


The song itself is LIT. It is really catchy, especially the chorus. I could listen to this song all day if I want to.

3. Baby Baby

This song holds a special place in my heart, because this is the song that made me a SONE. Even with the simple melody and innocent vocals, I can’t help myself smile everytime I hear this song. The song itself is very sweet and pleasing in the ears. I really really love this song.

2. Sailing (0805)

Uuwwaaaa…this is song is very hard to listen to. For some point, this song always makes me cry. Maybe because of all the pain I endured as a fan of SNSD and the struggles SNSD faced, I really don’t know. The way the members sang this, it is really different from their usual ballad. This is more emotional, more raw in emotions, and the song really delivers. Every member expressed and sang every line beautifully. The lyrics were really beautiful too. Even before I learn the english translation of the song, I know the song is for the fans by the feel of it. Indeed, I was right.

1. Into the new world

This song. This song is phenomenal. Not because it is Girls’ Generation’s debut single, but because of how this song can move people. The melody is common, bubblegum pop-like music with an innocent vibe. It is the lyrics that is….damn. The message it wants to deliver to the people listening. It can really motivate people. This song helped me alot during my lowest point. It gave me courage to move forward, to face everything head on, and that I am not alone in my misery. This song will forever be in my heart.

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