My Current Top 10 Favorite Animes… far. (2017)

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I love Anime. I live for Anime. I don’t even think I could go on in life without watching anime.

This just shows how huge was the impact of anime in my life. I couldn’t really remember much about when I actually first watched animes. All I do remember is that I fell in love with it and now, I am addicted to it.

Few days ago, an online friend of mine asked me how many animes I had watched. I wasn’t able to answer him directly. He then showed me his MAL account, and recommended me to create a MAL account so that I can be able to track the number of animes I watched, completed, dropped and plan to watch. I created an account then edit my list for atleast 3-4 days.


As you can see, I actually watched almost 900 animes, that many?!?!?! I am also shocked by this. Hah! I even questioned myself I really watched and completed all the 900 animes. After double-checking, I did watch and completed that much. Damn. I’m so awesome. XD

Out of all the 893 animes, it can’t be helped that I would have my own favorite animes. Compared to other people (i think…), I change my favorite list….alot. So now, the one I am sharing to you is the CURRENT top 10 favorite animes. I don’t even think I can make of more than top 10, for sure it will take a really long time before I could post it, and I don’t want that. So, top 10. It is not in order. I can never put them in order, there would be many ties, the list would collapse. Now, here is the top 10 favorite animes of mine… far:

Detective Conan


Card Captor Sakura


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata




Hibike Euphonium






Senki Zesshou Symphogear


The animes who stayed in the list for a long time were Detective Conan, Card Captor Sakura, & K-On. The rest, well, most of them are new animes or modern type of animes, and I really love them. However, there are still tons of animes I haven’t watched yet, so there is still a chance that some of the animes on this list maybe overtaken by other animes.

That’s it for now. For my next posts, I’m kind of planning on posting my first ever first impression posts for this summer 2017 season. It is kinda long and it might be divided into 2-3 parts, it depends. I also might post a different kind of topic or content. We will see.

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    I see someone’s a fan of KyoAni, haha. You have a great list of favorites! Seeing Detective Conan and Card Captor Sakura really take me back to my early years of watching anime. I really wish I had kept up with Detective Conan, but there are so many episodes now, oh god.

    And wow, 893 completed with 171.5 days watched. That is impressive! Something that really surprised me is that I’m at 167.6 days with only 358 anime completed. Probably from the dozens I’ve times I’ve rewatched series with friends. Can’t wait to read more from you!

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      Thank you for following and for the comment. To be honest, I really didn’t expect I would love many KyoAni animes, XD. It just happen. I also didn’t expect I could catch up with Detective Conan, I was only watching it casually everyday, the next thing I know I am on the latest episode. Hahahah.
      I forgot to mention on my blog that the 893 completed animes are mostly consist of seasonal animes, OVA’s, Movies and Specials. That might be the reason I reached the number 893. Heheheh.


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