Shows I watched during my break from blogging

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After my Halloween project few weeks ago, I watched some shows during my break from blogging.

What did I do?

Well, I went to binging…random shows. From movies to tv series, you name it.

Because of this, I accumulated alot of thoughts about the shows I had been watching and I kinda want to share them. Rather than making separate entries, I decided to do a compilation of everything, it’s easier that way. It’s not like I have a lot of stuff to say about the shows I had seen.

All of the shows I mentioned below are not really related to each other. I just happened to see them during my break from blogging.

Danmachi Sword Oratoria

Screenshot_20191106-004023_MX Player.jpg

With the airing of the 2nd season of Danmachi, I thought of revisiting the franchise again. Rather than watching the 1st season again, I tried watching its spin-off series.

Damn, this one was a slowburner.

Before watching this series, I expected this series to be similar to its 1st season, but its not, enjoyment-wise. Not only the characters were a bit boring, the story felt meh all through out the first half. Good thing I decided to not drop this as it did gets better later on. The most of the characters still felt boring and dragged on, but I was intrigued by its story. I didn’t expect the world of Danmachi to be that vast. I literally had forgotten how limited the POV of the main series was as it only focused on the main protagonist.

However, having an intriguing story can’t save an anime series. As the series gets to its climax, the last fight felt anti-climactic as it focused more on “the power of family”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problem with this theme, but I wished they still maintained the intensity of the fight until the very end. I guess that’s just me nitpicking on stuff.

Overall, this anime was too mediocre. No, let me correct myself. It barely reached the average. It was that mediocre. If not for its story, I would have dropped this series fully.




Don’t get me started with this series. This was a total disappointment.


Well, I was confused all throughout my watching. Yeah, maybe everything were explained in the end, but it was too late. My impression of the series was already broken. It was a struggle finishing this series.

I do admit, I was enamored by its animation in its first episode. Even though I could barely understand WTF was going on in the 1st ep, the animation during its fight scenes made me stay to see more of it, only to be disappointed as its quality dropped down tremendously. The quality of the animation was really bad in the last episode, it was boring to watch.

I think, if they told the story properly and with consistent animation, this anime would have been passable, as this has potential. But yeah, what’s done is done.

PS: I really don’t want to make comments on this, but I find it really weird to see diversity in the cast of characters. Majority of the characters are African-American descent (in terms of looks), but the setting of the story seemed to happened in China-looking streets, and yet, the place was called Shinjuku. Wut?

Anyway, I recommend you guys to skip this one and not watch this at all. Not worth of your time.

A Boy Who Wished to be Okuda Tamio and a Girl Who Drove All Men Crazy


Oh boy, this movie is weird.

Not that there’s any new, this is a Japanese movie after all. But…I wasn’t informed…I guess. I mean, most of the Japanese movies I watched recently were kinda serious, drama, and tame. Then this one shookt me to the core.

The story on this movie is not really that interesting, it was more on the absurdity of everything that was happening in the life of the main protagonist after he met the heroine that made this movie very intriguing.

I especially love climax, as it explodes in your face and the protagonist’s face the reality of having the heroine as a girlfriend. Damn, that actually made me speechless of a minute or two.

Another thing i liked about this movie was its conclusion. The drastic change of the main protagonist was definitely on display and bruh, I feel sad. I mean, what happened to him, in some ways, is relatable to us in real life. The stuff that happens in our life, good or bad, not only changes us, it also makes us jaded, which results to us maturing and be experienced, whether we liked it or not. In the end, we could only look back on our past innocent self and reminisce those times.


For a weird movie, I didn’t expect to go existential on it. LOL.

Inside’s Bill’s Brain


During break, I also had time to watch some Netflix shows. One of the shows I watched was Bill Gates’ documentary.

I really enjoyed watching this docu as I not only got to know who Bill Gates more as a the genius kid, Microsoft’s creator, billionaire philanthropist, but also as a human being. In a span of 4 episodes, a lot of stuffs were covered.

Yeah, maybe not everything were shown, at least we got an idea who he is and know that he is just like us.

Definitely a must watch documentary.

Evil Genius


Last year, while watching Buzzfeed Unsolved, I got to watched an episode about a weird unsolved case in US about a collar bomb, robbery and geniuses.

Watching the BU Episode, I already found the case really weird and I am amazed how this kind of case exist. This case also became one of my favorites in Buzzfeed Unsolved.

Just this year, I stumbled on its documentary on Netflix. Compared to the BU Episode, the docu fleshed out the case alot further by presenting us the complete detailed happenings of the case.

The documentary was very intriguing. It not only got me interested, but it also made me remember my psych knowledge when it comes to abnormal behaviours. Lel.

I really don’t want to share more as its better if you guys watch it. The docu will not only proved the existence of evil geniuses, but also the length they go through just to reached their goals.

A must watch.

Okay, that’s it for today.

I didn’t expect I would actually make another compilation entry, but I just can’t help it. It’s easier this way.

Have you seen any of the series I shared above? Share your opinion and thoughts about them down below.

This has been Will Sirius and see you on my next post!

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