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Hello! Project Song Ranking (1st Half 2018)

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Hello Everyone!!

Even though I announced before that I’ll refrain from posting anything other than anime-related content, I just can’t help it. I had always dreamed on making this entry even before having a blog. Before when my iPOD was still alive, I make a playlist of all the amazing songs (KPOP, JPOP and Western, respectively) released in the first half then 2nd half of the year. I just love making rankings and top lists, bruh. That’s why right now, I’m going to make one. Heh.
As you can see from the title the list will be composed of the best songs released by Hello! Project this year. Why Hello! project you say? Well, cuz compared to KPOP, Western music & other JPOP acts, I was more updated to Hello! Project music (if you’ve been a follower to my blog, you’ll know XD).


All of the debuted groups of Hello! Project (except the ‘sub-unit’ Country Girls, sigh) released atleast one single in the first half of 2018, so I am going to rank them from worst to best. Oooohohohohoh, this is going to be fun.

15. Shurenka – Tsubaki Factory
Even after months of listening to this, Shurenka is still my least Hello! Project song for this year. The song is not exciting, its also forgettable. Even though my bias, Kiki, got some spotlight in their live performance, it didn’t affect what I feel about this song.

14. Naite Ii yo – Juice=Juice
This song is nice to listen to, but its quite forgettable. I do like the message of the song though.

13. Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.) – Morning Musume.
You might be wondering why this one is included. This song, alongside Hanasaku, were released as a digital singles before the mini-album was released. That’s why both songs are included in this list as singles. Moving on, Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.) that was sung by the 1st gen and the current members of Morning Musume.’18 was really nice and nostalgic. Its rock and fast beat was refreshing, but its underwhelming and repetitive. I mean, I had listened to the original song for a hundredth time already, listened to the Miso soup version for quite awhile now and now this, its too much.

12. Kimi Dake janai sa…friends (Acoustic version) – ANGERME
I like Kimi dake janai sa…friends (acoustic ver.). The rawness of the vocals and its amazing arrangement soothes my ears. But at the same time, those are also the reasons why they rank low. This version is quite mellow and slow compared to the original version. And I freakin’ love the original version. So rather than listening to this one, I prefer listening to the original.

11. Ashita Tenki ni Naare – Kobushi Factory
Now this one is a surprise. I liked this song over the main song in the single Its because of the amazing vocals and especially the instrumentals. Everything is changed now. The thing that was lacking in this song was the impact of their live performance. The lackluster dance and mic stand didn’t help at all. I wanted more. Cuz their live performance wasn’t that memorable, the song itself became less appealing.

10. I Need You ~ Yozora no Kanransha ~ – Tsubaki Factory
This song is refreshing, no matter how many times I listen to it. Even their performance was refreshing. My only problem of this song would be that punch of awesomeness. i mean, I could listen to this on certain times, but it doesn’t deliver on other times. Just me and my taste and mood swings. Lel.

09. A gonna – Morning Musume.’18
When this MM’s single was released, I really thought that the songs would be on the last place, cuz I couldn’t stand them. But damn, I got hooked after listening to it a couple of times. A gonna was definitely a surprise. The chorus was hella catchy and Sakura’s solo part is uh-mazing. The dance break is also interesting, but the overall song is underwhelming. There’s no climax where I could bang my head or go wild on.

08. Vivid Midnight – Juice=Juice
One word: FUN. The song is really fun to listen o. Listening to it makes me want to dance to random actions I didn’t know I have. LOL. Vivid Midnight was a song I didn’t know I need to brighten up my day.

07. Hana ga Saku Taiyou no Abite – Morning Musume.’18
HatachinoMorningMusume-r (1)
The intro dance break always hit me. It sounds so amazing. It immediately make me remember the amazing choreography of Morning Musume.’18. It was that memorable. The chorus gets stuck on my head as well. Even though this song is abit simple and lacks climax, its still very memorable cuz of how the members performed it on stage. There performance impacted me greatly.

06. SEXY SEXY – Juice=Juice
I didn’t expect I would like this song this much. I can’t really point out what made me like this one over Vivid Midnight. Maybe cuz the refrain is quite addicting, or the chorus’ amazing melody, or maybe cuz my baby Yanamin is the center (lol). I really don’t know. I…just love this song.

05. Teion Yakedo – Tsubaki Factory
Ooohohohohoho, I think I already shared during my music review of its single how much I love this song. Its so dramatic and my jam. I had also listened to this song since late last year, which is a huge plus. I mean, I had liked this song for a long time ( I even memorize the lyrics…lol). Their live performance of this song is also amazing. Tsubaki Factory is definitely becoming an amazing group.

04. Kore Kara da! – Kobushi Factory
When I first heard this song, I like the song but not as much as the other one, Ashita Tenki ni Naare. But damn, the more I listened to this song, Kore kara da!, the more I feel the passion of the members singing. There was something about this song that made me crave to see it’s live performance. And bruh, the live performance of this song is so AMAZING. It almost made me want to cry watching them perform. It wasn’t just the song’s message, but how the Kobushi Factory delivered the song. I’m so happy to be a fan of this group.

03. Uraha=Lover – ANGERME
When the ANGERME’s latest single was released, this song became my favorite. Not only that this song got a really aesthetic MV, but because the song itself is really good. Listening to the song feels like I’m watching a drama or something. Its melody is so easy to listen to and the arrangement of the song is really remarkable. The vocals of the members were really on point too. I had seen only one live of this song, and I desparately want to see more.

02. Are you Happy? – Morning Musume.’18
Oooohohohoho Surprise Surprise. Didn’t expect Are you happy? would be 2nd place, I didn’t expect it too. LOL. When I first heard this song, I didn’t like this one at all. But shocks, the live performance saved this song. I mean, I knew that this song would do well in lives, but I didn’t expect the impact of their live performance. This really pumps the crowd, even me, who was just watching the performance. I am so sorry for doubting this song. I’m so sorry Tsunku-sama for doubting you. This song is UH-MAAZZZIIINNNNGGG.

01. Nakenai ze・・・Kyoukan Sagi – ANGERME
Ooohohohohoho, another surprise here. I didn’t expect to love this song and even declare it as the best Hello! project song released in the first half of 2018. Nakenai ze…Kyoukan Sagi is a fun, upbeat song with a “I don’t give a f*ck” type of lyrics. I LOVE IT. ANGERME’s live performance of this song wowed me on so many levels, which prompt me to love this song more and more. Their performance is full of energy and you can tell the members are having fun with the slick choreography. I never knew I would make this sentence but bruh, this song is definitely better than their other EDM songs. IT’S THAT GOOOOOOOODDDDDD. Eargasms overload!!! oooohohohohoh!!

Now that was interesting. XD

This year is Hello! Project’s 20th Anniversary so there’s definitely more amazing releases later this year.


This is just the Hello! Project song rankings, it would be nice if I could make for KPOP, Western or OPM too. But due to time constraint and lack of resources, I’m gonna put that idea aside for awhile.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to make more non-anime related content in the future. It will just depends my mood, motivation, and time.

Anyway, that’s it for now.
Thanks for reading!!

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