Music Feature: "SEXY SEXY / Naite Ii yo / Vivid Midnight" by Juice=Juice

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From one H!P single to another. You might be wondering why I had been consistently posting Hello! Project singles. Well, its the fault of their management company. LOL. They released alot of singles recently, both me and my money couldn’t keep up. RIP me. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy that each idol group in Hello! Project gets a spotlight.
Its now Juice=Juice’s turn to shine.
Here’s my thoughts of their latest single:


SEXY SEXY / Naite Ii yo / Vivid Midnight


  2. Naite Ii yo
  3. Vivid Midnight
  4. SEXY SEXY (Instrumental)
  5. Naite Ii yo (Instrumental)
  6. Vivid Midnight (Instrumental)

This is Juice=Juice’s 10th single. It was released on April 18, 2018 in 7 editions: 3 regular and 4 limited.

My Thoughts:


Oh damn, this song is so sexy.

I didn’t expect they would go full throttle on the sexy theme. I mean, I thought it was just the title. Also the fact that their new members are still underage. I do like the song, especially the refrain and chorus. The chorus is so well-made and so-H!P. I also like the intro music, it reminds me of my Juice=Juice fav song Dream Road for some point. The “..crazy..” part in the end of the chorus strongly reminds me of C-ute’s “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” song. Overall, the song is both modern and nostalgic, in a way a mix of new sound and the typical Juice=Juice sound. The intro and verses are modern, while the chorus and some sections of the song were so old school and latin. I really like how everything were arranged altogether. Its like a mix of everything. Really nice.

I really like how the lines were distributed. Everyone seems to get enough spotlight, though I am amazed they chose Yanamin as center for this song. I always see Nanamin as the cutesy upright girl from Country Girls, but now, she is taking the center spot for a daring single. Damn.


Naite Ii yo

From the title itself, this song must be a tearjerker. Oooohhhhh…this song is quite uplifting. The lyrics definitely hits home. The melody is easy to listen to. The verses is a bit bare, especially the first verse then the song builds up in the chorus. For some point the instrumental of the song reminds me alot of Morning Musume.’17’s “Gosenfu no Tasuki” from last year. I really really the breakdown section before the coda, its so nice to hear. Though at first, I’m abit iffy with the arrangement, I was able to warm up to it, after all I really like how the 2nd half of the song sounded.

I really like that I could hear loud and clear the voices of the members, definitely, there is no weakest member in the gorup in terms of vocals. Damn.


Vivid Midnight

Ooohoohhohohoho. I didn’t expect this song to be this good. This song is so KPOP. Hahahahaah, at the same time, its so JPOP. This is so weird.

I really really like how fun and bright this song is. I am not always a fan of this kind of songs of Juice=Juice cuz I find them abit boring. But this one, this one is really different. I can’t really pinpoint much who the hell is singing cuz I’m enjoying listening to the song too much. LOL. The instrumentals in the background definitely is the star of this song. You can hear random sounds that unexpectedly fits well with the song. Uuuggghhhh…why is this so good?!?!?! The vocals, well, of course they are on point. Though I am a bit worried that the adlibs near the end might be oversang by the members. Other than that, I’m so into this song.

The vocals, the arrangement, the lyrics, oh my its so good.

OOHH YES!! This single is sooooooooo SOLID. Its been awhile since I have encountered a single were all the songs are top tier. I can’t believe I am actually liking this new Juice=Juice. Their new music is so my jam, I can’t stop listening to them. Oh booiiii…I think I am falling for them. THIS IS BAD!!
Anyway, that’s all.
Thanks for reading!!

PS: If I am going to become an avid follower of this group, then my ultimate bias of the group would be my Yanamin. I loved her since her CG days, so I am going to continue to support her here in Juice=Juice.


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