The Rise of Good CG Animes

12 Days of Anime: The Rise of Good CG Animes

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Hello, Everyone!! Here is another 12 Days of Anime entry. Now, for my fourth day, let me talk about CG animes.

Over the years, the demand of anime is now sky high. To compensate this demand, the industry pushes the anime studios to release more animes, hence, the need to really make animes as fast as they can.

Thus, the birth of CG animes.

I stated this before here on my blog, I am not a fan of CG animes. I had seen alot of animes that uses it and they are usually bad. Because of it, I try to avoid animes that goings full on CG like the recent Berserk anime series, Knights of Sidonia and Ajin.

However, times has change and it seems there’s some improvement going on.

The Rise of Good CG Animes

Last 2017, a certain anime called, Houseki no Kuni, or Land of the Lustrous in English, was released. This anime changed everything.

It was the first legit CG anime that was REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD. It not only changed my opinion about CG, but also alot of people. Bruh, Houseki no Kuni’s animation is a MASTERPIECE. It’s that good.

Since then, I had been really lenient in criticism, especially when it comes to CG. Yes, I would still point out the bad ones, but I would praise the better ones too.

An example to bad CG’s would be the bear in Golden Kamuy. When I saw that scenes, I admit, they were really bad and very off-putting, but it never made me drop the anime. Good thing, they were able to properly edit the bear in the BD version (atleast) to make it more presentable and blend well to the 2D animation. It’s still not good, but yeah, at least its not anymore bad.

The Rise of Good CG Animes

Another bad CG I saw recently would be the Goblin Slayer in the Goblin Slayer anime. As he was the main character, the CG animation of Goblin Slayer was standing out in a bad way. Again, it didn’t affect my fondness of the series, but it does affect the series’ overall visual. Just like GK, GB’s CG scenes were edited well in the BD.

On the other hand, there are also animes that had incorporate CG animation quite well to a point that the viewer wouldn’t notice at all. Examples to this would be Violet Evergarden and Weathering With You. They used CG animation for the background scenes that if on 2D would need alot of work. So yeah, they pretty much tried to save some time and effort by incorporating CGI, and they did it well.

However, I do admit that the CGI’s on these animes became clear after seeing the anime more than once. But that doesn’t mean these animes are bad. They are still really really good and better than most of the animes.

Recently though, I got the chance to watch another anime that incorporates CG animation into their series. Unlike the animes mentioned above, I actually find the blending of CG and 2D a nice touch. If you guys want to know what I am talking about, the anime is Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai.

Kotobuki anime had an interesting way of blending the two type of animation. They used CGI on the characters, especially the main protagonists, while using the 2D animation for the background and some supporting characters. I think I mentioned this on my 1st weekly watching of this series that I was a bit weirded out by this combi. The main girls were full on CGI, while interacting with a bunch of 2D characters with a 2D background. It was weird, but for some point, I got used to it.

This made me realized that to make a good CG anime, the anime studio must incorporate and blend the it well with 2D animation. I know most of the studios nowadays uses CGI to same time, but I hope they use it well.

I do think we are in the right direction, as there is an anime that is purely CGI currently airing this season. Yes, I am talking about Beastars.

The Rise of Good CG Animes

This anime seemed to be quite popular with the anime fans, well, from what I see on twitter. Other than its intriguing story, the CG animation seemed to be made well enough to be praised by alot of people. Well, I guess this is understandable as this anime was also made by the same studio as Houseki no Kuni. Lol.

But yeah, like I said, it seemed we are going in the right direction when it comes to implementing CG animation.

I do hope that we won’t come to a point that the japanese animation would look alot like the western animation, cuz that would be so bad and everything I love about japanese animes would be gone.

I guess, let’s just hope for the better.

4th Day entry done.

Yeeeeee!! I am on time now. Hahahhahahaha.

I always wanted to share my thoughts about this topic, I guess, including this here would be a good time, especially that there’s a really good CG anime right now.

I still need to watch it though to give my full thoughts about it.

I think that is it for now.

Continue to support me and look forward to my future entries for 12 Days of Anime.

And I hope I won’t make anymore mistakes with scheduling these entries. LOL.

This has been Will Sirius, and THANKS FOR READING!!!


  1. Inskidee Permalink

    Oh! I used to feel the same way! The first time I ever watched a full CG anime was one made by Polygon pictures (i’m not a fan of their studio) and from there, I had a negative opinion on full CG anime because of that intial impression. I too had a major opinion change once Land of the Lustrous aired. It’s remarkably gorgeous and I mean, really gorgeous. Since I started paying attention to art more sometime this year, I started noticing tidbits of CG in 2D anime that didn’t ruin them, but added on to them. Attack On Titan is a mix of CGI and 2D even in the various calm scenes it has. Kill la Kill has a fluid animation moment you can’t even notice was all CGI unless you take the time out to observe it. Both are great examples of CGI implication at its best imo.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      Ooohhh!!! I never noticed the CGI on Kill la Kill, gonna watch out for it then once I watch it again. I haven’t watched AoT yet but I’m definitely looking forward to see its animation.

      1. Inskidee Permalink

        Yep, Kill la Kill blends it in really well! One of the key stand out points in AoT for me is its animation and art style. I’m eager to see your thoughts on it when you get to it 🙂


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