My Top 10 Favorite Girls’ Generation Music Videos
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Girls’ Generation (also known as So Nyuh Shi Dae or SNSD), one of the biggest and (I think they are still) the most popular korean girl group in the world, will celebrate their 10th year anniversary this August 5, 2017. As a fan, a certified SONE for life, I want to celebrate this event in my own little way. I am planning on posting Girls’ Generation content everyday until D-Day.

To be honest, I came up with this idea few days ago (see my twitter….lel) and I know this is going to be a struggle. I am still a noob in writing my feelings out and I am used to let them just float around in my head. So this content series is a huge step forward for me.

To start off this content series, I present you my personal list of my favorite music videos of Girls’ Generation. Everything that I am going to write in here are all personal opinion, so please respect them.

Here it goes:

10. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

I was already deep in the fandom when this song was released. The release of this MV was the first one that I actually put effort. I actually stayed up late just to wait for the release of the MV, I downloaded and recorded all their live performances. This song was also the first Girls’ Generation song featured in MYX, a music channel in the Philippines, were I actually voted real-time to keep them on the charts. Yes, I was that deep. Because of this song I actually fell in love more with Girls’ Generation and the world of KPOP.

Now, for the MV, I loved the set, especially the main set of the MV. Even though it was so pink, I am not complaining. I also loved the fact that the Royal Family, *ehem* YoonYulSic *ehem*, were emphasized. As a fan of the Royal Family, I was so delighted. Overall, this is one of their best Korean comebacks in their 10 year tenure. <3 <3 <3

9. Party

I really loved this MV. I can totally feel that the members were really having fun while shooting the MV. This MV is quite memorable, the fact that this is the first single release where Girls’ Generation officially promotes as 8 members. Everyone were anticipating on what kind of music GG would release, and the release was well accepted by everyone.

I really liked that they went outdoors for this MV, it really gives off the summer vibes. Even those cute little animated effects, it gives more color to the MV. Seeing most of the members in beach clothes makes us, SONES, go crazy XD. I rolled eyes seeing the advertisements in MV, like….really? Do you really need to shove it on our faces? Other than that, I liked every minute of the video.

By the way, Yoona was so gorgeous in here. I was totally starstruck. I mean, all the members were crazy beautiful, but in my eyes, my bias is the most beautiful. This was the only MV where Yoona has blonde hair, so I am going to treasure this forever. So beautiful. <3

8. All My Love Is for You

This song is one of my all time favorite songs of Girls’ Generation. This is MV is beautiful. The lighting and the color scheme of the MV, it really fits the mood of the song. The vocals were on point, even their clothes matched the members well. There were questionable hairstyles, but I brushed them off cuz the members were still beautiful. I kind of not like the scene near the end where they were fake laughing. It was too obvious that I sometimes cringe seeing that scene again and again.

7. Catch Me If You Can

Damn this video. To be honest, I didn’t like this video at first. When this was released, it was really hyped, especially it was the first single release (even though it doesn’t have a promotion) starring only 8 members. This MV didn’t appeal to me first, cuz of its simplicity. There were no storyline, the background has no relevance, the intro was meh and it leads to nowhere. It’s kinda clear after the second watch that this MV emphasizes the dance, how awesome the choreography is, and how Girls’ Generation nailed it. The dance was so god damn LIT. All the members danced so well and so in sync to a point that you couldn’t tell who is their weakest link in dancing. You can really feel the intensity of the dance throughout the MV. I love it. I also liked the fact that the dance line (Yuri, Hyoyeon, Yoona and Sooyoung) had many lines in this song. They own the first verse of the song. God Damn, it was refreshing in the ears.

This MV pretty much declared to everyone that they are still strong, even though one member left the group, they can still go head to head to the younger kpop groups. Damn. Slay my queens.

6. You Think

I died a million times watching this MV. It was that deadly. Girls’ Generation, totally embracing their mature side. Totally slaying. Damn. Damn. Damn.

The MV was totally simple, the purpose was to make sure people would die with blood loss after watching it. lel. Jokes aside, the MV was visually appealing in the eyes. The beauty of the members in this MV is phenomenal. I already mentioned previously how beautiful the members are, but their beauty was on another level in this MV, I didn’t know that could even be possible. The dance was sexy and cool at the same time. It was simpler compared to CMIYC, but the effect is still par.

I also want to mention about Yoona’s singing parts on this song. People keeps on saying that Yoona has no parts, well excuse me, you guys have no ears. lel. I’m sorry, that was a bit harsh. I just want to pointed out that Yoona’s singing parts were on the chorus. If you already notice and hear, the chorus parts were sang by different members. If you had been a fan of SNSD for a long time, you would already be familiar with their voices. You would then notice that most of the singing parts in the chorus are sang by Yoona. Boom!

5. Paparazzi

I remember when this was teased to people, the members admit that this was their hardest choreography done (this was around 2012). Everyone got very excited for this release. When this MV was released, there was slight backlash. For others, they didn’t find the choreo hard. But I disagree, this is one of their hardest choreography. What makes it hard was that the members have different kind of choreo while still on the same beat. As a group who follows the same choreo for years, this is kinda hard to do. So I understand the members.

I also liked the plot of the MV. That long intro and outro, the members walking while being surrounded by the paparazzi. Damn. Whoever the director for this MV, I want to give that person a hug. The MV was shot well, I can really see the budget and how it was well used for the MV. After years on watching this MV, I loved it more and more.

4. The Boys

Everything about this music video is damn. The visuals of the members, damn all of them were crazy beautiful. The music and dance lacks more oommpphhh, but MV makes up for it. This MV pretty much declared to everyone how strong Girls’ Generation is.

3. Baby Baby

After watching this MV first last 2008, I pretty much declared that I am officially a fan of this group. I don’t really know what’s up with this video. All I remember was I was smiling like a crazy person watching this, and my interest to the group soared high to a point I went to surf in the internet more information about them. And this my friends, was the start of me becoming a SONE.

Until now, I still love this MV. It has a place in my heart. Forever. It represents the innocence of Girls’ Generation behind the scenes. I really really loved it.

2. Into the New World

This MV is the debut single of Girls’ Generation. What more can I say? This represents the start of everything, the start of a legend. This was released in the midst of the rise of boybands in 2007. Everyone called SNSD as Super Girls, or the counterpart of Super Junior, cuz of their huge number of members. SNSD experienced the first rise and downfall as a girlgroup.

Even until now, people continue to love this song. From time to time, it comes back in the charts. It’s all because of the moving and encouraging lyrics with easy to listen melody. The arrangement of the song is so good, even the choreography is LIT. Everything. Everything about this MV is perfect.

1. I Got a Boy

Ooooohohohoho. I Got A Boy as first. I don’t think this ranking is questionable. This MV was phenomenal. It was colorful, vibrant, it was eye-catching and memorable. From the song to the costumes, everything was on point. This MV also helped maked Girls’ Generation more known all over the world. With it unique music, fashion, and eye-catching choreography, this MV started the world domination of Girls’ Generation.

There are more awesome MV’s of Girls’ Generation, but this 10 stood out to me. I didn’t even include Gee, which was the reason of the rise of SNSD. I have my own taste, lel. To be honest, I love all of the music videos of Girls’ Generation. But the 10 videos above are totally my top favorites.

If you want to check more of their music videos, you can search them on Youtube.

Also, if you are a fan of Girls’ Generation or even just a casual fan of Kpop, let me know in the comments section what are your top music videos of Girls’ Generation.

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