Weekly Watch!! Winter Anime 2019 – #5

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Another week, another set of episode to watch. This is Weekly Watch!! Winter Anime 2019 edition #5.

For this fifth week, I had some time to spare and manage to be able to continue this weekly series. Compared to the previous weeks, I am now on time and I watched all the episodes I needed to watch.



Anyway, I won’t prolong this anymore with my stupid intro… here’s my thoughts of the news episodes:

Go-toubun no Hanayome Ep. 5

Okay, that was both disappointing and nice.

As always, I like how on point this episode was. It continued what was left off from the previous episode and progressed too similarly as the manga. Ichika got to shine alot and prove how worthy she is of the “best girl” throne. We also got to see Futarou being able to “label” his relationship to the quintuplets. Even though the word “partner” is a bit not really ideal and definitely not the right term for their relationship, its passable.

Just like the previous episodes, my bad sentiments continues to reign. It seemed the animation will never improve. As much as how good the voice acting of the top tier VA’s, the quality of the animation is not on par with their performance. Its a waste. The OST continues to be misplaced as some cheerful OST was playing while on a serious moment.


I just need to suck it up, and continue.

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Ep. 5

Now, this one…is a cute episode. I want more of this.

In this episode, we get to know more of the new supporting chracters. We get to see their interactions and dymnamic of their pairing. Both of them gets to interact with the main casts, and it was full of fluff. Like I said above, I want more of this.

Interestingly, the main character, Mya-nee got the least screentime which resulted to less borderline pedo moves on air. Because of that, I kind of enjoyed this episode more. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mya-nee as a character, but her pedo-ish tendencies is really creepy.

As the series goes on, the pairings starts to become more solid. Of course, Mya-nee to Hana (uuugghhh), Hana to sweets, Hinata to Nao and the two new characters (sorry, they are not yet that important to me so their names are still irellevant). I can’t wait to see more and more developments on their yuri baity pairings (except for Mya-nee and Hana…its creepy).

Another thing, mom is still nowhere to be found. RIP me.

Can’t wait for the next ep.

Bang Dream S2 Ep. 6

Just like any other episode of BD, we got introduced to one of the featured bands of the franchise. This time, its one of my fav band of BD, Afterglow.

Damn, now I love them more.

In this episode, there is an upcoming festival in their town. To attract youngsters to the festival, the staff requested Afterglow to perform. Popipa was invited too, which in some ways made me happy as their screentime became less and less as episodes goes by. Still, their appearance here in this episode pretty much answered my suspicion that it was all for the build up in the end. With Popipa’s plan to have a one-man show of their worn, alot of preparations were needed to accomplish, and they seemed to handle it well bts.

Anyway, let’s not talk more about Popipa and focus more on the main protagonists of this episodes, Afterglow. I really like the relationship of the group. Compared to other bands, the members were childhood friends in the beginning. Because of time constraints in school and life, all of them decided to make a band so that they’ll still have time to hang out with each other (dunno if that is necessary..but I digress). Their friendship is really strong and it shows in their performances. They are really good.

Another thing, I want to shoutout to Locke-san. She is the MVP of this episode. To be able to show her love and appreciation for the bands and Popipa, she goes out of her way and become badass. Popipa members saw this and appreciates her effort. I hope she creates a band soon.

Can’t wait for next episode.

Endro Ep. 5

Ooohhh…a princess, huh…interesting!

I really like this episode. The fluffiness is still there and there were alot of meta jokes that made me laugh. It wasn’t just the meta jokes but all of its jokes, they all hit and were delivered well. I really had a great time watching this.

In this new episode, a new character was introduced. All hail princess!! She’s pretty much is infatuated with the Hero, even before meeting that person. I expected her to feel weirded out now that the new Hero is a girl. It was quite clear she was uncomfortable for abit with it but later gains feeling for her. Ooohohooh. I SENSE YURI. Lol.

I find it really funny how it seemed the princess knows something about Mao-sensei. Does the princess know that she’s the Demon Lord. Ooohohohohoh.

Can’t wait for the next ep.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 05

This is a nice episode.

Compared to the previous ones, this episode was alot more upbeat, and fun. Definitely a change of pace, and I like it. After all, the main characters deserved a break after everything that had happened in the previous episode.

In this episode, we get to see first the queen and her spies. This one is unusual as I don’t remember this part in the manga along with the other contents of the episode. I kind of predicted already that they’ll reach the queen, but I didn’t expect they would show her now. It’s interesting.

We got to see the main characters go to the slave trader again. Even though it was unnecessary, Rapthalia requested for the slave mark. For her, it was a sign of “faithfulness”. Weird girl. The MC’s then bought an egg who later then became a big bird, Filo.

Now, this is where everything turned upside down.

