Reading Manga: reviving my old hobby

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I recently finished reading Welcome to the Ballroom manga and Baby Steps manga. Even though both were ongoing, I still read them all the way. To be honest, I have no idea why I’m into manga now. All I’m sure is that its taking quite alot of my time. It’s not like I hate it, I just find it amusing.

I really love the roughness of the art

Since young, I had always enjoyed watching animes. From the stories to the visuals, everything looks spectacular in my eyes. It was when I entered highschool, a friend of mine broaden my knowledge about anime. She shared to me that anime series were not all original made, but some of them were mere adaptation of a manga or novel. She then shared me a set of manga volumes to read. My eyes were opened to this new medium. I never knew this even existed. The drawings were surreal and anime-looking. The stories were really engaging too. That was the time when I start liking manga.

Everything changed when I went to Med School. I think I already mentioned this in my past posts, but imma share it again (for the new readers). Cuz of the pressure and high standards of Med school, I dropped alot of my hobbies, including anime and manga. It was a brutal time of my life. I was slowly losing myself. I live everyday thinking only of passing my exams. I felt I was like a robot with no soul, taking notes and answering exams. In the end, I couldn’t handle the pressure and I got really really depressed, so I transferred schools. In my new school, I was able to recover myself bit by bit.


I was able to regain my addiction to animes, music, and concerts. I even developed a better connection to books. It took me awhile, but I succeed. Well, except for mangas. I’m not really sure what exactly is the reason why it took me a long time to rediscover my love for manga. I did tried a couple of times before. I installed a bunch of manga readers that were compatible with my phone, then try to read some popular mangas. But it didn’t stick. I always get bored afterwards.

Overtime, I was able to read and even finish some mangas. I am quite thankful to my University friends for that. Even though I didn’t read much or even finish the mangas they recommend, I was able to be expose to a bunch of interesting mangas. I was even introduced to manhwas and webtoons. They were really really good, I don’t even care if they were made by Chinese or Koreans. The next thing I know, I rediscovered my love for reading manga and it continued on until now.


For sure, my love for manga will never surpass my love for animes. But atleast, I do feel complete. It feels like I’m me again. It’s been awhile.

That is all.

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    I read a lot more manga when I was in HS now anime seems more accessible. But sometimes I go on youtube to look for discussions of particular characters or scenes. And people will be saying “This scene was cooler/sexier/better in the manga” so then I have to go to google and find someone who scanned in the pages- and a low and behold the scene is mind-blowing.

    Then sometimes in the anime, I watch a scene that feels rushed like they skipped over details so I’m like “I’ll go look up the manga” then when I find the manga the part I’m looking for did not exist.


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