“KOKORO&KARADA / LOVEpedia / Ningen Kankei No way way” by Morning Musume.’20

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Yo! Sirius here!

I usually post my review of a single after it was released. However, today will be different. I will be reviewing a single that will be released today.

Yep, you read that right.

Today is the release of Morning Musume.’20’s 68th single, KOKORO&KARADA / LOVEpedia / Ningen Kankei No way way (KOKORO&KARADA/LOVEペディア/人間関係No way way; MIND&BODY / LOVEpedia / Personal Relationships No way way).


  2. LOVEpedia
  3. Ningen Kankei No way way

You guys might be wondering why am I reviewing this single a bit early than usual. Well, this single was already been teased to us, fans, since late last year. Last month, the MV’s were released and it gave us, fans, some taste of what we are getting.



This is also the first single of the Morning Musume newest members, the 15th generation (Rio, Homare and Mei).

Anyway, you guys are not here to listen to my rants and spazzes. Let’s get on to the songs.

First up would KOKORO&KARADA.


I love the song, like VERY MUCH.

However, I do admit that I didn’t initially love it. It took awhile before I was able to acknowledge its good points. In other words, the song was a grower. Not only that, seeing the song performed live made me love the song even more.

Out of the three songs, this one is the closest to what this current era of Morning Musume would release. I mean, if you look at their past singles, it is quite understandable that this song would be the main song of this single.

Like its past singles, this song is an EDM but with a mix of strings which adds a more dramatic flare to it. You can also here some guitar rifts all over the instrumentals, which adds a lot more rich sound to its melody. I also love how they added some piano in the chorus section as it made the song more dramatic than ever before. At first, I find this section weird and out of place, but for some point, it made sense after listening to it again and again. It was a breakdown I didn’t expect I needed for the song. There wasn’t anything special with its dance break and coda section, and because of that, I felt a bit of a letdown. It would be nice if they add some climax to it, but overall, I’m good with the end product.

About the lyrics, it’s quite upfront. If you listen to the music you can’t really tell that this song is a love song, but it is. The lyrics pretty much explained how much the girl likes the guy. She expressed how much she hates the feeling, at the same time acknowledge it. Typical Tsunku lyrics. Heh.

With the division of singing parts, its very Morning Musume current era. The robotic per syllable singing infairness works well with the song. As usual, there were a lot of mini group lines while a few members got solo lines. At first, I was disappointed by it, but then I was saved by the refrain section, as it was melodic to my ears. Yes, that part was mainly done by the 3 main vocals while the other members do the 2nd voice, it was arranged well and definitely my cup of tea. For its chorus, the big lines were again shared by the main vocals and thy delivered. I was especially amazed at the inclusion of falsetto high notes. That was a nice touch as it showcased the vocal abilities of the main vocals.


I love the dance, its so slick. I love how its so Morning Musume while at the same time, very new. The usual main dancers are in front delivering the choreography really well. The new members was able to dance well and that’s really really amazing. Why do I find it amazing? Well, this song requires teamwork, solid teamwork. If someone makes a mistake, it would standout. Morning Musume had been known all over Japan for having cool formation dances and very cohesive way of dancing, and they were able to prove it again through this dance. Yes, maybe there might be some dance moves that looks simple or easy, but to pull off a synchronize dance is hella hard and I love Morning Musume for perfecting it.

Now for the MV. Where do I start? LOL.

THE MV IS ONE OF THE BEST MV’S THEY RELEASED IN A LONG TIME. It reminded me of Mukidashi MV that was released last 2016, in terms of editing, but the quality and overall visual effects are so new, cool and amazing IT MADE ME SPEECHLESS ON MY FIRST WATCH. Not only it highlighted all of the beautiful faces of the members, the slick dance choreography was shown really well too. UUUUGGGGGHHHH SO GOOD.

Another similar aspect of the MV to the Mukidashi MV from 2016 was its Yuri undertone. In the Mukidashi MV, the yuri scenes were shown in the coda section and they were very very tame. But it’s very different here in K&K MV as the yuri moments were blasted to your face as early as the 2nd chorus and they were VISUALLY EYE CANDY. I even squeal on some scenes. Lol. I really didn’t expect that, and based on the reactions of other people, they also didn’t expect that too. Hahahahahha.

Overall, this song is amazing on its own right. The major highlights of this song would be its amazing arrangement and its slick choreography to back it up. The singing was a bit a downer but it is within what I expect from them.

Definitely, give this song a listen.

Next to review is an interesting one.

I will be sharing my thoughts on both LOVEpedia and Ningen Kankei No way way. Why both, you ask me?

Well, its because these two songs is actually 1 song, just arranged differently and had different lyrics.

Yep, you read that right.

Okay, how should I review this?

I’ll start first with it’s melody.


Both songs are easy to listen to. They have this catchy eargasm worthy melody that would stay on your mind for a long time. It’s really fun to listen to them. But yeah, just like what I said, both songs have a different arrangements.

