Music Video Feature: "Are you Happy" by Morning Musume.’18

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Last week, I gave my thoughts about the other MV of Morning Musume.’18. Now, I am going to review the latest and main side of the latest single of Morning Musume.’18, “Are You Happy?”


Music Video:

My Thoughts:

Ooohhh. Okay….the ending just…left me speechless….in a weird way.

The music video is not bad, but its not that good either. There were parts that made me open my mouth, cuz of shock, and made me raise my eyebrows, still out of shock and wonder. This…is not what I was expecting.

I admit, I love the fact that the location of the MV is not in a studio. Its refreshing, after all, Hello! Project are quite known to have “cheap” MV’s and limited to studio setting. Their costumes definitely fit well with the background, even though I the costumes looked recycled (I had seen tones of H!P costumes close to their latest). The cinematography of the MV is not bad too. Its similar to their previous MV, but with a different filter and lighting. In “A gonna”, the MV was warm and full of vibrant colors, while this latest MV has cold colors and mostly white. That’s a great contrast. I’m not sure if its because of the theme of the MV or the lyrics, I haven’t checked them out yet. Lel.


Now, for the dance. Simple, its weird. I won’t deny it, its so fuckin’ weird and WEIRD. But knowing that this is an H!P group, I’m not surprised. Yes, there was a bit of a shock on my part. It can’t be helped bruh, its been awhile since Morning Musume had this so many weird movements in one choreography before. Compared to “A gonna”, “Are you Happy?” choreo lacked in so many areas. Though I did like some parts of the choreo, the weird movements outweigh the good ones. Its disappointing, this is the main song, and yet, the dance is lacking.


For the song, I won’t give much details about it but I do wanna say “Are You Happy” is a bit better compared to “A gonna”. But, I’m not a fan. I do like the beat in the intro and the chorus, but hook was meh.

Hands down, Maa-chan’s visual is outstanding in this MV. She sported a different hair style which looks so good on her (she looks so grown up T_T ). 2nd to her is Sakura. Damn gurl, she knows how to grab some attention. With her voice and the way she looks at the camera, surely her fans have died watching this MV. Maria is beautiful as always. Her and her fellow 12th generation members seemed to be the center of the song, though she is clearly the “main” center of the song. This irked alot of fans (a part of me too), cuz this single was supposed to be Haachin’s (12 gen member) last single,  and yet Maria gets to be center. Its not Maria’s fault though, it can’t be helped that she is so eye-catching compared to Haachin. Anyway, for my biases, I am so happy that Ayumi & Chiichan could show off their dance abilities. I really like that they are in front when needed. I am a bit sad that both my biases got shoved at the side and won’t get much attention, but this is just the MV. I know they’ll destroy this song when they perform it live. Overall, everyone looks good. The director made sure to make everyone look good, even though the choreo looks really weird.


In conclusion, this MV was another disappointment on my part. I was expecting this to be good, cuz of the preview and the recommendation of my friend. But it turns out to be a bit of a downer, atleast its MV is better than “A gonna”.

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