Ups & Downs of May: Monthly Rundown.

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Yo! Yo! Yo!


I am going to introduce you to a new segment here in my blog!!!! (Alwayskeepingitfresh!)
Okay, its not really a new segment, but yeah, this is an update. But rather than making a random update entry, I’ll just do this…monthly. Ooohohohohoh.

Yeeeeee!! A Monthly Rundown!!

I always wanted to make this entry, but bruh, I’m lazy af. I have so many plans and ideas in my head, and yet none of them are made. LOL. But now, this month of May, it was…totally different. This month was…uuuuuhhhhh….a rollercoaster: physically, emotionally, financially (RIP wallet), and mentally. Yep, its one hell of a month. Ha! But! Let us not dwell in the negative side of things and I really really want to share more of the good stuff. Okay? Good.

This entry will feature alot of stuff that isn’t mine, I just discovered them through the web (internet is love) and I really like them. Credits to them and do check them out.

Aggretsuko Fever


I didn’t expect that this anime would get alot of attention. At first glance the anime looks like for kids, but from the reviews of alot of people (anitubers, animbloggers, fellow anime watchers), this anime is for adults. That’s interesting. If my memory is really helping me properly, I think Geoff of Mother’s Basement was the first one to post about Aggretsuko on Youtube. I’m not really sure, but the first one I saw was Goeff’s so maybe its his, you know what…I dunno. Lel.

Anyway, cuz of the hype and curiosity on my part, well, I watched it too…and it was really good.Most of them describe this one as uniquely entertaining, and at some point, very relatable especially to people who are working in a company similar with the anime. I haven’t finished it yet, so I can’t really share much about it, but do expect a review about it. Do check the anime out. You can find it on Netflix.

Hiding in Public’s amazing content

Exactly last year, I started following and watching youtubers. Usually, I only watch videos from the famous and known anitubers, but discovering new blood is quite fun to do too. One of the new youtubers I discovered was Hiding in Public. He recently came back from a hiatus, and he came back strong. I was already his fan after watching his old releases, but damn, he blew me away by his recent ones. His content are full of raw and deep feelings that I could totally relate. Please do check his channel out. He deserves some love. <3 <3

My sunken Ultimate Ship: TAENGSIC

Why did I watch this video?

When Taeyeon released her first full length album, Fine, I immediately fell in love with her song, Time Lapse. At that time, I didn’t even know WTF the song was about,, all I know is that the song is beautiful and at the same time, very painful to listen.

All of you guys might not know what is TaengSic. Well, TaengSic is a ship name for Taeyeon and Jessica. Both are Girls’ Generation members and was my 2nd & 3rd favorite members. Around 2014, Jessica left the group, which devastated me as a fan of the group, but also as a fan of the ship. The moment she left was the indication my ship sunked. And it freakin’ sucks and it hurts me beyond I could imagine. Now, one of my fav FMV youtuber, holgacity, released the video few months ago, but for unknown reason I was able to watch it. -_- Hence, me ugly crying while watching it.

You might be wondering my I’m sharing this. Well, I just want to share. That’s all. Another thing is that the video was done really well, for sure, peepz who doesn’t know shit would think its a legit video.

Anyway, enjoy the video.


Yeeeeeee!!! TPAB just celebrated his 6th anniversary few weeks ago. It’s amazing. He’s been in this community for 6 years. Damn. To commemorate this milestone, he made a list of posts containing the things he learned this year.
His entries impacted me greatly. I learnt alot just by reading his posts. I’m about to reach my anniversary myself, and yet I still feel that I’m lacking alot when it comes to writing, engaging with my followers and connecting with my fellow bloggers. Through his entries, I now have an idea how I am going to improve my blog. Thanks TPAB senpai!! 😉

Mental Comic’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Analysis

When I first watched Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, I just watched it nonchalantly and just enjoy everything I see. But dang, Mental Comic‘s analysis of the series definitely made me appreciate it more. He expressed that the dragon characters: Tohru, Lucoa, Fafnir, Kanna, and Elma, were all inspired by known mythological beings. His analysis was interesting and intriguing to read. Do check it out.

