Music Album Feature: "Do Me A Favor" by Suzuki Airi

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Hello, Everyone!

Today is  special day! Ooohohohohoh. It’s my birthday!! I thought of doing something special or a special entry…but nah. Instead, I want to review this album that was recently released, “Do me a Favor” by Suzuki Airi.

Ever since the disbandment of her groups, C-ute & Buono, I wanted Airi to pursue solo. She’s my favorite member in both of her groups (I love all the members, but Airi is special), and I wanted to see more of her. I had always been a fan of her ever since I discovered Buono’s and C-ute music. I would even consider her as my ultimate number 1 idol in JPOP, but I’ll gush more about her in a future entry. For now, let’s focus on her debut album.


Regular Edition

This is Suzuki Airi’s first solo album as a solo singer. This was released last June 6, 2018 in two editions, regular & limited.

  2. Mikansei Girl (未完成ガール; Incomplete Girl)
  3. Good Night
  4. Hikari no Hou e (光の方へ; Towards the Light– Suzuki Airi × Akai Ko-en
  5. Be Your Love
  6. STORY – Suzuki Airi × SCANDAL
  7. Moment
  8. Kimi no Suki na Hito (君の好きなひと; Your Favorite Person)
  9. Tabun ne, (たぶんね、; Maybe)
  10. Iin ja nai (いいんじゃない; Isn’t It Fine?)
  11. perfect timing
  12. Candy Box
  13. Watashi no Soba de (私のそばで; By My Side)
  14. #DMAF – Suzuki Airi × SPICY CHOCOLATE
  15. start again


Limited Edition

My Thoughts:

When this album first announced last year, I got really excited. Getting a Suzuki Airi album so soon is definitely a treat to us, fans. I was expecting them to release some series singles first to test if the ‘solo’ path would be a success, but it seems the company believed in her popularity and her fans. Bruh, we push through.

I always like Airi’s voice, its very friendly, light-hearted and unique. Her voice might be comforting, but it doesn’t stand out much compared to her peers like C-ute’s Chisato or Buono’s Momoko. Still, its very sure her voice is easy to listen. Now that she released an album we get to hear more of her voice and her vocal range.

From my initial listen to her album, I notice that her album is heavily influenced by the type of music she usually listens to. Also, her album ranges from dance songs to band songs, in a way its inspired by her time in C-ute & Buono. Its very refreshing and nostalgic at the same time.




The title track of this album, a dance pop song. This song alongside start again got an early release through digital. This song definitely gave me a glimpse or an idea of what kind of music Airi wants to pursue. Her vocals were on point and it fits well with the song. For some point this song reminds me of some jpop songs that was released in the 2000’s, at the same time, its fits well with the current trend.

I really like the refrain and the chorus of the song, especially the chorus, its very catchy. The verses were okay, it balanced well with the refrain and the chorus. I’m not much of a fan of the dance break portion, but I got used to it. It does build up well to the coda. The coda though, it started off well but it didn’t climaxed enough to be more exciting. It would have been nice if the last spurt in the end wasn’t only 1 chorus but 2. It would be more dramatic and more worthwhile. But that’s just me.

I do like the song, but I got a bit disappointed cuz it lacked alot of power to declare to everyone that Airi is back. At least, the song is easy to listen to.

Mikansei Girl (未完成ガール; Incomplete Girl)

Oh boiii… this song is so Buono. From the arrangement to the melody, its so Buono. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT!!!

Airi first performed this song at the 2017-2018 Hello! Project COUNTDOWN Concert. Even though its a new song, the fans immediately got hyped and liked this song. I mean, who wouldn’t?? This song is fun and up-beat band song that hypes the fans. With the light-hearted tone of Airi’s voice and Buono-like melody, this song is definitely a worthwhile to listen to.

Good Night

I really like this song. The intro section of the song sure is very misleading. I though this song would be a jazz ballad, but no, its just a fun dance song. This song reminds me alot of Juice=Juice’s song, Vivid Midnight. It has the same beat and melody on some parts, especially in the verses. I have no problem with it, it fits well with Airi’s voice and its really fun to listen to.

Overall, this song is really fun and nice to listen when you just want to listen to light-hearted upbeat songs.


Hikari no Hou e (光の方へ; Towards the Light)

Now this one…this one is new. Its the type of music I currently listen in JPOP. Those amazing guitar rifts, brilliant bass play and melodic drums. Uuuggghhhh, so good. Eargasms!!!! I didn’t expect I would hear this alongside with Airi’s voice. The way Airi sings is like an innocent and pure kid who just want to have fun. Airi’s cute voice fits so well. The instrumental version sound abit messy at first listen, but the more I listen to it, its actually well made.

I love it.

Be your Love

Oooohohhooh, this song reminds me alot of BoA, especially the intro, refrain and chorus parts. I know Airi is and forever a die-hard fan of BoA, and bruh, this song is so old school BoA sound. I love it. Another bop dance song. Oooohohohohoh.

Though I do wanna point out, that Airi’s voice doesn’t really delivers well enough power, especially on the verse parts. Its a bit bland and boring. But her vocal prowess in the refrain and chorus definitely make up for it. I still love it.


Oooohohohohoh. A collaboration between SCANDAL and Suzuki Airi. YAS!!!