I’ll be honest, I only read the manga and wasn’t able to reached this part in the LN so I’m not sure about it, but the anime definitely changed alot in this next sequence. In the manga, Filo’s fast growth was an issue of the MC’s as they didn’t expect the bird would go that big already. It was funny to see the reactions of the MC’s and how they handle Filo. Nothing much were change in the competition part, except the fact that they made the race really long. Another significant change that had happen was the reward the MC’s got from that race, not only Naofumi became the Lord of the land, he also got some properties courtesy of the people. I didn’t expect they would change it as the next sequences of that part was really funny.

Because of the change, it affected the next sequences of the story. The introduction of the loli version of Filo was definitely disappointing in the anime, as in the manga it was alot funnier. Sigh. they should have did what was in the manga. But was done is done.

Now that Filo is introduced, the MC’s party is now complete. The adventure will now start. I can’t wait to see it.

Manaria Friends Ep. 4

This was…boring.

I kind off get the purpose of this episode. We were shown how the normal students, including Grea, studies ahrd for the exam while Anne, a genius, got lonely because she’s bored to death and no one’s as smart as her. Lel. I di sympathize with her struggle as I did experience that before, but I’m not a fan of how this story was portrayed here in this episode. It’s too boring, too sad, a bit far off the usual mood of the anime.

I do like the OST a bit, especially Grea’s performances. Her music made me feel like I was in a lounge or something.

Sigh, this episode is pointless.

Dororo Ep. 05

Oh…wow. That was really…something else.

Since last episode, Hyakkimaru regains his hearing. As he is not yet used to it, he can’t concentrate much in fighting which results to him hurting really bad. He then met up with a girl, Mio, who had a beautiful singing voice. Even I was enticed by her voice. We then heard about the bad developments in the land of Hyakkimaru’s family. The mom clearly knows that this was the result of what happened before. I really can’t wait on how all of this will end.

Then, the weird old man that was a companion of the MC’s found a land to stay in while the war is going on and encouraged all of them to evacuate there. Bad news, as there’s a demon residing there. Hyakkimaru still went there and fight even though he is still not completely healed. He, alongside the old man, accomplished the task which results to MC regaining his voice. However, he seemed to lost his real right feet. Damn, that would have been really painful.

Dororo tried to check on Mio as she mentioned she going to work harder so that all of them can leave the old palce. He accidentally witness a horrifying act which was Mio’s kind of work. That must have been terrifying for him. I’m not sure how the next episode’s going to be but I’m definitely curious.

I’m a bit disappointed on the lack of action of this episode. Compared to the previous episodes, this arc focuses more on Hyakkimaru’s adjusting to sound, his love for Mio’s voice, and other developments. I totally get it, but it would have been nice if everything was balanced at least. The last fight in the episode felt lacking as it cut off on the best part.

Anyway, I’ll just wait for the next episode.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Ep. 05

Lel, I got it right. The popular actor was the geisha.


Its hard to take this episode seriously. The popular actor acting like a woman and taching the main girl the “art of being a elite woman” is really wrong in alot of ways. I needs explaination as to why he’s like this. Even though he seemed to teach her the right stuff, its still weird to watch.

I really don’t have anything to say much. I guess, I’ll just wait for the next episode.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ep. 05

Yeeee!! Another fun episode!!

OMG!! I laugh alot on this one. Damn.

When I first read this arcs in the manga, I know they are going to be hilarious when animated and damn they are.

Compared to the previous episode, this follows the usual formula, 3 arcs per episode.

One the first arc, it was about a love advice, this time, it was Kaguya that was asked. She tried to answer the student well, but gradually failed (hard). Insert Chika to the rescue (lol). The talk went overboard, with all the rebellious “us against the world” kind of advice, it worked.

For the 2nd arc, it was the famous volleyball arc. Its sad as Kaguya wasn’t featured much in this, but damn Chika and Miyuki combo is funny af. Miyuki can’t play at all, and with the help of Chika, he became awesome. I laughed alot in this arc, especially after seeing the aftermath.

And now, the last one was the Umbrella arc. YASSSSS!! What I liked about this arc was how they twisted a popular shoujo trope and made it really unique and fun. Rather than your typical “Ah! I forgot my umbrella” and then the other person share’s it, both Kaguya and miyuki expressed the loss of their supposed umbrella which resulted to both of them determining who would tell the truth. Kaguya pretty much got a upperhand on this, but then Chika happened. In the end, both of the MC’s shared the umbrella. Walking in the streets. Even though the sun was up. Ayyeeeeee!!

Pretty much all the arcs were adapted well. I could see some additional scenes but they were not bad as they made the story more concise and would flow properly. This anime is definitely well adapted.

Lesson learn this episode… the MVP is CHIKA. She’s awesome.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


I had fun in alot of episodes this week. Only few were mediocre at best, but enjoyable.

Continue to look forward this weekly watching of mine.

See you next week.

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