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Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 Anime Review

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In every season, I always try to watch at least the first few episodes of the animes released to know which ones are to be added on my PTW list, or Plan to watch list. One of the new animes was Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7.

This anime was released last year, during the Fall season. 

I am not sure if there’s a lot of people who even watched this show, all I know is that I like the first episode. It was a very western crime serial, springled with supernatural elements and is an anime. Heh.

Special 7 cover

In Tokyo, there exists a peaceful cohabitation between supernatural creatures—elves, dwarves, vampires, and more—and humans. However, contrary to history, powerful dragons once ruled over this world of creatures and humans but have since disappeared. Consequently, a diabolical group under the alias “Nine,” who seek the miracles of the once godlike dragons, stirs up trouble in the streets of Tokyo, commiting mass murder and causing destruction. To combat the dangerous group of Nine, the police organize the Special 7—a group of highly skilled professionals whose abilities exceed those of ordinary humans.

Caught up in a bank robbery turned hostage crisis, Seiji Nanatsuki, having recently become a detective, has a chance encounter with Shiori Ichinose, a member of Special 7. Assisting with the resolution of the robbery, Seiji is recognized for his clear sense of justice and refreshing character, suddenly earning him a spot on the elite unit.

As he takes on new missions, Seiji finds that being a detective as part of Special 7 isn’t the police work he expected, where working alongside a team of different species with special abilities and vibrant personalities brings unpredictability to his daily life and police work. While the everyday crime in Tokyo continues, Seiji and the Special 7 will fight not only to resolve special cases, but also obstruct the ill-intentioned plans of the merciless group of Nine. (MAL)

Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 or Special 7 for short is an anime that had a generic premise, interesting character designs, and mediocre animation, however, I enjoyed it a lot watching.

How come? I’m usually very harsh on meh animes as they are what I consider as a “waste of time”.

To be honest, I’m not really sure myself. I guess I might discover the real reason later after expressing my thoughts here.

To start, I will give out first my positive thoughts of the series.

Positive Thoughts

Special 7 team

Other than what I had shared above, the anime is mediocre at best. There is nothing special about this series. I mean, no one’s talking about this series, definitely, not a popular show.

Still, I checked this one out of curiosity. My usual “hunter for hidden gems” self took over, hoping this one would be good.

Infairness, it was good enough for me to finish it.

The first few episodes were in some ways fun to watch. Even with a generic plot, they turned a typical crime serial supernatural premise into something enjoyable by having a good set of characters bouncing off with each other.

Don’t get me wrong, these characters are cliche af, but combining all of this genericness had resulted into a fun series, and this anime is an example for it.

In other words, its genericness was the thing that made this series good enough for me, as it has everything I had known about a series that is a crime drama focus while adding all of the anime elements to it.

Watching this kind of series is what I could say a stress reliever for me as I don’t need to think much about it and just let it play out the way it supposed to be. I mean, I finished the series in 1 day, its that easy to watch.

I also think another factor that made me enjoy the series more than usual was the English dub of the series.

I already shared my sentiments again and again about the English dubs so I will be straight to the point, I love English dubs, they make my life a lot easier.

The English dub of this series was quite good. The voices fitted well with the characters and their voices were so nice to listen to. The made a mediocre anime watchable.

The Japanse dub wasn’t that bad, it was also on point like the English counterpart. Its just that I don’t want to use much of my energy reading subtitles and understanding the concepts that was shown/told in the anime. I find listening and watching a lot better and easier if that one I am listening to is a language I had known my whole life.

I mean, I did say that I was watching this series as a stress reliever. I don’t want any more hassle, especially after I finish my work.

Now, for the negative points.

Negative Thoughts (Spoilers ahead…BEWARE!)

Special 7 villain

The bad points of this anime is all over the place.

Other than the usual stuff like animation and story, the main negative point that I really not like about this series were the villains.

The main villain, Nine, was unreasonable and his purpose for destruction was too unjustified to everything he had done already. On paper, having a villain killing people to be the most powerful being in the planet is a good concept. However, if the context, or the middle portion of the concept isn’t executed well, the whole thing falls apart.

Bruh, his actions as a terrorist doesn’t related/connect to his goal. Yes, he needs human sacrifices to unleash the “dragons”, but base on the concept, he also needs believers for him to be stronger. All though out the series, I don’t see believers other than the lowlife thugs he recruited for the terrorism.

I also don’t like how he was able to manipulate one of the lead characters into becoming his minion. The anime didn’t really shown properly how he was corrupted. It was a bummer.

Other than these bad points, the other glaring negative point was its animation. I wasn’t planning on discussing much about this as what I watched was a Web version of the series and it would have been better if what I reviewed was the BD. Anyway, it was horrible. The color combinations of the background and the characters were not attractive at all. The character designs were okay, but their movements were really really stiff, its not appealing.

Bruh, for the lack of better word, the anime looks ugly.

Anime is a visual form so its looks are important. If you compare it to its fellow animes released last Fall season, no wonder no one’s paying attention to this anime.  It is that “ugly” compared to the other ones.

For the story, well, it is generic at best, at least it tried to be something unique by adding supernatural elements to it. However, it still fails because it was still too generic. But like I said, its not so bad….

but its also not sooo good.


Special 7 anime is not really good, but it works for me. It’s genericness works for me. Yes, I don’t like its villains and its animation, but I can put up with them if the rest works.

I mean, I enjoyed watching this shiiiizzzzzz.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Not really. This anime worked for me because it just so happened that I needed a mediocre anime at that moment that has English dub, and this anime happened to be chosen. And it delivered. I don’t think you guys have the same mindset as I am so I won’t recommend this one.

Unless you are into this kind of shiiizzzzz, then feel free to consume this one. Heh.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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