Music Single Feature: Kisokutadashiku Utsukushiku – ANGERME

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I am sorry.

I forgot to make an entry about this song. I’m so stupid and forgetful. Lol. Damn.

This is the last song of the latest single of ANGERME that I’m going to review on. Out of all the songs in this single, this one was the first song I liked but find it meh later on. Kimi Dake janai sa…friends resonated with me after listening to it the first time & Manner Mode grew on me after seeing it performed by ANGERME.¬†Kisokutadashiku Utsukushiku, on the other hand, kinda was left in the back seat unfortunately.

The song gave me chills and feels the first time I heard it. It reminded me alot with ‘A Girl’s Counterattack’ song of ANGERME, though more of an elder sister version of it. It’s more haunting, and the arrangement was heavier than any song from ANGERME’s Discography. The mix between heavy orchestra instruments, choir-like voices and strings I hear in the instrumentals are so good to listen. I liked it a lot. But like I said above, I got bored with it. It’s not the fault of the arrangement or the melody. I think its more of the fact that the other 2 was more memorable, catchy and easy to remember. Another thing would be the fact that ANGERME hadI still like the song, but compared to the other 2, I only listen to this one not that often.

This song were centered by the remaining 2nd generation of the group: Kana, Rina & Akari, and one of their newest member, Musubi. Musubi is quite known for having amazing vocals (she’s the lead vocal of her concurrent group, Country Girls), so her addition to ANGERME made the groups vocal performance almost above the other Hello! Project (Juice=Juice vocals are hard to surpass as of the moment..). The 2nd gen members definitely improved tremendously since their baby days. Each one of them (including my lazy bias, Rina), became reliable vocalists of the group. You can toss a singing part to them, they’ll definitely deliver. I never thought this 4 members would sound good as centers and main vocals of this song. They definitely nailed it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any english translation of the song. RIP me. If I had searched this one or made this entry alot sooner, I might’ve a copy now. Sigh.

Oh! I just found one. LOL.

Hhhmmm… Base on the english translation I found, the meaning of the song seemed to be about discovering what love is and how it bothers her. She’s confused and not used to it yet. But as the song progressed, she later accept it, that she’s fallen in love and becomes one with the other person.

The lyrics fits really well with the melody and arrangement of the song. It’s also haunting, cuz of the words used to describe her thoughts and feelings to everything that was happening to her. The message of the lyrics is definitely not new, but somehow its still refreshing. The construction of the lyrics and how it was written definitely shined really well in the song.

Music Video:

If Kimi dake janai sa…friends was edited heavily with special effects to looks beautiful and Manner mode was the cheap looking definitely a certified Hello! project MV, Kisoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku MV would be the weirdest one. Until now, I’m still trying to decipher WTF is going with the video. It seems there’s a story about the MV, but definitely its not related to the lyrics. LOL. The Music video story seems to ride on with the ‘horror feels’ of the song. I think the story is about 2 ghost girls (??) I guess or something. You know what??? Let’s not go deeper into this. I might just get a headache.

I just want to appreciate the fact that this MV had a story, even though its kinda hard to decipher, its still a freakin’ story. All the members looked gorgeous too, they all wear dark make-up. Very sophisticated. Ooohohohohoho.


I do want to comment about their choreography though. Before I saw the MV, I first heard the song through a live performance. I really really thought their choreography to this song was awesome, but after seeing the dance shot…..uuuuhhhh…it was a lackluster choreo. I think I pretty much understand now why Manner Mode was chosen as the main song of this single. The song is catchy and the choreo is so damn good. This one, nope. It looks cool on screen cuz of the close-ups and heavy editing during their performances. You won’t see clearly the choreo unless you see it head-on or in a front angle.

Just like ‘A Girl’s Counterattack’, Kisoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku choreography lacked uuummmpppphhhh. Cuz of the amazing arrangement, I was expecting this one to have amazing dance too. It was a disappointment. Too many simple and easy moves. Its not like this song is hard to sing you know. I think the only thing that I liked in the choreography would be the fact that in the start of every chorus, my bias is the center. Yep, my lazy bias, Rinappuu, who dances lazily and ‘my pace’, is the freakin’ center during the chorus. Atleast for a few seconds, 5-10 seconds, she was the freakin’ center of a song in a single. Lel. Just let me be, okay? She’s my bias, after all. Ha!

Overall, I still love this song even though it had alot of flaws. Its still enjoyable to listen to it, but not to much I guess. I really really how the lyrics was constructed and the arrangement of the song. As much as I can’t listen to too much of these kind of songs, I do hope ANGERME would release more songs like these. There vocal prowess were definitely challenged in this type of songs. I do hope I would find the right song with this similar stuff but better, that I would definitely love heavily.

Anyway, that is all.
Thanks for reading.

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