Music Feature: “Furari Ginza / Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara” by Morning Musume.’18

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Welcome to my newest Music Feature, where I review singles of different artists. It’s been awhile since I have done this so this is quite refreshing. For this entry, I will be featuring the latest single of Morning Musume.’18, Furari Ginza / Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara. This song was released last year and let’s just say that I wasn’t in the mood for Idol music and just didn’t care about this. Lol.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this any longer, here’s my thoughts about this single.

Furari Ginza / Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara


  1. Furari Ginza (Wandering Around Ginza)
  2. Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara (It’s a Free Country)
  3. Y Jiro no Tochuu (Y字路の途中; In the Middle of a Y-Forked Road)
  4. Furari Ginza (Instrumental)
  5. Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara (Instrumental)
  6. Y Jiro no Tochuu (Instrumental)

This is the last single of Iikubo Haruna.

Furari Ginza

I am not really a fan of retro music so when I first heard this song, I had a hard time liking it. It was unusual, to say the least. The music is definitely retro, but at the same time, I can tell that they mixed some electro music on some layers on it. So yeah, its weird…really weird. But…after weeks of listening to it (I recently went back to idol hell), I now like it. Like, really really really like it.


There was something about this song that captured me. The melody in the chorus is definitely addicting to listen to, but other than that, there’s nothing else amazing about this. I guess I could say my taste in music is so messed up, I can’t determine the good ones anymore.

For the MV, its really colorful and very retro. I like it. I don’t understand much the “story” but the members were cute so I guess its a pass.

Overall, the song is quite good (now). The retro feel of the song fits well with the theme and it’s warming up to me. This is not the best main song of the group but its also not the worst.

Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara

Now, this is more my jam.

This song pretty much is a new addition to the long list of EDM songs of the group. On my first listen, I immediately love it. The build up in the refrain to chorus is really good. The beat in between the verses and sections is a banger. I love it.


This song is a mess. A bad mess. I have alot of complaints.

The verses sounds good on its own, also the refrain and chorus, but all doesn’t match up. Maybe because I am not used to this kind of set up, but it sounds too disconnected. Another thing, the last chorus is the climax, but rather than reaching high notes in full voice, the members reach those notes in falsetto. It doesn’t fit. I mean, if you took note of the build up of the melody and the message of the song, all emotions should be explode at that moment, but there was no fireworks…it was only fountain instead. It definitely was a downer.

I know I sound like I’m nitpicking this, but its the truth. If the arrangement was alot more smoother and the notes were sang right, then this song would be one of the best songs of the group. It’s a shame.

For the MV, I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, the visuals of the members were phenomenal. The solo and group shots were eye-catching too. It was the big high-school clothes that was distracting, especially during their dance. I mean, me complaining about the choreo is meeehhhh already, so I’ll put the blame on the clothes. Most of the members of the group are thin by nature, so seeing them dancing using legit school uniforms made them look like they were having a hard time dancing. I have no problems with uniforms, but the type of uniform that they use is not the best choice. It’s bulky, and it looked big on the members. Because of this, the dance looks sloppy and not the typical on point formation dances they do.

Overall, this song and MV disappointed me. It’s a shame. But that doesn’t mean I am not banging to this song, I still am, I just constantly feel that frustration on some areas of the song everytime I listen to it. Good thing, the uniforms were not used in live peformances. The management seemed to notice the sloppiness so they change it into a danceable costumes.

Y Jiro no Tochuu

Compared to the other two, this one is a simple song dedicated to Haruna, as she is about to graduate.

The melody of the song is quite nice and very JPOP, so its no biggy if you think you have heard it before. The lyrics is quite touching, but not that amazing, as I have heard it before already. Still, this song is memorable to me as Haruna, a 10th gen, is important to me. I felt happy when they let her have alot of singing parts as she is one of the weakest in the group when it comes to singing.

For the MV, its simple, too simple actually. I guess, they didn’t have enough budget and just used the stage as back drop. Still, it was a nice MV as the message of the song was clearly delivered. I like the dance formation of the song as it was Haruna centric along with the fellow 10th gen members. I love it.

Overall, this song is a simple and nice piece dedicated for Haruna. It didn’t wow me but it will remain in my heart.

Overall, this single was a lackluster. It wasn’t amazing, pretty much on par with their previous single.

As a fan of the group, I am not liking this flow of mediocre releases. I like the song, don’t get me wrong, but its not “WOW” to a point I would boast it to ther people. I hope the next single would blew me away to compensate for a lackluster 2018.

I guess, that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

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