Weekly Watch!! Winter 2019 – #3

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Will Sirius here! Damn, it took me a long time to make this.


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Anyway, let’s proceed to the main topic.

Welcome!! For this week of Weekly Watch, I tried my best to watch a lot of ongoing animes episodes that here released this week and catch up to them. Well, I messed up so I need to make up for it.

I will also indicate the last episode that I watch of the anime to let you guys have an idea where I currently am in the series. It would be cool if I did this since the start, but I just thought about this now so lol.

I won’t prolong this any longer, here are my thoughts:

Go-toubun no Hanayome Ep. 3

Yeeeee!! Yeeee!!

What a cute episode.

In this episode, we got to see more of Nino, and understand her hostile attitude to the MC. We also got to see Miku being quite friendly with the MC, she definitely warmed up with him after the previous episode.

As much as I want to say this series adapted the manga well….uuuhhhh…it was too much? What I meant is it followed the manga TOO WELL, shot by shot, to a point it made the series a bit stiff and lack fluidity. I do like the color schemes and all, but it would have been nice if they adapted this series in some ways similar to Kaguya-sama. Well, that’s just me.

Sigh, the more I watch this series, the more I want people to just check out the manga.

Still, I will continue covering this.

Bang Dream S2 ep. 4

And I thought I am already okay with the 3D animation on 2D art, but it seemed I still need time to get used to it.

Anyway, I find this episode abit meh. It was a random episode, just introducing a new set of characters and letting the viewers know them. I have no problem with it, but the overall story of the episode was a bit over the wall and a huge deviation from the main plot progression. I do undertsand its purpose and its “moral” point, but I wish it was linear to the main plot.

I’ll still continue to cover and watch this series, so stay tuned for the next ep.


Meiji Tokyo Renka Ep. 3

Oh boii! I really like this series. It gets better and better as time goes by. It’s not like your typical shoujo reverse harem out there. This one is actually very fun to watch.

In this new episode, we get to meet the other men in MC’s harem and know more about them. I especially like Patrick, the writer, as he was really amusing. He keeps on mixing Engrish and Japanese, and he’s really funny. This episode focused on his problem, he wants to meet Jane, a ghost from his past, and apologize. Their meet up was heartwarming and sweet.

I also want to point out how cute Shunzou was. He is warming up to me and becoming my best boi. Even though I know Mei is going to end up with the male lead, Ougai-san, I just can’t help but ship her with Shunzou. Ah, I also want to point out how much I still don’t like Ougai-san. He haven’t shown anything to amazing or notweworthy other than declaring mei as his fiancee, which greatly benefited the MC.

I can’t wait to see the next ep.

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! Ep. 3

Okay, I think this anime is warming up with me. As much as I am not fan of its premise, I still enjoyed this anime. The kids are really cute. LIKE REALLY CUTE. I could watch alot of episodes of just them doing cute things. Lol.

But of course, Miyako is the main character so she needs to appear at some point. For this episode, the focus is about Hinata becoming jealous of the attention Miyako gives to the other girls. I did thought about this problem before, and good thing that they tackled this one here. I also have a little sister and I kinda experienced this when we were young. The jealousy is inevitable, and it was handled well here in this episode.

The other supporting characters were introduced as well, and they seemed to be likeable and interesting. Can’t wait for the next ep.

PS: Hinata’s “Mya-nee” continues to echo in my mind. What to do…. Lel.


Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) Ep. 5

Another interesting episode. It’s a lot more linear and forward in telling the story compared to the previous episodes. I mean, its less mindboggling and you can immediately get what’s going on. There are still confusing elements like the addition of a random organization that seemed to be composed of aliens (lol), but it did gave me more info to dance around and theorize.

More and more characters are introduced in the series, and they seemed to be connected to the people from the previous episode. It made this new arc really really interesting.

I’ll be honest, I am having a hard time watching this. The feeling that this anime seemed to be better off binging is getting stronger. But I guess I just need to suck it up and just wait for another week for the next ep.

Circlet Princess Ep. 2

I didn’t expect I would see this anime again. I was having a hard time finding the anime episodes, after all it is not subbed by the usual peepz.

Anyway, I saw the 2nd ep and it was interesting. As always, the anime continues to give off Toji no Miko vibes with its mix of action, comedy, and some little drama elements. Compared to its first ep, there wasn’t much exciting stuff going on. It seemed this anime would be like any other action girls anime out there. But we were able to meet the other lead characters and kind of know their personalities. I am excited of the next ep. as they’ll have a practice matc with a strong school. I am also curious about the Student president’s contradicting actions.

Can’t wait for the next ep.


Endro Ep. 2

What a cute episode. I mean, everything about it is cute. SO CUTE!!


