100 Followers Special!! Q & A Session!!! Thank you very much Everyone :)

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Yay! Yay! Yay!
I just reached 100 Followers!! Specifically, I have 105 followers now. Thank you very much Everyone for supporting a noob writer like me. I didn’t expect this at all. Thank you very much!!
To give back your support, I thought of doing a Q & A session where I answer your questions. Please bear with me if you find my answers weird or indifferent from what you expect. XD
I tried my best to answer them as honestly as I could. Heheheheheh.

Without further ado, here are the questions given to me by you guys and my answers.

From KingDylbag13:

…Are you a fan of naoki urasawa’s?

I’m not a fan of Naoki Urasawa, but I do respect his works. I’m very interested to read his mangas and watch its anime adaptations. 🙂

From thespookyredhead:

…What anime coming out in the spring season are you most excited for?

Oh my!!! A hard question!! Hahahahaha. To be honest, I haven’t checked the anime line-up of the next season. But to answer your question, I’m gonna check out the line-up now.


..need to calm down. *inhale….*exhale….Hhhmmm…
What I’m looking forward the most for the release of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, I read the manga and love it very much. The rest are: Mahou Shoujo OreComic GirlsAmanchu! AdvanceMahou Shoujo SiteTada-kun wa Koi wo ShinaiSaredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to OdoruFull Metal Panic! Invisible VictoryHigh School DxD HeroSword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-henTokyo Ghoul:re, and lastly, Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season.
Damn, so many really good animes next season. RIP time management. Hahahahaha.

From Joseph Beach:

1) If you started a cult what kind of cult would it be?
2) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?
3) What are your favorite foods?
4) Are you looking forward towards anything?

A cult, huh. Hmm, I would start a cult of idol fans. That be very interesting. XD
I would rather fight a 100 duck sized horses over a horse sized duck. I’m small in height, so fighting smaller horses would be alot easier. Lel.
My favorite foods are Calamares, and Fried Chicken. Heheheheheh.
I am looking forward towards the day when I gather enough money to buy a tab for my review and studies. Its good to buy important stuff that comes from my blood, sweat & effort.
Just you wait LENOVO P8 TAB3 8 Plus, I’m gonna buy you next month!!

From alfredopasta:

1) Favorite Love Live song (might be a tough one lol) and
2) Do you have any seiyuu (voice actors/actresses) that you admire?

Favorite Love live song. Oh man, this is tough. Hahahahah. Hhhhmmm… I could easily choose the Aqours’ Aozora Jumping Heart as my current favorite. But that’s an Aqours song, it would be weird if I wouldn’t mention a μ’s song. My favorite μ’s song would be Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki. Both songs hit me with feels I can’t explain. Both are on repeat on my music playlist. Heheheheheh..
I do! I do! I used to like Aya Hirano during her Haruhi Suzumiya & Fairytail days. Even though I’m not following her much now, I could still identify her voice immediately. Lel. My current favorites are Kurusawa Tomoyo & Hanasawa Kana. I really really loved Kurusawa Tomoyo’s performance in Hibike Euphonium & the recent Houseki no Kuni, though I first discovered her in Aikatsu. She sounds so real and full of emotions. I can’t explain it in words, she’s….amazing. For Hanasawa Kana, I first became a fan of hers through her music, I didn’t know she was a seiyuu until I researched. Lel. I didn’t expect she was the one who voiced Ayase of Guilty Crown, Kanade of Angel Beats, Shiemi of Ao no Exorcist and my all-time favorite performance of hers, Akane of Psycho-pass. There’s something in Hanasawa’s voice that is soothing in my ears. Both seiyuus are really amazing. Can’t wait for their next projects.

From John Spencer:

What is your favorite game to play right now? It could be a video game, board game, or whatever. I think that would be an interesting thing to learn about you.

Favorite game?? Now that I’m working, I rarely play games (I miss playing games, bruh!!). But I do enjoy the android games on my phone like FukumuRun, 1010!, Random Mahjong & Unblock Me. Those games keep me entertain and keep my brain stimulating. Its really fun. Heheheheh

From Irina:

…What would you like to do with your blog in the next year?

Next year? Oh my, I haven’t think that far ahead yet. Lel.
I would like to make it big, be able to connect to people, other than the peeps in the anime fandom, and read my posts too. I will still heavily post anime-related content (Of course! Anime is <3 ), but I also want to be able make idol-, tv series-, concerts-  and music-related contents. Especially, I do want to share my own works too (yeeee!), ….once I gather enough confidence (LOL!).
I currently have so many ideas for my blog, but I haven’t execute them yet due to time constraint. I’m a bit of a ‘my pace’ kind of person, but I would like to release stuff on a schedule to accommodate all my ideas. Hehehehhe.

And last…
From nesha e´:

Marry me?

Oh my…

A proposal!!! This is so unexpected!! I only just got 100 followers… What to do??? How should I reply?? Hhhhmmmm…

I’m sorry nesha e´, but I’m too busy right now to entertain romance.
Ask me again next time. Heheheh 😉


Well, that’s all the questions!
Wooh!! Those were some interesting questions. Hehehehehe.
Thank you very much for the questions. I really appreciated them.
Please do continue supporting my weird blog. I will do my best and release more ‘awesome’ content that won’t disappoint you and myself.
That is all.
Thanks for reading. 😉


  1. Ya Boy Jack Permalink

    Lol, Congratulations on 100 followers, you deserve it.

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    Yay! Congratulations on 100!!! Yeah there’s a lot of awesome stuff coming out next season 🙂 Also nesha e’s question wins hahah (I don’t know what, but that fact’s irrelevant)

    1. Permalink

      Hahahah!! Nesha’s really caught me off guard hahahaha

  3. KingDylbag13 Permalink

    Dang, Nesha is trying to slide into those DM’s

    1. Permalink

      Rather than the DMs, nesha asked me publicly in twitter XD hahahaha

  4. Permalink

    Congratulations!! Hope nesha won’t be too disappointed 😂

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    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers and best of luck going forward.

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    Congrats in this huge milestone! 😀 Cheers to next 100! 😀 I had a blast reading your answers eheh

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    awww great post – can’t wait to see all those ideas you have for your blog! SO ambitious! I love it

  8. Permalink

    yessss sore wa bokutachi no kiseki is a great one. whenever i rewatch love live and that opening starts, i automatically start to sing along with it lol
    also great seiyuu picks! i love all of them, aya hirano is a very interesting voice actress indeed. kana hanazawa is amazing all around, but i actually haven’t experience much of tomoyo kurosawa that much! i heard that she won an award for being the best rookie seiyuu so I’d assume she’s great at her roles.
    congrats again 😀

  9. Permalink

    congrats on 100
    bilis mo mag post, haha. di tuloy ako nakapag tanung. sa next celebration mo nlng. 🙂

    1. Permalink

      hahahahah thanks bruh…di ko nga inexpect na maka 100 agad LEL.
      Sa next celebration nalang 😀

  10. Permalink

    I’m late to the party, but congratulations! 🙂
    Don’t mind me as I catch up on old posts of bloggers… also dang… I’m jealous that Nesha asked you that too (I thought I would be the one-and-only-one XD).
    Hope you’re enjoying the current season still! 🙂


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