Weekly Watch!! Winter Anime 2019 – #4

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Yo!!! We are now on the 4th week of Weekly Watch. Over the weekend, I spent alot of my time with my family and relatives from Australia. Busy busy life.

Still, I was able to watch the episodes I needed for this post, though barely.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this much and here’s my thoughts

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Ep. 4

It’s summer!!

Usually, the summer episode is in the middle of the series, but this one is early. It definitely surprised me, but all the arcs in the episode were cute and simple.

One the first arc, rather than going to the usual outdoor locations, the casts stayed home and play. Mya-nee prepared the inflatable pool and gave them food to enjoy. We also got to know that Mya-nee doesn’t like school uniforms (which is quite unique). On the 2nd arc, the kids were doing their summer assignment that was creating a sculpture of their favorite thing using clay. As always, Hinata made a Mya-nee severed head (LOL!), while Nao recreated her face and Hana made a cake, which she later changed to her fav (not cute) character. On the last arc, it was the summer festival. In this arc, we not only saw the main casts (except Mya-nee) in yukata, but also the other supporting characters (I’m sad the mom didn’t make an appearance). Myaa-nee almost got arrested cuz of her pedo tendencies but was saved by the kids. She then repays them by allowing them to abuse her wallet.

I enjoyed watching this one as we get to know more about the casts. It’s also nice to see the pedo moments of Mya-nee were minimized, and added a lot of cute antics of the kids. I really like how Hana twist Mya-nee’s pedo moments into a benefit by asking her to feed her sweets in exchange. It might’ve sound bad when I wrote it here, but the exchange is quite smart. Lel. My most favorite parts were the closeness of Hinata and Nao. Hinata seemed to know how to please and up the mood of Nao and they are so cute to watch together.

It was also mentioned in the episode how popular Mya-nee is in the kid’s class, as Hinata tends to twist some stories in favor of Mya-nee. I can’t wait to see their reactions when they meet Mya-nee in person. Hehehehe.



Meiji Tokyo Renka Ep. 4

Now that was interesting. I was already wondering the “importance” of Ougai-san in this series. Good thing we get a lot of info about him through this episode.

We now know more how important Ougai-san was in their society and the effects of the “engagement” he have with the main character. I also like how both of them spent a lot of time together, to know more each other and to see their chemistry. Its not so bad, but I’m still not a fan of their ship.

The actor guy was then introduced. He’s very popular, but I’m not feeling his acting. LOL. Anyway, it was quite clear he was that geisha at the very end of the episode that the main character followed. I’m quite shocked to see crossdressing in this story and era. I kinda want to know more about it.

Can’t wait for the next episode.

Manaria Friends

Oh damn. This anime is defintiely crossing the line of “yuri-bait” to “yuri”. It’s so strong!!

For this episode, Anne and Grea went shopping. They stumbled on a clothing store of their teacher, which had full of cosplay clothes. The two MC tried some clothes and they got them for free. They then went for a relaxing boat-ride which resulted into a YURI MOMENT. God bless us all!!!

I like the development of the relationship of Grea and Anne. Its definitely going somewhere. Their teacher is kinda funny too with her obsession with clothes. I do understand that feeling of being busy and go all out once there’s free time.

Even with lack of substance in their plot, its still enjoyable to watch. In some ways, this one could pass as a slice-of-life of a princess and a half-dragon half-human.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Endro Ep. 3-4

Here’s another slice of life anime about adventures. So full of fluff and cuteness.

The 3rd episode was about quests. The first few quests they got are about finding cats. Lel. Once they feel like they were masters in finding cats, they got a “real” quest, but later forgot about it and look for a cat when they met a girl crying. It was really cute and very nice for them to do that. Its a bit of a bummer that the loli demon lord didn’t make an appearance, but the adventure of the MC’s was already really fun to watch that I didn’t mind anymore.

For the 4th ep, it is the summer episode (why is the summer episodes early?). The loli demon lord was the first thing I see, I’m loving this episode already. Lel. The gang needed to do alot of quests for their homework in class, and they deicided to go to an island for it. I like how Seira was leading the group as she is the closest one to being sane. As much as she wants the group to focus on their quest, they always end up playing around. Hahaha. Atleast, the more they play the more they discover alot of monsters for their quests. Lol.

This anime continues to filled me up with fluffy feelings and positive vibes. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Go-toubun no Hanayome Ep. 4

As a fan of the manga, I am greatly disappointed by this episode. From the animation to the music used on some scenes, its bad. Sigh, but before I say all my negative thoughts about this episode. Let me share the positive ones first.

Itsuki visited the home of Futarou to give him his salary, and they end going to the arcade cuz of Futarou’s sister. After bonding for awhile, they bumped into the other sisters and they went to see the fireworks. Complicated things happened afterwards.

