Yagate Kimi ni Naru Anime Review

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I dunno if I had expressed already here on my blog how much I adore the Yuri genre. From animes to mangas, I totally adore them, whether the pairings are canon or just a bait. Count me in!

If I remember it correctly, it was around the time of my late years in college when I got into the yuri genre…heavily. I mean, I had been adoring this genre since I was in high school, but it was around this time when I actually “thirst” for more Yuri content. It was through this scavenge hunt of mine when where I discovered a “not-so-hidden diamond-in-the-rough” yuri manga called Bloom into you (English title of Yagate Kimi ni Naru).


Yuu Koito has always been entranced with romantic shoujo manga and the lyrics of love songs. She patiently waits for the wings of love to sprout and send her heart aflutter on the day that she finally receives a confession. Yet, when her classmate from junior high declares his love for her during their graduation, she feels unexpectedly hollow. The realization hits her: she understands romance as a concept, but she is incapable of experiencing the feeling first-hand.

Now, having enrolled in high school, Yuu, disconcerted and dispirited, is still ruminating over how to respond to her suitor. There, she happens upon the seemingly flawless student council president, Touko Nanami, maturely rejecting a confession of her own. Stirred by Touko’s elegant manner, Yuu approaches her for advice, only to be bewildered when the president confesses to her! Yuu quickly finds herself in the palm of Touko’s hand, and unknowingly sets herself on a path to find the emotion which has long eluded her.


Before the anime, I had read the entirety of the manga. Still, I will try to focus more on what was shown in the anime. Well, it’s not like there were a lot of changes. Lel.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru was the yuri anime everyone needed. With the latest backlash of Citrus anime, I myself thought that this anime genre will forever be set aside by people. Thank God, this adaptation was a perfection.

Wow. Big word. Why would I say “Perfection“?

Well, they perfectly adapted its source material and this is a rare case! Usually, the anime studios tend to butcher the source material, but in this production, the studio, TROYCA, did more than what is necessary and made the series a lot better. As a huge fan of the manga, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS.

I am not really familiar much with studio TROYCA’s work, but they sure made me interested to check them out.

Now for the story.
When I first read its synopsis, I find it quite generic and too safe. Well, everything should start from something, even if it’s a bit generic, right? Still, the fact that this was a yuri series with that kind of synopsis definitely peaked my interest. And it didn’t disappoint. From start to finish, I couldn’t keep my eyes out of the screen. The story was too engaging, relatable and very timely. Even though I am pretty much in my mid-20s, I admit I also experienced or long for the same stuff the characters faced and struggled with. This series was too good to be true.

Not only that, the pacing all through out the series was amazing. This is all thanks to the amazing pacing of the source material itself. Each page of the manga was utilized really well and each arc flowed seamlessly from one to another. Uuuugggghhhhh…why is this so good??

Still, this anime had a bit of a problem. I know I said that this series was Perfection, it literally was, but theres still alot of people not liking the ending. And yeah, I hate to admit I am also disappointed by it, but it cant be helped, the anime production needs to stop there.

If you want to know what I’m talking about…then watch the show. Lol.

Let’s just say, the anime ended before the biggest arc of the series. Yes, they ended the anime right before the start of the climax climb to the top of our feels. In some ways, I am happy they ended there and not beyond, but it was an unbearable cliffhanger. Though, I do admit, this move of the studio definitely made the anime viewers check out the manga to see WTF happened after the end.

Still, I am hoping for a 2nd season.


For the characters.
It’s been awhile since I had seen a series where all the characters, even the supporting ones, felt really important. I mean, all the characters in this series were utilized so well, were given enough parts and developments to shine, it was amazing to watch. Not only that, the main casts were amazing. I feel like I am running out of adjectives to describe how amazing they were, but…they really were amazing. Hahahahaha.

Nanami Touko, and Koito Yuu were both complex characters, but not to a point where you cant understand them. From their actions to their way of thinking, you cant help but sympathize and empathize with them as they are real af.

If I were to choose between them who’s the closest to me, then that would be Yuu. Like Yuu, I am a huge fan of romance. From its tropes to its cliches, you name it, I hella know them. So everything Yuu felt in the first half of the series, I pretty much went through with it too, except I didn’t have a Nanami-senpai with me. Too bad. Lol.

Now for the art and animation.
My gosh. I have no words on how beautiful this anime adaptation was. The manga’s art itself was already amazing, so I kinda expected they wont be able to capture the same essence and yet studio TROYCA threw me a curve ball and hit me in the face with amazing art and animation. For its character designs, to its background art….one word, BREATHTAKING. No wonder this series got a nomination in Best in Animation at the Crunchroll Awards. Not like it’s important or anything, I guess it just shows that it’s not only me who was enthralled by it’s amazing art and animation.

Uuuwwwwaaaa…if only all animes are like this.

Okay, it seemed I had dragged this review too long already so…let’s wrap it up.

Overall, this anime is amazing. You should watch it. Dont mind that this is a yuri anime. It’s great and amazing. A MUST WATCH.

Also, check its manga too. Its equally amazing.


That’s it.

This has been Will Sirius and Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. CicadaShoujo Permalink

    I still haven’t finished Blooming Into You, as I stopped three episodes in for some odd reason. It’s taken a unique approach to have Yuu not understand romance, as yuri I’ve came across either never explore this spectrum or the girls never end up together (Oniisama e, for one.) Generally, I like yuri over typical romance stories as everything feels more intimate and the same goes for this one.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      I totally understand if u stopped the anime, after all, the manga is really good. You can check out its anime afterwards as it followed the manga really really well. 🙂
      I planned on watching Oniisama e in the future. I just need to find a better copy first. Heh.


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