Summer 2018 Anime Season: What I’ll be watching???

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Summer season is coming, I don’t think I’m ready yet. There are still few spring animes I’m planning to finish and alot of winter animes I haven’t touched yet. Oh boiiiii. Still, this new season coming sure have an amazing line-up, I can’t help but be excited.

The animes for the next seasons are quite diverse. The genres vary from action shounen to psychological thriller. I’m so hyped. This is going to be a fun ride, everyone.

First of all, let me share the animes I’m quite hype about. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch the others. Of course, watching the first 3-5 episodes is still a must. Through that, I’ll decide which ones will I continue to watch and which will be dropped.

I’m going to tackle first the leftovers.

I might start watching the season 3 of Boku no Hero Academia. I like to binge-watch its episodes so that I could get a full blast enjoyment.

I might also start watching Captain Tsubasa. I heard alot of good reviews from it. Hopefully, I could insert it in my schedule.

I haven’t touched or seen any of Juushinki Pandora‘s episodes. No one seems to talk about it so I’m having second thoughts if I should still watch it or not. We will see.

Oh my, Lupin III:Part V. I haven’t touched this one. I’m a bit intimidated by it, even though alot of people say its okay to watch it. Until I get the urge to watch this one, this new Lupin series will be stuck on my endless PTW list.
Same goes for Major (2nd), I am intimidated by this anime. Cuz I haven’t seen its predecessor, this anime is going to sit in my PTW list for awhile.

Now for the sequels, I don’t think I could watch Overlord S3 Attack on Titan S3, I haven’t seen their previous seasons yet so…I’m not gonna touch them.

Lastly, here’s the list of animes I’m really excited about:
Backstreet Girls
Banana Fish
Free – Dive to the Future –
Harukana Receive
Grand Blue
Hataraku Saibou
Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger

Yeeeeee!! That’s my list. You might notice some similarities of the mentioned animes above. Yeah, you got that right. Most of them are sport animes. Oooohohohohoho. Its summer everyone, watching sports anime in this season is the BEST. Hhehehhehhe. The others…well, I saw their respective PV’s and they definitely got me hooked that’s why they are in the list above.

I hope the animes I mentioned won’t disappoint me. Also, I can’t wait to find some hidden gems in the current line-up for this season. This is exciting!! OOohohohohohoh!

Anyway, that is all for now.
Thanks for reading!


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    I like the look of the summer season myself 😚 I’ll be watching the vampire hunter one, grand blue and free. Possibly banana fish not sure at the moment lol


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