Why You Should Watch To Aru Anime Franchise in English Dub

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Long time no anime post from me.

I know I know, I’m sorry. I had been busy with life, work, and my own sh*t that I dunno how to balance everything. Lol.

Well now, I am on my 3rd week at work so I am getting used to it. I still haven’t established the right time for me to write posts as I tend to get lazy at home or just watch whatever I want.

Anyway, let’s move on to the main post, Why you should watch To Aru anime franchise in English Dub.

Such a bold statement from me. Heh.

I think everyone knows by now that I am not only an avid anime watcher, but I also appreciate english dubbed animes too. It always just depends on what show I am watching. For this entry of mine, I want to express or share my opinion as to why you guys should check out the English dub version of the To Aru franchise. Like, its really a recommendation from me. In my opinion, the dub is really good, both the Index & the Railgun animes. Let me explain.

I think I read alot of reviews about this franchise as how it has a tons of “cliche” tropes in anime. Can’t blame it as it was made (anime and the LN) around the time when the cliches are the “in”. If I remember it right, the info dumping of the anime franchise tend to rub off negatively on some people. I get that, totally. As much as I love the franchise, the info dumping sometimes were annoying, especially if the characters talks alot of intriguing topics, reading the subs while watching is really really hard. That’s where english dubs comes in. I mean, rather than reading the info dumps, you just listen to them. It makes everything alot easier.

Yeah, maybe there might be some stuff that had gone lost in translation, but bruh…so is the subs. I mean, you can only appreciate everything the anime could offer if you fully understand its whole language which is Japanese. Not everyone are interested or have time to learn the language, so we can only enjoy what we have…so yeah.

In connection to the reason above, one of the reason as to why you guys should check it out would be that you guys can watch the franchise fully. Like I said above, you guys don’t have to read any subs, so your eyes are only focused in the screen the whole time. You guys won’t miss a thing. For me, that is a huge plus as I love to watch and enjoy anime when it is on its peak, visually (Bluray).

The last reason as to why you guys should check out the english dub would be…Kuroko Shirai’s voice is not annoying. LOL. I know this is a petty reason, but yeah, I just can’t help it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kuroko and her Japanese VA, but…just…sometimes, her voice is unbearable. I’m so sorry. The english VA of Kuroko is also annoying, but its LESSER than the Japanese counterpart. Well, that’s just my opinion.

My opinions are not really deep, but I guess I just want to share them. I mean, I was also hesitant on watching one of my favorite animes on dub, but I wanted to be able to rewatch everything before watching the 3rd season of Index, I went through all of the franchise on English dub and I have no regrets. Its really good, guys. No regrets on my part and I think there won’t be on yours too.

Anyway, that’s all I want to say.

Thanks for reading.


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