For LOVEpedia, it was more heavy bass with electronic music to back up the fast heavy beats. I find this a bit predictable and typical Morning Musume music as it reminds me of the updated music collection of Morning Musume. Interestingly, the coda section has the same beats and feel as Are You Happy dance breaks, not that I am complaining. Because of these similar arrangements, I could easily digest Lovepedia as a Morning Musume song.

Ningen Kenkei No Way Way, on the other hand, had more color with its arrangement. It reminds me a lot of a favorite C-ute song of mine, Tokai no Hitorigurashi, with its instrumentals, its use of horns, guitars and fast beats. It also reminds me of some ANGERME old songs. It’s like he’s incorporating a sound that Morning Musume hasn’t encountered yet, and I am loving it. I especially love how the arranger pretty much had fun with its coda section as he added some elements that I have yet to determine what along with slick guitar rifts. It’s so cool to listen.

Yes, melody-wise, its still the same beat as the former song, but because of the arrangement, this song feels like it had a faster beat over Lovepedia.

Now if we talk about the lyrics, both songs deliver different stages of Love. LOVEpedia was more about the process of finding and experiencing love in different ways. The lyrics feels hopeful and curious at the same time. It’s all positive and all, while Ningen Kenkei No Way Way is clear about the pain and aftermath of a breakup. It’s the total opposite of the former. Because of this contrast, it made both songs amazing to listen to. Uuuggghhhh, Kodaka Ameko is a genius songwriter. OMG.


Now, in terms of line distribution, now this was a surprise. Usually, when it comes to this, Morning Musume tends to give lines to the “capable” members and while the other less vocal members stay in the back, only gonna sing some unison lines. However, in this 2 songs, they went ANGERME mode. All members got parts, and that’s…UH-MAY-ZING. It not only let me hear the back member sing solo, but they also made sure they’ll shine in their parts. Yes, the capable members still got some parts but, the majority was more on the less capable ones. It’s refreshing to listen.

Just like the line distribution, the dance choreographies on both songs remind me alot of ANGERME, good dance moves that sometimes look chaotic but in sync. Lol. As most of the singling lines were given to the back members, they were mostly in front, while the usual front members were at the back or at the side. It’s very interesting to watch. I especially love the dance breaks in between verses and chorus in both songs as it highlights the “in-sync” dance moves of the group. However, I am a bit disappointed with the dance break in the coda section as it’s very messy. I still prefer if the main dance parts were given to the capable ones, the main dancers, to make it more clean and presentable. I still do appreciate the final dance formations and all, I just feel like its a waste. Heh.

Now for the MV’s.

Let me first give my thoughts on LOVEpedia.


As the song was more positive and fluffy, the MV delivered that sentiment as well. The new members, Rio, Homare and Mei, were greatly featured in this MV. As this was their initiation, the members met the members one by one. Each old member represents a kind/type of love that is connected to that member. I really find this really cute as we see each new member shine alongside the old members. The costume looks nice as well. At first, I find the outfits too idol-y, but after seeing a close-up pic on the fabric and little details of the costume, I later realized how creative and nice the outfits are.

Now for Ningen Kenkei No Way Way, the MV was the opposite of the former. This MV was more sad, dark, and very chic. Unlike Lovepedia where it featured the new members, this MV features the other back members that could be the next front members in the future (when they are fully developed). The MV was more mature and it delivered the sentiments of the lyrics really well.

Oh man, Hello! Project MV’s lately had been amazing, WTF.

Overall, both songs are amazing on their own and very interesting to listen to when consecutively. Interestingly, fans want a mash-up version of both of the songs. I thought only the international fans wants this (as seen on twitter), but it seemed the Jp fans too as well wants to hear a mash-up version of this. At first, this idea is weird to me, but after listening to a fan made mash up, bruh, it works. Hahahahhaha.

As H!P is quite know for amazing medley arrangements, I think a mash-up version of this is not a long dream. Heh.

Overall, the single is amazing. Each song is the main song worthy, its that good.

I dunno if I expressed this before to all of you guys but its been awhile since I was amazed and satisfied by a single released my Morning Musume. The last single that made me feel this was 2017’s Triple-A single: “Jama Shinai de Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi!”. That single was solid AF that I even made a review about it. LOL.

But yeah, this single is OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING and I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY COPY!!!

As a tradition to my music reviews, I need to choose a favorite song/s in this single. Oh man, this is hard. All 3 songs are amazing and they are all my favorites, but if I were to choose which one is superior then that would be KOKORO&KARADA and Ningen Kenkei No Way Way. K&K is superior in terms of dance and its Morning Musume-ness, while Ningen Kenkei No Way Way is superior because of its amazing arrangement and it brought a unique sound to Morning Musume. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lovepedia, but these two are too strong for it to compete. It is a close second to both though, at least.

As of the release of this review, the single is out now. As much as I want you guys check this song out, its only available digitally on iTunes/Apple music. If you guys have a lot of money, then you can buy their CD’s/DVD/s on CdJapan or Amazon. Hahaha. Feel my frustration, bruh.

Uuuuggghhhh…why can’t they release their songs on Spotify?!?!?!?! The struggle…

If you guys don’t want to do all of that, then please check out its MV’s instead. You guys are in for a treat.


Anyway, that would be all.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading. 🙂

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