In this episode, Mao-sensei continues to find a way to disband the Hero group to prevent the future match from happening, but as always, she fails. Even when she tried to insist of having the group a leader, they members are too free-spirited and amusing to choose one leader. They all decided to have all of them to be leaders. LOL. I thought they’ll say there won’t be a leader, but in some ways, it is still the same as the one the lead character concluded.

After a major flashback and realization on Mao-sensei’s part, she realized that there is no stopping for the Hero group and just decide to give up becoming a demon lord and become live an ordinary life. I totally didn’t expect that at all. Lel. This made me curious as to how the story ould unfold now that the demon lord forfeited its main plans. Would there be a new demon lord emerging? Or this anime would continue to have no substance and just be full of cuteness? We will find out in the next ep. Heh.

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ep. 3

This anime continues to amaze me with its adaptation of my fav manga.

For this episode, the intro was greatly shrinked which I totally approve, but I do hope they just remove it.

Anyway, the first arc was about a confiscated young adult magazine which has quite interesting polls (even in real life, I find them amusing). Because of one specific question about “first time”, the main trio got into a convo that was full of misunderstandings. As always, the delivery of the lines were spot on, visually and in audio. I could even say it was better than the manga because of the overall quality of the arc.

On the 2nd arc, it was delivered well. I wasn’t particularly a fan of this segment too, but the anime made it interesting and wholesome. It’s not as powerful as the other arcs, but its passable.

And damn, bruh, that ending sequence though. I didn’t expect they would make different kinds of ED. This definitely enticed me to watch this anime more weekly.


Dororo Ep. 3

Oooohhh…that was a really nice episode.

It wasn’t too fancy or anything, but damn the swordfight was slick. It was really really good. The story in the episode was sad. Even though its understandable that the brother needs to die also, its sad that the girls saw everything unfold in her own eyes. At least now, his brother is at peace.

Dororo continues to follow Hyakimaru around and this time, got involve with the enemy. It would be nice if Hyakimaru regains his voice next so that I could hear him interact with Dororo. But for now, it was his hearing that came back to him. It was tragic that the first thing he hears was the outcry of the girl after he killed her brother.

It looks like the father finally catch on and is now looking for connections. Oooohohohohoh. Can’t wait for the next ep.

Yakusoku no Neverland Ep. 3


This episode was okay.

Visually, it had interesting shots and intriguing cinematography. But I am abit disappointed with the dialogue. The story’s pacing was stable and it flowed well, but the dialogues were really bad on some areas. I know that they seemed to cut corners on some areas of the story, but I didn’t expect it would affect greatly the dialogues. There were alot of dialogues that could be understood if shown, but instead, let the characters say it. There were also alot of shortcut parts that made no sense.

I’ll be honest, this defintiely affected my enjoyment of the series. I don’t care anymore if they didn’t capture much the extreme horror feels of the manga, but screwing up the dialogues of the characters is a big deal, as it affects the viewing of the audience watching. I might be nitpicking this, but that’s just what I feel.

Sigh. I guess I need to let it slide as it seemed this anime won’t stop screwing the dialogues.


Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Ep. 3

Yes, the episode where Naofumi shows off what truly is to be a hero. Rather than going to the big boss, he went first to the people and rescue them. When I first read this on manga, I was really stoked. He was badass. Not only him, Raphtalia too. Now all grown up and strong, she was able to assist Naofumi in fighting the Monsters in the Wave.

Still, I do have problems with this episode. Compared to the other episodes, there seeemed to have alot of changes here. From the dialogue to the personalities, changes were made and it kinda affected my enjoyment of the series. Alot of lines were cutoff and it seemed they toned down the horrible attitude Naofumi developed. Rather than showing us his edgy hateful attitude, we actually got an angry yet aloof character instead. I’m totally okay with the change, but it does affect the impact of the scenes.

Still, this episode was done really well. I especially love the actions scenes when Naofumi and Raphtalia were in synce. Damn, that was good.

Oooohohohoho. I’ll definitely check out the next episode as it will feature one of the turning points of the anime. Yeeeee.

Manaria Friends ep. 2

That…was a misleading intro part. Damn.

Still, this animation is soooooo good. But I am confused with WTF is going on. I mean, I still don’t get what is the main overarching plot. All I see is how this anime is a yuri-bait. The princess overly cares for Grea, to a point they act like lovers already. Damn.

Even with my initial reaction, I somehow enjoy watching this. I don’t understand why, I just like it. Lel.

Damn, this post is long. I had alot to say with the episodes, after all.

I am also trying to improve my reviewing of weekly episodes. My previous Weekly Watch felt abit empty, hence, I tried to be more engaging and talkative. I just let my thoughts flow and not worry much. heh.

I might continue making this style of Weekly Watch.

Anyway, stay tune for the next entry. Don’t worry, this time, it will be on time. 😉



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