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Yo! Sirius here.

I usually don’t really check out the movies and other extra videos of shows I already considered not worth it. However, there are some exceptions.

An example to that would be Servamp’s new release, a movie called “Alice in the Garden“.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of the Servamp anime series, it wasn’t that memorable.

Still, I was able to get the gist of the story as I was able to remember during my watching.

The film’s story will deal with Misono Alicein’s past. (MAL)

Do I like the movie? In some ways, yes.

The movie stars the same gang from the main series but focused more on Misono’s past and struggles. The story was interesting. It had a lot of promise, and in fairness, it delivers. The twist and climax of the story was such a nice surprise, I totally didn’t expect that was what happened in the past. Yes, there were clues laid out in the movie, but they were nicely put that you couldn’t predict what really went down.

However, all of the good stuff happened near the end of the movie. The first half was mostly bland. Yes, they were able to add some mystery element to the story, but they kind of mishandled, in my opinion, how the story should have unfolded.

The main characters one by one show up in their meeting place, displaying their full cliche personalities. Their banters felt dry and not funny, which led me to feel bored. The gang’s entrance to Misono’s mansion felt…lame. They were over the place and it made me a bit pissed watching them. It would have been better if their conversation was a lot better and they were fun to watch, but bruh, we need to accept what’s made.

I really like how this movie, which is a continuation of the main series, didn’t focus on the main duo as I am getting bored with them.

Misono was one of the characters that were quite interesting in the series. It’s unfortunate that he falls on a certain cliche category, but interestingly, he redeemed himself in this movie. In other words, he was the best thing that happened in this movie.

I do admit, there were some…cheesy moments, especially some of Misono’s and main duo’s lines in the climax, but they were bearable.

In terms of art and animation, Servamp had some decent quality. It’s not the best, but it was better than their budget in the series. I like how they animated the last battle, as they relate it a lot to Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of battle, I am a bit disappointed by the lack of awesome fights on this one. I guess with the limited time frame, they could only have that much amount of people showing off their prowess.

I do want to point out that its been a few years since my last watching of the series. My memory about the anime is very foggy, so there were times in the movie where I was hella confused. Good thing, there is a backward button to help me listen and read properly WTF the characters were talking about.

Another interesting thing I noticed would be the over-abundant use of “Alice in the Wonderland” theme in a story. Don’t get me wrong, I love Alice, but seeing it use too much in a lot of shows is a bit overboard for me. I hope they would try and be more open to other themes, as there are tons all over the world.

Overall, Servamp Movie – Alice in the Garden is a good movie for a really mediocre series. I am a bit baffled as to how this series got a movie but now seeing it, I now understand it. Misono’s arc, which in this movie, is really good and quite twisted, this movie might be quite popular to a lot of people.

Would I recommend it? Ony to those who have seen the series, as you need enough information to understand WTF was going on.

Would I wish for another sequel to this anime? Not really, but if they plan to make one, I will still watch it.

One anime review, done.

I think I shared this before, but I’m now working at home which is both hassle and nice. Hassle because I’m stressed, and nice because I don’t need to leave home.

I will be releasing more content in the future days. I just need myself to be in the mood to type on my blog, after typing and blogging during my work hours.

Anyway, this has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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