Summer 2017 Anime Season First Impressions…PART 2.

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There are so many promising animes this summer season. I planned on posting a series of first impressions to the summer animes I’m currently watching. I already finished posting the first part. (Here)

Now for Part 2!! *claps* *claps*

Hajimete no Gal


Oooohohooohohoh. After watching the 2nd episode, I now like this anime. XD. At first, I find this anime meh, but now, it has potential. I really like Yame-san. The way she thinks and how she interacts with the main MC, Junichi. Junichi was also hilarious. Sometimes, I do feel like I want to smack his head cuz of his overthinking, but his thoughts are hilarious too. I just want him to enjoy his time with Yame-san. I also want more POV’s of Yame-san. Maybe because I am a girl (I might be biased), I just want to know her thoughts too. That would be interesting. I am excited for more moments of the main couple, and I hope this is not a harem show. I want this show to be different. Hmmmm….the only thing I don’t like in the series are Junichi’s friends. They are annoying, especially the blue-haired guy. I hope there would also be a character development on the friends, so that I won’t hate the forever. I will surely watch this weekly.

Koi to Uso


This show is one of the most anticipated animes of this season. It is adapted from a well-known manga with the same name. Everyone I know who watches seasonal anime, they recommend this to me. I don’t know why, but I find this show painful to watch. XD

The anime starts off with an intro to the story, the main source of the drama, arranged marriage forced by the government. This is the solution the Japanese government implemented to solved the low-birth rate in their country. This is kinda scary, cuz its too close to what is happening in real life. Currently, Japan is facing this type of crisis, having low birth rate and low number of people getting married. This crisis itself is a good drama plot. With the addition of the complicated relationships of the main characters, oh my! The Drama is over the charts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love drama. I really do. It’s just that, I am not into drama for now. It’s summer season, I want to watch animes that makes me smile. I felt this anime will only bring sad and frustrated feelings to me. Not good. XD So I might watch this after it aired, like what I did with Kuzu no Honkai. I prefer these type of animes to binge watch rather than waiting and watching it weekly.



Uuuuuwwwwaaaaa!!! I love this series. This is the first anime I had encountered that totally show and discuss the games that is not MMORPG. This is the first, and it is LIT.

The show starts of with a weird compromising scene, which the main characters have weird expressions on their faces. Noting that everyone is wearing summer uniform, so that means the scene will happen later on of the series. The next couple of scenes introduces the main characters and their first meeting. It also introduces the gaming club, and the other characters that were also interesting.

I really really like the art. The details in the character design and the detailed art for the games. I really love the random subtitles in the screen. It gives the viewers more info to about the characters, and gives the viewers some important hints of what’s to come.


The flow of the show is so unconventional, I really like it. The characters too, they are well written. For a first episode, I can totally see their personalities and it is so cute. That ending scene though, that was so shocking and so different than the usual. I really really like it. I can’t wait for more.

Tsurezure Children


Love! Love! Love!

Love is in the air!

This anime is about high school love. Different love stories happening in one school. Everything is so cute and fluffy. The love stories are also cute and it makes my heart flutter. I really really love it. This is what I’m looking for. It is so sweet that I even can’t stop smiling and giggling while watching this anime. Looking forward for the next episodes.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.


Oh my…another isekai series.

The same formula. A guy dies in the real world, transported to another world, will meet different girls and make a harem. The only difference, the guy has his phone. Unlimited battery type of phone. Waw. So interesting. -_-

The main character is refreshing though. He is so straightforward and smart, but I can’t really say if he is dense yet in this first episode. He is also overpowered type of character. The other characters introduced in the first episode were kind of, bland and not that memorable. I like how the world building is done by the main character asking then the other characters answering. It boring along the way, cuz of all the talking. The in-between animation are cute too. At least, they look interesting. All in all, the series is just okay. I am not sure if I will watch this every week or I will just binge-watched. I am sure though that I won’t drop this anime.

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)


“What is evil?–Whatever springs from weakness (Nietzsche, The Antichrist).”

After seeing this quote in the beginning of the series, I am totally hooked. I know this will be different from other animes….and I was right.

This anime feels alot like Oregairu, I really like it. Unfortunately, the animation seems a bit off. It seems stiff and weird in the eyes. The plot is really good. It is so interesting that I can’t wait for the next episode. For the characters, I really like the main character, the way he thinks, his actions, his reasoning, I totally understand. I also like the main female character’s personality, she is really mysterious and a total loner. I can totally empathize with the 2 main characters. That ending scene though, SAVAGE. The teacher was savage and honest. Damn savage. The system of the school is really intriguing, it made me want to attend to that kind of school. That would be interesting. It also made me want to watch more of the series. I am totally going to follow this series every week.

Netsuzou TRap


I love yuri. It’s one of my favorite genre. But this. This adaptation. Damn. Why?

To be honest, I am not a fan of this manga. Even though it is an yuri manga, I am not a fan of how the story is delivered. The story has potential, but the delivery is…uuuggggghhhhh. So knowing that this manga was chosen to have an anime, I am kind of disappointed. There are so many yuri mangas out there that needs adaptation, but no, they chose this one instead. So disappointing.

I was really looking forward to this adaptation, cuz it kind of represents the start of yuri going mainstream. OMG, I was disappointed. The artstyle, oh my ghad. It was so unappealing. The anime is 15 minutes long. FREAKING 15 MINUTES LONG. I really thought this is going to be a 24-minute anime, damn. No one announced that this will be a short anime. WTF. Sigh.

I really am disappointed with this anime, but I will still watch this. I will finish this anime. I will not watch it weekly, but at random time, when I feel like it.

Knight’s & Magic


This is another isekai series.


The feel is so different, and I totally dig it. The premise is kind of similar to Youjo senki. A middle-aged guy died in the real world, was reborn in another world with all his previous life memories and personality still in tact. It also has its on unique twist and story-wise, I am really digging it. Damn.

The story is well-paced, nothing is out of place. The animation fits the story well. The characters are really likable, especially the main character, he so cute. I want to have a lil bro like him. I am not sure if there will be romance in this series, but I do see some potential love interest (I am planning to read the light novel…if I still have time). Overall, this is an enjoyable anime. I’ll look forward to this every week.

Princess Principal


Spies. Steampunk. Cute Girls. Damn. This Anime is LIT.

From the poster and the synopsis itself, anyone could overlook this awesome series. Even I, almost skipped this series cuz I thought this will be another “cute girls doing cute stuff” type, but no, this series is totally different. It’s dark, it has action, it also has nice animation (The background sceneries are damn gorgeous) and it deals with serious and adult stuff. The animation is fluid and the pacing of the story is really good. I do have 2 things that turned me off in this first episode. The fact that it feels that this is going to be episodic and it seems to only focused on the main character, Ange, and not much on other characters, especially the princess (oh i feel sorry for her….what’s her role in the group anyways?). I do hope to see more of the other characters and more detailed explanation of  everything that is going on in the series. So excited for the next episodes.

Jikan no Shihaisha


I dropped this. That’s all. No discussion needed.








It was that bad.

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