Announcement: My PASSION PROJECT is ready!!!

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Sirius here.

At last, after many months and years of hinting and expressing my desire to do it, I now have the guts to publish it.




You guys might be wondering what I am talking about. Well, if you had been a reader of my blog since the start, you guys might have an idea or two as to what I am talking about. I had been planning on doing this project of mine for a long time. Like really, its a long time coming, bruh. I should have started a long time ago, but well, you writer here was f*ckin’ scared as hell as to how this would be accepted by peepz. I mean, from what I see, there isn’t much peepz doing this so I am abit hesitant. But after alot of thinking….thinking….thinking….and thinking, I don’t care anymore. I will just do it. And post it.

Screw everyone.


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Okay, I had been prolonging this intro…I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself.

Where were we?

Yes, my passion project.

If you guys dunno what it is about…well…its about CONCERTS.



It might be a simple thing to you guys, but for me, its not.

Alongside watching animes, tv series, movies and listening to music, I had another important hobby that I really enjoyed to do. I mean, this hobby of mine is usually the reason as to why I sometimes stop watching anything other than this. And that, my friends, areĀ concerts.


Since young, I love concerts. It was my dad’s influence as he was the one who keeps on buying concert dvd’s before. I used to binge them all up, rewatching them again and again, being in awe with everything I see. It was through that, I kinda develop this soft spot for concerts.

I guess you guys know already how much I love music, and this medium definitely added alot of factor as to why I love concerts. The thing is, I find concerts as a place where the artist show what he/she is capable of, after all, artists are entertainers, they need to entertain the viewers. Because of this, I could see alot of things about artists. I mean, I know I don’t know them personally, but to give their best performance, they would need to show a part of their selves during the concert, and through that, I could tell if the artist is worthy to be followed.


That’s just me.

So yeah, I put alot of investment (time-wise) and feelings to concerts and I don’t regret it. Its another form of the cleansing of the soul for me, same as music and anime.


Now, to understand more about this project of mine, I’ll tell you more about the content of it.

To better express and understand my feels and thoughts about the concerts I watch, I will be sharing them through reviews. One by one, I watch the concerts and posts everything I want to say about it, no filter as its better that way.

Another thing, I am not a legit critic or have any profession about this. Just as a fan of concerts, I just want to express everything I want to say, which I usually do here in my blog.


Now, I am still on the stage of deciding which concert should I pick first to post. Alot of factors are involved in this decision as this is the first one. Definitely, after this first, it will flow naturally, just like my other features here on my blog.

I won’t promise a specific date for the first post, but know that it will be posted next month.

I guess that’s it for now. I know this was a random announcement from me, but I’m just excited to express my thoughts about the concerts I watched.

So guys, stay tuned.


Thanks for reading!!!


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