Arthifis’ Classroom: Getting More Google Hits! – First Class

Arthifis started a new segment on her blog called, Arthifis Classroom. The segment is where she discusses and teach us all sort of things. The firs class is about Getting More Google Hits.
Her entry definitely opened my eyes to a new world. LOL. What I meant is that I was able to learn alot through her class. I even applied some of her tips to improve my posts. Heheheheheh. You guys should too, so check her class now. 🙂

Ameithyst’s Love for Kamiki Ryuunosuke

Of course, Of course, I will include this. I mean, duh, KAMIKI RYUUNOSUKE is BAE.
I really like Ameithyst’s entry about Kamiki Ryuunosuke. She shared to us how she discovered the actor and how she eventually become a fan of him. She also gave a really good list of his dramas, movies and voice acting gigs that you could check out. As a fellow fan of Kamiki, this entry was precious and something I didn’t expect I would need to brighten up my day. Please do check it out.

The Bottomline with Boy Abunda: Mental Health Issues in the Philippines (May 26th episode)

Life had been hard for me this May. Looking for a job while taking up some review classes on the weekends. With the additional stress from the home, I dunno how I survived? LOL. With my struggles in finding a job, it made me doubt if I made the right choice in taking up my course, Psychology in college. Few years ago, I had an opportunity to take up computer-related course instead of Psychology, but I didn’t grab that chance. Now, seeing my friends getting work and seeing how in demand IT jobs are, I was left with alot of anxieties.

But all of those changed after seeing an episode of “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda” a show on tv tackling and discussing hard topics related to my country. It just so happened that the episode focused on Mental Health issues here in my country. They tackled quite alot of topics, it wasn’t elaborated much but it was enough to convince someone how important mental health is to a person. Through this episode, it reminded me why I chose Psychology in the first place. It reignited my desire to make a change in my country and be able to help other people as how others and the study of Psychology helped me recover my own mental health issues. It was a bit of an eye-opener to me, and now I am fully committed in reaching my goal. 😀

I dunno if you guys could open the link or that it won’t expire, but yeah, here is the episode. Check it out if you want.

Sunday Sad Club

My beloved cousin, Des, created a blog. WoaaaahHHH!!!!
Just like me, it seems my cousin also wanted her voice to be heard. I always known she’s very expressive and quite articulate in the English language. Its a matter of time for her to make one. Hahahaha.

She just made her first post few days ago. It is a movie review, “ordinary is alright: Paterson“. You might be wondering why….her blog is not under wordpress. Bruh, its not just you, I’m also shocked by this. LOL. She told me that WordPress is complicated, and she had no time to study it so she chose a different place to share her thoughts. Its…abit disappointing, but I understand her reasoning. Do check her blog out. Its still new, and I’m not really sure what kind of posts she’s planning on posting, but I assure you, she’s not just your ordinary writer, she’s one hell of a good one. 🙂


Now for my updates in my blog. Yeeeeee.

Starting on the month of June, I am going to introduce quite alot of new features here on my blog. Specifically: Concert feature, Artist Feature, Book/Novel Feature, and 7 Deadly List. Hehehheeh. Its still tentative when I am going to introduce them, all I could say is that I have the drafts already, I just need to even out the arrangements and schedulings of release. Speaking of scheduling, also starting from the month of June, I am going to release contents every other day. So expect quite alot of releases next month.

I am still going to feature alot of anime-related content, but with time restrictions, I dunno if I could maintain the amount of anime features for the next couple of months. Anyway, we will see. Hehehehehehe.

Ooohohohohoho Was this too long?? It can’t be helped. I liked quite alot of entries and topics last May. 😛
Expect more of this Monthly rundowns in the next couple of months. I’ll also try to be more strict and tight with my scheduling. Heh.

Anyway, that is all.
Thanks for reading!

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