Summer 2017 Anime Season First Impressions…PART 1.

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Yay! *clap* *clap* This is a post related to the new animes this season. Yay! *claps*

A new anime season recently started, and compared to other seasons this year, the current line-up for this season is LIT. That means……SO MANY ANIME EPISODES TO WATCH. Yep. If I remember it correctly, this new season has atleast 50 animes. That many. Out of 50, I will only make my first impressions to the animes I am watching. The list is long, so there is a chance I might divide this to different parts. Ooohohoho.

My first impressions are all my own opinion. They are not really analytical or anything, they will be more on feels, spazz and expressions. I am a noob with this kind of content, so bear with me.

Let’s start.

Aho Girl


This show is stupid. Stupid but I like it. I like it, alot. It’s the best comedy of the season. I laughed my ass off, and this is the first time in a long time I actually physically faced palm myself. It was that stupid. The main character is so damn stupid I like it. XD The way the other characters react to the stupidness of the main character is hilarious. Especially the only male character, damn! His straightforward answers never disappoints me. The length of the show is supposed to be 15 minutes but it feels like watching I’m am watching a 24-minute anime. It was that enjoyable and good. Even rewatching it on a different day, the impact of their stupid jokes is still there. Damn…Such a nice way to start this summer anime season. I will surely watch this anime every week.

Fate Apocrypha


To be honest, I haven’t watched any fate anime series other than the spin-off Fate/Kaleid series (It has yuri, Of course it’s a must watch :3) and the parody Carnival Phantasm (one of the best parody animes I’ve seen XD). Because of that I am not that excited with this series at all. I even asked a friend of mine, who was a fan of the fate series, if I can watch this and he said yes.”This series is not really relevant to the main timeline of the fate series”, that was what he said. So I watched the first episode….and it was AWESOME.

I already have a vague idea about what’s going on in the fate series, so it was easy for me to digest this new fate anime. It was also different in a good way, I really like it. The art style is definitely different from Ufotable, but A-1 pictures up their game and made it into a visual eye-candy. And oh my gosh!….Saber of Red….OH MY GOD!!! She is so BADASS!! Oh my!!! I love this version of Saber. She might be my best waifu of the season. oooohohohohoh. I am definitely going to watch this every week.



I first heard about this series when Gigguk, an anituber, mentioned this in his youtube video,”5 Manga That Need More Attention”. I got intrigued by the premise and take note to read it in the future. The the next thing I learned, it will be released as an anime. Yas!

The anime was LIT. It has Kaiji feels, and I am so into it. Compared to Kaiji, the gambling feels in Kakegurui is less severe because the lives of the characters are not on the line. It is more on the pride. Money is still involve, well….it is gambling after all. It followed the manga well. The animation was toned down in the anime, it was softer and not that edgy compared to the manga. Nevertheless, it was still visually appealing in the eyes. This might be a good contender for best anime of the season. I will watch this every week.

Hina Logi


HHhhhmmmm…What should I say about this anime… This anime is moe. An anime about cute girls doing cute things. Don’t get me wrong. I love moe. I really do. Maybe I am not into it for now? Yep. I do enjoy some moments but not everything. For now, I will set this anime aside. It is not my cup of tea for the time being. I watch this when it is complete.

Isekai Shokudou


Food porn without porn, is that even possible? Yep. This anime is an example. Damn, the food looks so yummy I also want to visit the restaurant if it is for reals. With every episode I watch, It makes me hungry….it just showed how well animated the show is. Same as Shokugeki no Souma, the characters also described how yummy the food they are eating, which makes me more hungry. I’ll definitely watch this weekly too.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu


This show is definitely a show about handsome guys with swords. With the awesome animation from ufotable, it is indeed a good watch. But I don’t think I would watch this weekly. The premise is not that appealing to me. I’ll watch this after it completes.



What’s up with guys and sports?? Lel. This is an anime about guys and water, like Free. However, unlike Free, who focused more on competitive swimming, this is more about competitive diving. Maybe in the future we will get another anime about synchronized swimming, ooohohohohoho now that would be very interesting.

As for the anime, I am not comfortable with the animation. It feels weird, and not flowy. It doesn’t blend. I even find its animation kind of similar to the animation I see on some porn animes. Lel, I don’t want to badmouth this anime, it has potential I promise. It’s just that the animation reminds me of porn animation. I will give this anime another chance and watch more episodes, I might change my mind. I will determine if I should watch this weekly or wait for it to finish. If ever it does disappoint me later on, I will drop this anime.

Konbini Kareshi


This anime… kinda…boring. Not just kinda, let me correct myself, it is definitely boring. I tried to give it a chance and watch more episodes, but it is still boring. There were some moments I think shed a little light of hope but it get shattered later on. From the animation to the voice acting, everything…it is not appealing at all. So disappointing. I have no choice but to drop this anime.

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun


This. THIS! This is really good. It really made me laugh and the anime reminds me of Sakamoto desu ga, which was also a good comedy anime from last year. I really like how they use Aoyama’s neat freak personality to the fullest in comedy. I also like the fact that their coach understands Aoyama and let the other team members understand him too. This anime is a good contender for Aho girl as the best comedy anime in the season. I will watch this weekly for sure.

Ballroom e yokoso


Now this is interesting. Dancesports in anime. LIT. I never knew this day would come. I must thank Yuri on Ice anime for this. XD

Well, Dancesports is well liked by everyone in the world. Seeing it animated is really delightful. I had only seen the first episode, even so, I am totally digging this sports anime. The visuals are like of Haikyuu and I love it (Production I.G…THANK YOU!). To be honest, the story is not new. There are so many animes who also have similar premise, but the execution makes up for the lack of originality. I will watch this for sure. I also heard it has a manga, I’ll definitely read it.

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  1. Xeldum Permalink

    I’m fascinated by Aho Girl. With how sensitive everyone seems to be nowadays I expected a bigger reaction about a series revolving around a male character physically abusing and insulting a clueless dumb girl.

    But the violence is just so exaggerated that it gets a pass in my book. This shit is hilarious and I’ll watch anything with my man Sugita.


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