Music Video Feature: "A gonna" by Morning Musume.’18

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I wasn’t planning on releasing a feature about the Music Video, but I…just…can’t…contain…my…feels for the current released MV of Morning Musume.’18. It needs to be judged, right here right now.

PS: This entry is so unplanned. I had to push my other releases just to make sure that this post would be released this week.

Music Video:

My Thoughts:

Okay. One of the reasons why I wanted to tackle this topic immediately after its release cuz this music video pretty much shaken up the whole Hello! Project fandom. Even me. Lel. Why? Well, its because of the music video. Also the song.

Okay. Let’s start off with the video. I’ll be very honest, I hate the music video the first time I saw it (the preview). Everything, from clothes to the lighting, nothing compliments. Now, after watching the full MV, my opinions definitely changed. I still have wary feels about the MV but atleast I don’t hate it anymore.

The clothes used in the MV by the members, they don’t suck. Each costume fits well the member and it compliments well with others. I like it. What made it look bad is the fact that most of the clothes don’t fit to the song and dance choreography. If you look at the shots that are not dancing shots, you could see that the costume looks good. Its the dance shots. Sigh. Its not only that. I also want to point out the weird lighting. I dunno the purpose of it, maybe to set the mood of the MV I guess. But just like with the clothes, the weird lighting looks good during the solo & group shots. Again, the dance shots. Uuugggghhhhh. It looks too dark, especially when its the front angle of the dance shot, it looks so intense and again, too dark. Its disappointing.

Of course, I won’t just mention the bad points of the MV, I also have some good to excellent points. One of those is the visuals of the group. DAAANNNGGGG!! Everyone looks good during the solo & group shots. Too Good. Their visuals were through the roof. Maria’s visuals definitely caught my eye, also my biases Ayumi & Chisaki but damn Maria, she’s so beautiful. Another really good point of the MV is the awesome slick dance choreography. I got wide open the moment the MV started, seeing both my biases leading the dance in the center middle, Daaaayyyyuuuuuummmmm!!! They look so cool dancing to the song. You might think I am overestimating the dance, let me explain. The choreography of “A gonna” is not as intense and complicated as “Wagamama…”, but the intense delivery of the members made it a homerun for me. The way they dance to this song, damn, they freakin’ own it. I couldn’t even identify any weak dancers in the group, that’s a huge plus.

Lastly, let us talk about the song. When I first heard this song, it reminded me abit of some semi-old songs of Morning Musume.’13-14. Do I like it? Hhhhhmmmm…not much. The song is catchy and modern, especially the chorus part, but it didn’t hook me. The arrangement and composition of the song felt like its more of an Album song rather than be part of a main single. Its totally different from the usual release of MM, that’s why I could get it at first. I think the newer fans would totally appreciate this song more compared to the old and veteran fans of MM (like me). I do think I would appreciate this later after more repeats and after seeing it performed.

Overall, this MV definitely was a weird release. People have love-hate feelings about this song/MV, including me, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support the group. The bad points are indeed overflowing, but the good points can still be appreciated too. It depends on the taste of the person, I guess.



Bruh, I finished this entry.

You might be wondering if I am still going to do a “Music Feature” of this song, and my answer is “YES, I still am”. I feel that I haven’t tackled much of the music side and I still need to hear the song instrumentals alot more clearly before I judge it. For my entry above, I think I said my piece about the MV. My feels and opinion are out, and now, let me hear your thoughts too about the MV and the song . You can hate it or like it, I don’t mind. Let’s just share our opinions, okie? 😉

Anyway, that is all.
Thanks for reading!!

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