I read the wrong book.

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Late last year, I kind of announced to you all that I am returning back to one of my favorite past times, reading books. As I book quite alot of books last year, I thought of reading them one by one and give my book reviews here on my blog.


I didn’t expect I would be stuck on one book…

for five months.

Yep, you read that right.

I read a book for five months, and here’s the catch, I DIDN’T FINISH IT.


This had never happened to me before. I always finish all the books I read. Sigh. Anyway, there is always first for everything, and this book is the first one.

Heh, you guys might be wondering what book am I talking about, well, that would be Chuck Palahniuk’s RANT.


Yep, this book.

I bought this book early last year and I thought this would be a good book to read as my first for 2-3 years of hiatus. I was really interested with its premise and the fact that this book was written by the same author as “Fight Club”, I was hella excited to read this.

Buster “Rant” Casey just may be the most efficient serial killer of our time. A high school rebel, Rant Casey escapes from his small town home for the big city where he becomes the leader of an urban demolition derby called Party Crashing. Rant Casey will die a spectacular highway death, after which his friends gather the testimony needed to build an oral history of his short, violent life. (Goodreads)

Reading this book was hard. Like really really hard. This book is like an autobiography of the main character, Rant, and the story flowed using the testamonies and stories of the people who knows him. It’s very very interesting but hard to follow. Sometimes, the stories makes my head hurt as its confusing as f*ck and very misleading. I do get them as soon as I gather enough details but its really tiring. Bruh, for five months, I was only able to read 40% of the book. I really tried finishing it, maybe cuz of my pride as an avid reader of books, but it was only making me hate reading and i don’t want that. I don’t think I could proceed any further.

So yeah, I stopped.

Stupid of me that I chose this book as my starter, it definitely didn’t help me regain my love for reading books.

I guess that’s it for now.

I need to choose a new book to read now and expect some book reviews in the future.


Thanks for reading.

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