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Its been awhile since I had watched an ecchi harem anime. If I remember it correctly, the last one was Princess Lover. I enjoyed that one, so I was hoping I would enjoy Walkure Romanze too. And bruh, I certainly did.

Walkure Romanze, is an ecchi harem anime. Compared to the other animes in the same genre, this one has low-key romance. Even though the name itself has ‘romance’, the genre was subtle all through out the series. Yeah, almost all the girls pretty much liked the main guy. But the main guy, on the other hand, is in love with the horses and the sport, Jousting. Such a nice one-sided love story. LOL.



Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2013 to Dec 23, 2013
Premiered: Fall 2013
Studios: 8bit
Source: Visual novel
Genres: Action, Ecchi, Romance, Harem, School, Sports
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity

Synopsis: Taking place at Winford Academy located in an old town called Helen’s Hill, the story is all about knights and the sport of jousting. At this school, students learn how to become knights, ride horses and joust properly. The main character is a young man named Takahiro Mizuno who was training to become a knight and jouster but after suffering an injury he dropped out of the knight program and joined the begleiter (assistant) program instead. Due to his animal handling skills and former experience as a jouster, this makes him a hot commodity. Multiple beautiful girls in the school want him to become their personal begleiter, though Takahiro always refuses their offers.

One day a bizarre accident causes his friend, Mio Kisaski, to be challenged to a jousting duel despite her not actually being a knight. Takahiro agrees to become her temporary begleiter, but that ends up only being the beginning of their partnership as she enrolls in the annual tournament. (MAL)

My Thoughts:

Infairness, this anime didn’t disappoint. I actually liked and enjoyed watching this one. This is definitely one good Visual novel adaptation. I haven’t played the VN yet, so I’m pretty much just assuming here. Still, I’ll stand by on the fact that this one is a decent adaptation.


The story was good. It’s a bit rocky on the pacing, but overall, it was okay. I liked how the characters explain the foreign information. It wasn’t too much and in your face, and it lets the viewers understand more by watching the series. I also liked how they gave enough spotlight to the main girls. I especially liked Noel’s background story. If I were to play the VN, definitely I would go by Noel’s route. Mio’s route was indeed good, but after her first battle, her development was left hanging until the climax of the anime. It was kinda disappointing, but I do understand why they did that. They wanted to focus on a different main girl next, thats why Mio’s route was left hanging after the first battle. I don’t blame them, they did everything to make sure the main girls get the right amount of spotlight in the anime. Though I do want to admit, I want more of Cecilia-sama. Her development was quite sudden and it kinda lacked impact. It was like at the last minute, you just realized, “Ah, she was feeling that way…okay…”. Even though, she had quite a large amount of spotlight, she’s the most shallow main girl in the series.


The ecchi in here is wow. Totally in you face, but with class. Do you understand what I’m saying?!?! Hahahahah. I can’t really explain it well. Definitely this series wasn’t shy on showing skin and boobs, but I don’t feel disgusted looking at them. Lol. It has class and kinda decent looking. Maybe its the art and animation, that’s why it looks good in my eyes. Hahaahahah


Speaking of art & animation, both was decent. There weren’t any awkward scenes or shots. I really liked how they incorporate the CG animation during the battles. It doesn’t look too out of place, it fitted well. I also liked the character designs. From what I saw from the VN pics, it seems they copied correctly the look of each characters. It was well done. Bruh! Before I forget. I especially love how detailed the armor of the main girls. Each one of them was different and looks amazing. I especially loved Akane’s armour. Its like a mix of Samurai and a Knight armour, very creative.




Overall, this series was a solid ecchi harem anime for me. I really enjoyed watching this anime. Even though, the main guy didn’t choose anyone in the end, I pretty much don’t care. I’m sure, if you watch this, you won’t care about it either. LOL. It’s worth a try.

That is all.

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  1. LitaKino Permalink

    Sounds like for a satisfying watch in my opinion. Makes me wish their was one about horse riding that would be cool. I have a soft spot for the ecchi, harem series quite enjoyable genre for me guess it’s a guilty pleasure. Glad I’ve come across your blog I’ve learned some older series to check out 😁

    1. Sirius Permalink

      Thanks. I’m happy that you’re interested to this series.


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