Anime Weekly Watch – Winter 2020 #1

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Yo! Sirius here!!!

I’m back.

Anime Weekly Watch is back!


I know I already expressed how much I don’t like watching ongoing animes, but bruh, there are too many good animes to miss.

I was planning on doing this feature series last season, but yeah, I never got a chance. Sigh…

That’s why I am redeeming myself this season.

You guys might be wondering why Weekly Watch is early. Well, I decided to write immediately my thoughts about the anime episodes I watch, that way I won’t be lagged behind.

Today is the 1st weekend of January and there’s already 3 new series that debuted. Definitely, a good time to start Weekly Watch.

On to my thoughts…

Somali to Mori no Kamisama (Somali and The Forest Spirit)

First Winter 2020 anime.

This was an interesting series. It was beautifully animated and the overall atmosphere was very comforting.

I didn’t expect this series to be about Dad-Kid dynamic again. I mean, we saw a lot of animes like this from the past decade, but I guess, this kind of anime resonates well with the Japanese audience.

I really like how the setting was introduced as this aspect is quite important. I was able to get a gist of what was going on. It seemed the world our main characters are currently living in is full of monsters and the humans are (likely) extinct.

Both of the MC’s are very mysterious and there is a lot of questions in my mind right now.

Definitely, a strong good 1st episode.

Koisuru Asteroid (Asteroid in Love)

At last, one of my favorite studios, Doga Kobo, is currently making a cute anime that doesn’t involve any loli elements. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed their previous releases, but it’s kinda hard to defend the studio if they only release lolicon animes.

Anyway, about this new anime…

I love it.

Not only it was aesthetically beautiful (Doga Kobo did it again!!!), the story is really cute and heartwarming. All the characters were really likable and their interactions with each other is fun to watch.

Bruh, you have no idea how many scenes I want to screencap, this series is sooooo meme-able. It was hilarious in it’s own way and I love it.

I totally can’t wait to see more of this anime.

Darwin’s Game

Oh man…I have mixed feelings for this anime.

As a whole, I really like this. From its story alone, it’s very interesting and I can’t wait to see more of this.

But the animation is giving me bad vibes. Not only the story is in some way kinda similar to Ousama Game, I’m kinda afraid the animation would also be the same. There were moments were the animation looks good, but majority of it…it lacks grace.

Maybe I am very critical about this as I just watched Koisuru Asteroid that had amazing visuals.

Still though, I will continue watching this one.

But I also have a feeling I might drop this soon because I am not much of a cliffhanger. I don’t like waiting a week to know what’s going to happen next.

If ever I do drop this one, I will make sure to prioritize this one after it is complete and binge the hell out of this.

We will see.

Okay that’s it for the first week of Winter 2020.

Infairness, these 3 animes sure is strong in their own way and it gives me hope that this season would be a blast.

That’s it for today.

This has been Will Sirius and see you next week for another Anime Weekly Watch.

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