Music Feature: "Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! / 46okunen LOVE" by ANGERME

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Hello, Everyone!!! Music Feature is back!! Woohhhoooooo!!!

It’s been months since my last music review. Heh. I know, compared to my anime content, most of my other features are lackluster when it comes to views and receptions but I don’t care. I just wanna share my thoughts about music and my other interests.

Anyway, let’s start off with the newly released single of one of my favorite Japanese Idol groups, ANGERME.


Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! / 46okunen LOVE


  1. Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it!
  2. 46okunen LOVE
  3. Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! (Instrumental)
  4. 46okunen LOVE (Instrumental)

This is ANGERME’s 25th single, released last week, October 31, 2018. It had 5 editions: 2 regulars and 3 limited editions.

  1. Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! (Every man to his taste. (Like it!))

OMG! I love the song.

Believe me its not the most original out there. The song sounds like a ripoff of most of Kobushi Factory’s music, old music of H!P and some beats from modern funky JPOP songs out there. But bruh, it’s a fun song. It never fail to make me smile. The vocals of the members adds alot of flavor the song, especially the fact that this song is mostly sang in unison. Cuz all the members in this group are good and reliable singers, their vocals made this song great.
I might’ve liked the song but that doesn’t mean I’m happy that this is the main song of this single. It’s too mainstream and tame to be the flagship of the single. It’s a great song, no doubt, but I don’t think it deserves it’s position as the main song. Well, a factor of this is the fact that this song was chosen as the theme song of an anime documentary starring a huge star, Aoi Yuu, who is a huge fan of the group and this song was laso chosen as the new ending song of a radio show. So, I’m going to let this one slide.

For the MV, it represents the song really well. I really like the part when it showcased the individual likes of the members: Ayaka with art, Kassa with bubble tea, Rikako with panada stuff toy, Rina with fashion, Akari with baseball, Murotan with uuhhhmm crocodiles (wut??), Kawamu with apples, Musume with make up and Kananan with playing cards. By the lyrics, the song meant about people having different tastes and not caring about what others would say. There costumes looks really good and not in uniform which is a nice touch. The cosnsistency is really there.

Of course, my favorite part of the MV would be the part where the members line up in a white background, wearing only white shirts and blue jeans. With glasses on, they have fun in a very ANGERME way. Seeing them having fun makes me, the viewer, smile too. It made the MV alot more fun and bright.

Now for the choreography, ANGERME slays. For a group consists mostly of dancers, their dance lived up to my expectations. It made me want to see their live performance of the song. Oooohohohoho!!

Overall, the song is great in my opinion. It fits well with ANGERME. The MV didn’t disappoint too. With that slick choreo and nice costumes, it made the MV aesthetically fun to watch. Definitely, check this one out.

2. 46okunen LOVE (4.6 Billion Years LOVE)

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Such a fun song to listen too. When I first heard it, I thought the song was weak compared to the main song above. But 46okunen LOVE, grew on me immediately, especially after seeing the MV.

The song is alot more mainstream and very H!P cuz of its distinct disco music. I mean, there are some parts of the song that made me think of Utakata Saturday Night and other old disco songs of Morning Musume. The melody in the verses and chorus is quite familiar, as if its been reused alot of times. Still, this song is really fun to listen to. Even though its very typical and common, it has a hook and a melody that is easy to listen to.

Just like the previous song, the vocals of ANGERME continues to amaze as they slay this song. I really like how the singing parts were divided and given to members. The division was so nice compared to other H!P groups. At first, I was abit skeptical with the chosen members for the solo parts but now, I think all of them fits their assign parts really well. The producers definitely knows who fits the part and let them shine in their own way.


Compared to the other song, 46okunen LOVE got the short end of the stick by only having an indoor studio music video backdrop. Still, with the amazing effects and bright set-up, it made the MV looks alot better than the previous song. The aesthetics is top notch. I couldn’t stop smiling and feel really happy cuz of the MV. Yes, the lyrics is pretty much about love and the earth, which resonates positivity. But also the performance of ANGERME that made me feel happy inside.

I’m abit not impressed by the costumes, but the color of it seemed to represent the earth so I’ll let it slide. Each member btw, looks drop dead gorgeous. I mean, each of them were already amazing visually, but they look too good in this MV.

The choreography was not as amazing compared to the previous song, but its still really good. It fits well with the disco vibe of the song and it also had some classic disco moves from years ago. It brought quite the nostalgia. I can clearly see that the members were enjoying performing to the song, which adds alot.

Overall, I prefer this song over Tada Kuu mushi mo like it. Why? Well, its really engaging, fun to listen to, and the MV is aesthetically alot better than the main song.

Well, that’s just me.

Wow! I already liked the previous single of ANGERME very much, I didn’t expect they would wow me the 2nd time. They are really on the roll now.

It’s nice to see some funky disco music from ANGERME. After all, almost all the groups under Hello! Project (except the new bebe groups) have disco funk music in their discography. ANGERME is now baptized by the H!P disco music. Heh!

Anyway, that is all for now.
Thanks for reading!!

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