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Wake Up Girls is still a good Idol Anime

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I recently got a chance to watch Wake Up Girls’ movies 2 & 3. Both movies are the sequels to the main anime series, released last 2014.

Am I a fan of the main series, I guess. I mean it was my first ever idol anime that I have watched, so in some ways, I’m quite sentimental with it.
However, that doesn’t mean I will be lenient to this franchise. Definitely no.

After all, Wake Up Girls contenders are quite strong and had a strong and solid fanbase, I don’t think this franchise can outdo them (Idolm@sters and Love Live!).

As I had seen both movies, I want to share my thoughts about them thoroughly. So I will be discussing both movies separately.

First up, the direct sequel of the 1st anime series, Wake up Girls Movie 2 – Seishun no Kage.

Wake Up Girls Movie 2 – Seishun no Kage

Between the 2 movies, I liked this movie more. However, it’s not the best. Why?

Well, it’s because of how the story was told.
In the movie, we got to see the group, Wake Up Girls, officially debut in Tokyo under a popular artist management. However, they weren’t able to maintain their popularity and hit rock bottom.

This kind of story is my jam, believe me. I mean, they tackled an area about the idol industry that is quite realistic and I love it.

However, the story was told in inconsistent pacing, which ruined my watching. The story needed time to flesh out a lot of important moments, but instead, we got a movie that laid out those moments like an outline. It’s a bummer.

Still though, kudos to this anime for laying out the real stuff about idol industry. Compared to other idol anime, it’s only this franchise where I actually see realistic scenarios. Not that I’m saying the other animes are bad, they have their own quirk and best parts. I just like how Wake Up Girls focused on how the idol industry works.

For the characters, there were some developments but too minimal because of the short amount of time.

Interestingly, the movie didn’t forget to feature the rival group of WUG, which was I-1 club. In the subplot, we got to see the I-1 members went through the double center shizzzzz. I really liked this concept in the main series, so seeing it happen again on the group was a shocker as I didn’t expect it at all. It’s like the management dunno how to spice things up to other than bringing the drama.

And bruh, as an idol fan, this happens a lot.

The art and animation look a lot the same as the main series so nothing new. I do notice a lot of mishap in terms of facial expressions and it’s kinda distracting.

The songs in the movie were nice and so idol-y. I like them, but nothing surprising.

Overall, this movie would have been better if it was longer. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie, I’m just bummed about the amount of stuff they put into this movie and not give the right amount of justice to all of the plots.

Good thing the 3rd movie, Beyond the Bottom, was nice.

Wake Up Girls Movie 3 – Beyond the Bottom

Here comes the 3rd movie.

It continues where everything left off from its predecessor. Their old song producer came back and gave them a chance. They aim to win the festival again like the old times. However, in this movie, there are more at stake and a lot more rivals.

If I were to decide, it would have been better if the previous movie and this one, were a tv series instead. Why? Well, in this movie, they kinda stretched out the story to complete the runtime.


A lot of stuff happened in this movie, however, it was too slow paced and there were a lot of moments that could be skipped and were irrelevant.

If both movies were a one hell of a tv series, then that would be a perfect sequel to the main series.

Anyway, let’s focus on what we have now.

While the 2nd movie showed us a kind of realistic look of what is happening behind the scenes of the idol industry, this movie is the opposite. Beyond the Bottom clearly contains all of the usual cliches and tropes an idol anime should have. It’s like every inch of those tropes were drained away in the 2nd movie and dumped into this one.

It had rivalry, climbing to the top, friendship goals, cringey dialogues, and amazing music.

Do I love what I’m seeing? Yeah, of course.

But this resulted in me seeing the movie as another idol anime and for me, that sucks.

Compared to the previous works in this franchise, this 3rd movie had a different look. It’s art was a lot brighter, the character designs were a lot sharper, the animation looked like it improved with some budget cuts from time to time. There is definitely a change, but the overall feel remains the same and that’s nice.

Interestingly, the developments I saw in the 2nd movie bloomed more in this movie. The members of Wake Up Girls were a lot more mature now compared to the previous animes, clearly shows that they went through a lot. The other supporting characters also had some changes and its all for the better.

The music was a lot better this time around. I guess, with the overall mood of the movie, a lot happier and catchy songs were played in this movie. It definitely gave me a lot of good vibes.

Overall, this 3rd movie was okay. It’s an idol anime movie.

Like I said it would have been better if these 2 movies were 1 series. Lol.

I mean, its a shame this was released this way.

Nevertheless, this movie was a good watch.

Wake Up Girls continues to have a special place in my heart, even though its a bit controversial. Its main story is very promising and I sometimes find it a waste when its clearly not handled well.

I know that there is still another tv series about this idol group and I will definitely watch it.


Anyway, I won’t prolong this any longer.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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