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Zombieland Saga is not your typical idol anime

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After watching something serious (B the Beginning) and romantic (Kiss Him, Not Me), I tried to watching something fun.

As I was looking through my PTW list, I saw Zombieland Saga.

I realized I haven’t watched the series fully after seeing its first episode. I know it’s been a few years since its original release, and yeah, I have heard a lot of good reviews from different people.

Still, I think my watching of this anime was very genuine and bruh, I enjoyed the heck of this series.

To know more about the Zombieland Saga anime, check out this link, MyAnimeList.

I think you guys pretty much know that I am a huge fan of idol music. I love listening to their music and I love the idols themselves. Because of it, I really enjoyed watching the idol animes.

Whether it’s female or male, I like watching them.

However, I do admit that I also get bored with it. Just like any other genre out there, tropes and cliches will be made and they are getting boring. I was scared this series might fall into the same rabbit hole.

But I was wrong.

Zombieland Saga anime was totally something even non-idol fans would enjoy. It’s that good!!

Yes, in terms of surface-level, this is an idol anime…but zombie-themed. This concept is so new it’s so amazing, interesting, and refreshing, all at the same time.

The story seemed to be at the time when idol boom is part of the past and the town Saga, is “dying” in terms of tourism. Most of the people in Saga are old people, so in some ways, the town is literally drying out. To promote the town, a weirdo guy, Tatsumi, decided to revive girls from different eras of idols to promote as a local idol group. Yep, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Then the start of the zombie idol group, Franchouchou.

As the series goes on, we were able to get to know more of the zombie girls as each of them died for a reason. Interestingly, the moment they became zombies, they actually forgot their past. It was through their daily life experience as zombie idols that they were able to remember the past and overcome whatever baggage they have before.

Each one of them has different issues, but what made me like about each of their arcs was the fact that each arc has something to say about the idol industry. For example, the 80’s idol era, Junko, had some struggles adjusting to the current trend of the idol industry. Before, idols are supposed to be admired far away by their fans. They are supposed to be “perfect being” and that they couldn’t do wrong (just like the current status of KPOP). But the current trend of the Japanese idol industry now focused on communication and connection. The idols sing songs that could move hearts and hit the right feels. Not only we try to understand Junko’s stans in this issue, but we also got a glimpse and understanding about what being an idol is and the industry.

As a huge fan of idols, I am greatly happy about this.

After all, idol fans are not the only people watching this. People who are not into idols would also gain knowledge, at least for a bit, about what is the idol culture. I really like that.

One of the highlights of Zombieland Saga, or that something that made this series a favorite by a lot of people was its comedy. If I were to compare its comedy to other shows, there is nothing special or anything unique about it. It’s just that its comedic timing and jokes are always spot-on, it’s amazing.

I will admit, Tatsumi’s screaming was weird and annoying at first, but the timing of his shouting not only gives me a shock, but it also gives me tons of laughs.

However, the main backbone of its comedy would be its art and animation. On normal scenes, everything looks normal. The character looks great and it reflects well with the personalities of the characters. The overall color palette is vibrant and bright but not painful in the eyes. It’s during the funny scenes when the animation goes wacky. The facial expressions of the characters gives more punch to the jokes too. It’s amazing.

Yes, I will say that this series has 3D animation. Were they good? Uuhhh…no, but they are not horrible. Those scenes are quite understandable as it is quite norm in idol animes to CG the dance part to save time in animating them.

Still, the animation is amazingly used in the story that I have no negative points to share.

Overall, Zombieland Saga was amazingly funny and enjoyable to watch.

Now, I understand its hype and love of the fans. This series wasn’t just an idol anime, it could also serve as a gateway series for people who never even tried to watch at least 1 idol anime. Yes, other idol animes aren’t like Zombieland Saga, but the foundation of this series is idols and the idol culture. Based on my experience, once you enter the rabbit hole of idols, there is no going back.


Anyway, a 2nd season had already been announced last year. I dunno when it would come, but I will definitely watch that as well.

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