I am indeed happy that they adapted this fireworks part cuz this is one of my fav stories in the manga. They followed the manga well, and its nice to see it in animation. The voice actors were really amazing in this episode. But unfortunately, all these positve points went all to drain cuz of the bad aspects in this episode.

Like I said above, the animation is bad. Its alot worse that the previous episodes. Even though I said that it followed the manga well, it was too well like panel by panel copy. Alot of shortcuts were done too to save time in animating this episode. Sigh, the amaizng performance of the VA’s went to waste cuz of the bad animation. Don’t get me wrong, this anime is visually appealing, but only in still shots. The animation is too stiff and unreal to enjoy.
The other negative thing that affected my watching was the soundtrack, especially the music in the first half of the episode. I’m just not a fan of it.

Even with all this negative comments from me, I will still watch this until the very end.


Bang Dream S2 Ep. 5

This anime….is becoming hard to watch. The set-up of these new episodes is not on my liking. Each episode, we get to know new set of characters. For this new ep, it centers on the members of the idol band Pastel Pallete. I could barely memorize their names. I’m not really a fan of their group but, this arc of theirs is quite cute. Though I find the pacing abit fast. With their arc only given an episode to tell, it can’t be helped for it to be fast.

Good thing the members are really cute. Lel. Another good thing is that cameo appearance of some members of Popipa, even though they are only two.

I guess I’ll continue to watch this, but I don’t think my excitement of this season when it first started didn’t stay as its getting boring as time goes by.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ep. 4

Ooohohohohoho!! This episode gave me alot of feels!!!

Reading this arcs were enthralling to me already, but watching it happen in an anime made it more amazing!! I can’t stop smiling!

For this episode, there wasn’t any intro like in the previous episodes. That made me happy. We immediately dive into the cat ears arc which was really cute. When I first read this on manga, I knew this would be amazing when animated. AND IT IS. The dissonance of Kaguya and Miyuki’s feelings about the cuteness of each other’s looks were totally on point as I imagine. I can’t stop grinning watching them act like they want to kill each other. LOL.
The cellphone arc was also done well. I’ll be honest, I kind of forgot about this arc, so I can’t really say much about it. All I could tell was how cute the Kaguya’s reactions were all through out the arc. She is definitely inlove with Miyuki.

Now for the exhibition arc, this was done well. In the manga, the french parts were a bunch of scribbles so I really didn’t mind them. Here in the anime, I still didn’t mind them, but I am curious as to what they were saying. I am also amaze by the talent of the VA’s. They were able to speak French well…I think. For me, its done well but I can’t really say cuz I am not French in the first place. LOL.

Believe it or not, the anime is adapting fast. I didn’t expect this at all but they are surely skipping some parts. Still, I really don’t care much as long as this series is adapted well. Infairness, the studio haven’t failed me yet as this anime was visually appealing from start to finish.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 4

YAS!! Its my favorite part of the first arc. I always wanted to see this in the anime, and I am so glad they adapted this part really well.

In this episode, there was a party in the castle and all the heroes were invited to celebrate the “success” of the Wave. Naofumi continues to be bitter, doesn’t want to entertain anyone, even Raphtalia. The spear hero guy challenged Naofumi in a duel because of Raphtalia which resulted in an epic fight between the two. In this duel, we got to see Naofumi’s prowess in tactics and strategies to win against a guy with a weapon against his shield. Seeing the shield hero winning, the b*tch princess cheated to make it look like the spear hero won. It resulted to Naofumi getting triggered and had a breakdown. He was then saved by Raphtalia by declaring her loyalty to him.

I always loved this part of the first arc, as we see the lowest point of Naofumi. He was consumed by his anger because of the b*llsh*t he’s been experiencing in that world. And the moment Raphtalia saved him, Naofumi’s outlook of her changed (lol). He now saw her in her current form and he can now eat proper food. We also got to see the other heroes, the archer and the swordsman, being neutral with everything and stated the real truth. They also saw how dirty the royal family was.

Now that the heavy negative side of the story is past, we can now welcome a new chapter of Naofumi’s journey in this new world. I can’t wait.


Even though I said I watched all the episodes I needed, you guys might’ve noticed I didn’t have Dororo, Circlet Princess, The promised neverland and Boogiepop episode reviews. Well, I have different reasons.

For Dororo, I accidentally reviewed the latest ep. last week. Because of that I didn’t add it on the list above. For Circlet princess, I can’t find a 480p quality of the anime (torrent-wise). With my mac being really laggy, I can’t watch HD quality animes so I just set this anime to the side. Lastly, I decided to binge Boogiepop and the promised neverland instead of weekly watching it. I feel like I would enjoy them more that way. So yeah.

Now that everything is settled, the animes above (and Dororo) will be the final animes I will watch weekly.

I guess that’s all for now.

See you guys next week for another Weekly Watching.

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