Tokyo ESP Anime, a wasted potential

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Last May, my family went back home to our hometown to vote, as it was the election time. During the travel, I was able to watch some animes as I couldn’t sleep (it was soooooo freakin’ hot in the ferry T_T ).

One of the animes I watched was Tokyo ESP I had seen this anime years ago, when it aired, but I wasn’t able to finish it. To revive it from my “on-hold” list, I watched it and was able to complete it in few hours.
One word to describe my feels to it, Meh.

Synopsis: Rinka Urushiba works part time as a waitress to help out her unemployed father. By all accounts, her life in Tokyo is a relatively normal one—but her sense of normalcy begins to fade when she inexplicably sees a flying penguin one day. Chasing it all the way to the top of a building, she encounters more surprises, including flying goldfish and another person—a classmate named Kyoutarou Azuma—who can also see these strange things. After Rinka passes out when a goldfish phases through her, she wakes up an esper with the ability to phase her body through solid matter. However, her newfound ability is not the only strange thing about her: when she uses her powers, her hair turns white. Deciding reluctantly to use this new gift to help the city, she becomes Tokyo’s new hero, dubbed the “White Girl.” Along with Kyoutarou, who gained the power of teleportation, Rinka begins righting the wrongs in the city while fighting other espers who have much less noble intentions.


Believe it or not, I’m having a hard time finding the right words to express my feels other than that one word I shared above. This anime was….both disappointing and what I expect it to be. I can’t really explain it. I’ll try to squeeze out some words from my brain, so please bear with me if I sound confused on some parts.
I am confused too, LOL.


Tokyo ESP is an anime I both expect to fail and that I would like. Based on its premise, this anime should be my jam. It’s really promising, but what I got was the opposite. It wasn’t impressive. The potential I saw from its premise vanished the moment they dragged the story. The opening arc focused on the present happenings of Japan, which was the start of the war between espers and normal human beings. I really liked this part, as it a good way to introduce the main characters.

But after this section, we were then thrown back to the past, the time when the main character just became an esper. Don’t get me wrong, this kind of storytelling was quite useful and effective during the start of this series, but it was already too much. It would have been nice if they switch back and forth the past and the present, at least that way, the series would have been more interesting. Because of that problem, the pacing was totally inconsistent all through out the series. I would have let it slide if the story was really really REALLY INTERESTING, but it wasn’t. Too bad.

Another issue I have with the story was the ending. WTF was that?!?!?! Who the F**** were those weird beings in the end!??!?!?! Their appearance pretty much spoiled the last fight. Maybe, they’ll be introduced more in the source material, but with how this anime is handled, I dunno if I want to even read its manga.

Now for the characters, hhmmmm… more than half of the characters were totally MEH. I think the only people that were really interesting were the antagonist and his daughter. Their backstory definitely made me understand and sympathize with them more than the main click, and that speaks volume. The main casts didn’t deliver, bruh, they were too rigid and generic, no one appealed to me.

The art & animation were generally okay. The anime was watchable, not bad and not amazing, just okay. The character designs remind me of alot of animes, but they are also unique in their own kind. The execution of the powers of the characters were nicely done too. I think the only thing I like about this series was its easter eggs in the first episode. The series’ first ep featured characters from one of the manga I liked, Ga Rei, and the anime, Ga-rei ZERO. Other than that, the anime was <strong>MEH</strong>.

Overall, this anime wasn’t as interesting as I want it to be. This is a clear example of wasted potential. Sigh. I totally don’t want to recommend this to anyone, It’s not worth it.

Anyway, that’s it. This has been Will Sirius, and thanks for reading!



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