My Member Ranking in Girls’ Generation for this year, 2017

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Member ranking.


My member ranking didn’t change much over the years. Even so, I am still going to share it to everyone so that you guys will understand who are my top biases.

In this list, I will still include Jessica. I know that she is not anymore a member of Girls’ Generation, but she is still part of Girls’ Generation’s history. That means I am still supporting her even though she is not anymore a member.

I also want to remind you all that I love every member of Girls’ Generation. If I rank all the kpop idols, all SNSD members are in top 10, for sure. It can’t be helped that we love someone more than the others, hence, a specific bias. Through this list, you will understand who I adore more in within Girls’ Generation (it’s not like it was already clear in the previous blog post).

Here is the list:

9. Hyoyeon


I love Hyoyeon. I love how she dances and damn she is funny. She is the 9th place in my ranking because I never followed her closely like the others. I did watch her shows, her tv appearances, but, I just love the others more.

8. Sunny


Sunny, Sunny, Sunny, sigh. Compared to others, she is one of the members who ranked down. Recently, I haven’t heard much of her. I do know she is busy with musicals and other stuff. So…it can’t be helped. I still love her though. I really really like her sense of humor and her lazy self. I hope she ventures more on her singing side, cuz I really want her to succeed and I also love her voice.

7. Seohyun


Along with Hyoyeon, Seo’s ranking is also no change. Seohyun is the maknae, the baby, a Goddess, but I sometimes find her boring. Even until now, I still find her boring. She is very proper and lady-like, and I want to have a friend like her. I think one of the reasons her ranking didn’t change is because I haven’t seen much of her recent shows, I haven’t even listen to all of the songs on her mini album. Yeah…I am very bad. I still lover her.

6. Yuri


Yuri ranked down, unfortunately. I don’t know. I still love her though. I think its because the other members became more interesting. Sorry Yuri. I still love you very much.

5. Sooyoung


Sooyoung!!! Oh my! She jumped high. She ranks higher now. So happy. I really really like the fact the she keeps on working hard and keeps on improving, whether it is acting or singing. You can really see that all her hard work paid off. I am so happy for her.

4. Jessica

jessica jung coridel entertainment (5)

Jessica. Hmmmm…She ranked down. Yeah, your thought is right. It was because of what happen. It can’t be helped. I, as a SONE fan, felt betrayed. She was my 2nd bias, MY SECOND FREAKING BIAS. I still love her, and I am still supporting her., but I admit doing that was hard. Everytime I see her, it reminds me of her departure. Because of that I refrain myself to get into her, her album releases, fashion updates, etc. With time, I was able to move on bit by bit. I can listen to her songs now and I can watch past SNSD videos with her in it. That is a development, at least. I am not sure though if she’ll ever climbs back to her previous spot. All I know is that I still love her and I support her in everything she does.

3. Tiffany

snsd casio sheen (3)

Fany Fany Tiffany! Uuuwwwwaaaa. I never knew she would be my 3rd. I always had a soft spot for her since the very beginning. Her eye-smile was always a killer. Ever since Jessica’s departure, I saw her efforts to keep the group lively, happy, and light-hearted. She also maintains the order within the group, which I find it really really cute. I saw how Yoona gradually became close to her and Taeyeon, especially after Sica’s departure. She took Yoona under her wing. I always knew she had a good heart. She also step up her game in terms of vocals. Damn, she is slaying. She continues to improve her singing, and I love her for that.

2. Taeyeon


What can I say? Taeyeon is amazing. From her vocals to personality, I love every bit of it. She shined recently with all her success, and I m happy for her. I always loved Taeyeon. There was a point that both Jessica and Taeyeon shared the 2nd place in my heart. Out of all the SNSD members, I connect more to Taeyeon because we kind of have similar personality. She is real; her feelings are real, her pain is real, her beauty is damn real, her laugh is real, and her voice always tugs my heart. She is bae.

1. Yoona


Yoona <3 . My Yoona.

She had always been in the number 1 spot since the very beginning. I discovered SNSD, because of her. I fell in love with SNSD because of her. She will forever be my number 1.

I think the reason why I really really really love Yoona was that she is really really really close to my ideal type. She is the ideal girl. I don’t only mean visually, but personality wise too. I love the fact that she is flawed, and she is not hiding it. I also love the fact she works hard in everything she does, and very humble. She also loves SNSD very much. Even in here solo promotions, she never forgets to promotes SNSD too.

She holds the center position in the group. That, itself, is a burden. Whatever she does, it will not affect her but also the group. She is really strong, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. I am so thankful I met an angel like Yoona. <3 <3 <3


Uuuuwwwwaaaa…With the coming comeback of SNSD, there is a small chance that this list might change. It might not change too, we’ll see.

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