Big Bad Wolf Book Haul!!

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Last week, I shared to you guys how I attended an annual event called, EIGASAI. This time, I will be sharing to you guys another event that I’m proud to be part of.

That event was BIG BAD WOLF.

Big Bad Wolf is a book fair that recently came to my city just a year ago. As avid book lover, I was really happy to be able to visit the far and buy a lot of books.

Last year, I bought a lot of books. Rather than sharing my haul here, I posted them on my Instagram instead. Lol. I won’t be making that same action as I will be sharing to you guys here my haul.


For this year’s haul, I wasn’t able to buy a lot of books even though I’m legit richer than last year (I have work now). That’s all because of my limited time to visit the book fair. A lot of stuff was happening during its 2 week stay here in the city. But that’s okay, I still have a lot of books to read anyways and I dont think I still have space for lot of books.


Now for the reveal. Here are the books I bought at BBW:


Infairness, my taste in books is quite broad, but rrecently, I do want to read stories with happy ending. Or atleast close to it. Why? Well, life is already hard, sad and unfair, I want to atleast be eexposed with happiness even though it’s just in the books.

Just by reading the synopsis of these 4 books, I think, the happiness I’m looking for is achievable. Heh.

But for now, let me share to you guys my reasons as to why I bought them.

The Clasp by Sloane Crosley

Compared to the other books I bought, it’s this book were I was greatly convinced by the praises and reviews of the book that was displayed the back of the book. Lol. Usually, I don’t reading the reviews as they seemed edited and a way to entice people to buy the book. Unfortunately, I just became a victim of it. The praises given to this book were really convincing it’s hard not to buy this, bruh.

I also find the premise quite interesting as it focuses on characters in their adulting stage, where I am right now. I feel like I might relate to this book more that the other ones. Well, that’s just my thoughts about it. I do hope this book won’t be a disappointment.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Out of all the books I bought, this one is classic. I wasn’t planning on buying classics as I want to read new stuff, but…its synopsis was too captivating. Seeing Neil Gaiman’s name at the back, as he seemed to have made a new introduction to this book, pretty much sold me. Lol.

As I am not an American, I was not exposed to thi book during my younger years. So literally, I am tackling this classic without any prior knowledge. Dunno if I will like this one, but I do hope so.

Geekhood close encounters of the girl kind by Andy Robb

Even though I’m literally in the middle of my 20’s, I am still fond of Young Adult stories. Even though they are a bit overrated at this point, I thin there are still some hidden gems out there. But believe me, I don’t think this would be one of them.

The reason I bought this book would be it’s cute premise. Yes, its generic. A geek guy meeting a girl. But bruh, sometimes we just need some dose of generic stuff to balance everything.

I think I would enjoy reading this one, greaning from ear to ear, but this might not even touched the ladder to my favorite list. But that’s just my first impression. I do hope this would surprise me.

Not if I see you first by Eric Lindstrom

This was the book I purchased last. I had encountered this book a couple of times already, all throughout the many hours of me at the book fair, but I keep on coming back to it and read its ssynopsis. It’s like I have a gut feeling that this bok might be really really good. I mean, a story about a guy and a blind girl, we don’t encounter that kind of premise everyday.

I badly want this one to be really good. Please, God of Books…bless this book.

Now that I shared to you guys my thoughts, its time for the ending credits.

Ever since Big Bad Wolf visited my city lat year, my love for reading gradually came back. I’m so happy. I really thought I had forgotten this wonderful feelings of reading, but nope, it’s still here.

And because of this, I had read some books these past few months. I will be posting my reviews about them soon. Just you wait.


I guess, that’s all for now.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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