SCANDAL is one of my favorite bands and knowing that they are close to Airi made me happy. Last year, Airi shared she’s having a hard time coping that she’s moving forward alone in music industry. The SCANDAL members, especially Rina who is a close friend of Airi, came to her aid and help her in transitioning. This song is the evidence of their friendship. Rina wrote the lyrics, while Mami did the composition and arrangement. The song is so SCANDAL but at the same time, its reminds me of Buono’s music too. The melody is easy to listen to, especially if you are a fan of SCANDAL or Buono music already. Its definitely a new feeling hearing Haruna’s vocal in the background while Airi is singing main vocal. Its really fun to listen to.



I never knew this kind of song would be here in her album. I mean, this song is so JPOP. Its the type of music that made me a fan of JPOP. H!P has an eccentric sound in their music, so this type of songs are rare in their discography (they like to be different). Hearing Airi’s voice singing a very generic JPOP song is very refreshing and definitely a new experience. The song fits so well with her vocals. She delivered it well. Though, I do have a problem with the arrangement in the coda part and climax of the song. I find it abit lacking and not high enough, but I digress. Don’t mind me.

Overall, the song is generic yet really soothing to listen. This might sound like a filler to other people, but as fans of H!P music, this sure is refreshing. I want more of it.

Kimi no Suki na Hito (君の好きなひと; Your Favorite Person)

Now this one reminds me of C-ute’s mid-tempo songs, but less eccentric. Airi sounds really good with this type of songs. Its her forte. Its laid back and the melody is easy to listen to. I want to hear more of this type of songs in her next releases.


Tabun ne, (たぶんね、; Maybe)

Ooohhhohohoh. Now we are back to dance type of songs. Its a nice transition from the previous song. Along with Moment, these mid-tempo dance songs fits well with her voice and energy. It sounds generic but trendy. Another easy to listen song.

Iin ja nai (いいんじゃない; Isn’t It Fine?)

Woah, I didn’t expect this type of music would be part of Airi’s debut album. There’s already a couple of songs from C-ute and Buono that has the same flow and feel with this song. Airi really wants to cover everything she learnt all through her 10+ years as an idol, huh.

The song is sexy and also jazzy. With Airi’s needy laid back voice, it fits. The instrumentals sections of the song has rock elements though, its cuz of the electric guitar. Though the feel of the song is well controlled by the piano and acoustic guitar. Oh boi, this song must be nice to see when its live. Damn.

perfect timing

After the sexy jazz song, we proceed to a mid-tempo dance song which exudes sexiness and appeal. Airi also excels in this type of songs. The chorus melody is quite generic but it works. It goes well with the verse and overall song. Bruh, the coda….NOW THAT’S A PROPER CODA. So good. The melody and music drop, Damn. I love it. So good.


Candy Box

Another Buono inspired song. Oooohohohohoh.

I wasn’t much of a fan of the intro, but the verses save me. Its so Buono!!! The chorus is so fun to listen to. Why so Buono?? Well, its cuz of the instrumentals, the melody and how its arranged is quite similar to Buono’s music. Over the years of listening to it, Airi’s cute voice fits well with it I can’t unhear it anymore.

Watashi no Soba de (私のそばで; By My Side)

This one is new. Its another mid-tempo, a mix of synth and some band elements, I like. The melody in the verses are really nice, it flowed well to the chorus. Wow, the chorus is refreshing and really good. The curve in tone was weird at first, but damn it fits. I NOW LOVE IT. And Shocks, the coda. Yas, another proper coda section. It slowed down then build-up for the climax, which was the last chorus with heavy-rich instrumentals. I LOVE IT.

Airi’s vocal prowess didn’t disappoint. There wasn’t any dull moment, and the song is so nice to listen to.



Ooohohohoh. Balad!!

Airi’s voice is so soothing. I heard that Airi co-wrote this song. Damn. No wonder its so heartfelt. The blending of the instruments in the background is well done, it fits well with Airi’s voice. The melody in the verse seemed generic but it goes well with the heartwarming chorus. And bruh, the coda section, I felt it. Its so good. Then the last chorus was dramatic, I love it.

start again
The last track of the album. When DISTANCE was released early, start again again and #DMAF went along with it. Out of the 3, this song made me speechless and cry. From the start to finish. the message of the song hit me right into my heart. I need this kind of songs to get me going. Its uplifting and it gives me hope to not give up and try again. It wasn’t just the message, its also the moving melody of the chorus. It was powerful, it moved me. The verses didn’t disappoint. Even though it was simple it contrasts well to the powerful chorus. The refrain connected the simple verses and the chorus, its build up was phenomenal. And uuugggghhhh….the heartwretching coda, shocks. It was in this part where I break down. I have no words to describe it. ITS SO SO SO GOOD.

You might think that this song seems familiar, yeah, I notice that too. Its generic, many artists sang this kind of songs before. But what makes it different is if the songs delivers or not. Airi’s delivered the song really well. She delivered the message of the song. I freakin’ cried, its that powerful. I maybe biased, but its the truth. Its effect is quite similar to Taeyeon’s I. These type of songs needs a really good artists to pull it off. I think Everyone knows who and how amazing Taeyeon is. I’m not saying Airi is on the same level as Taeyeon, nope, but Airi is getting there. She’s on the right path.

Such a nice way to end an album.


Well, I think you guys know already. This album, I LOVE IT VERY MUCH. Its really good, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Even thought there were some setbacks, overall, the album is really solid. Suzuki Airi didn’t disappoint. I do hope her future release would be better than this one. 😀

Anyway thanks for reading!!



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