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Yo!! Sirius here!!

I’m back to give my thoughts on an anime movie I recently watched, Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie.

I had seen the anime prequel a few years ago, sometime after it was aired.

I could still remember enjoying the heck out of it, as it had an unique premise. The anime was set in an alternate time where the main character is a Nazi soldier(I think its WWI, but I might be wrong), and intriguingly have overwhelming powers given by the Supreme Being.

Bruh, that’s very interesting.

I love how the anime ended, and yes, I kinda wanted to see more of it. That’s why I got excited when I heard that there would be a movie sequel to the anime.

With its armies sweeping across the continent, the Empire seems unstoppable. After securing victory over the remnants of the Republic’s army, the Empire’s ultimate victory is finally within reach. However, dark clouds are gathering in the East. The communist-led Russy Federation is mustering troops on its western border, preparing to enter the war. Supported by a detachment of Allied volunteer magicians—among whom is Mary Sioux, the daughter of a soldier killed by Tanya Degurechaff—the Federation is determined to spread the communist creed and bring the Empire to its knees.

Meanwhile, Tanya and her battalion return to the imperial capital from the southern front. Upon their arrival, they are tasked with investigating troop movements on the border with the Federation. Any escalation of violence at this point may lead to new conflicts, plunging the world into a devastating global war.

Will the Empire eventually emerge victorious from its struggle, or will it crumble in the face of superior enemies and radically different ideologies? (MAL)

Saga of Tanya The Evil: The Movie was better than I expected. I mean, after the series ending, I had some ideas as to how they’ll continue the series. Most of those ideas were on point, but better.

Based on the synopsis above, the Empire continues to get victories here and there, all thanks to Tanya’s battalion. With her lead, they were able to accomplish a lot of missions and sweep the Federation. However, the latter made an alliance with the countries affected by the Empire and formed an army to counter them (in some ways, similar to the Allied Forces). Part of the Alliance army was the daughter of the soldier Tanya killed in the anime series. And bruh, that made their match up more exciting.

Through the movie, we got to learn that the daughter, Mary, was also blessed with overwhelming powers from God above. Maybe on par or even better than Tanya.


I find this very intriguing as I didn’t expect the God in this world to be that desperate to push Tanya to “believe” and become his follower. It’s clear that God chose Mary to go against Tanya because of her deep hateful rage against the main character. I guess, he has been this desperate since the series, I just forgot about it. Lol.

The clash between the 2 was indeed a showdown. The first encounter was clearly uneven as Mary wasn’t well trained yet. But that 2nd encounter though. Damn.

I really love how well animated the fight. Their overwhelming powers were definitely used smartly, I was in awe watching it. However, what amazed me was when both of them went physical and just punched the hell out of each other.

And bruh, that end of the fight though. Wow. It amazed me how come she could still speak after that.

Anyway, the aftermath pushes our main character, Tanya, to express the possible ending of the war, which is what we all know already. Her proposal was quite smart as she tries to propose something amazing while making sure she stays behind.

I don’t think this movie won’t be a real sequel if everything went the way Tanya wanted so the ending was really hilarious.

Speaking of hilarity, I really liked how they added funny moments in this movie smoothly like the tv series. It made my watching a lot more enjoyable and it got me a lot of chuckles.

Before I end this, I want to express my delight in seeing really good animation in the 2nd half of the movie. As the latter half of the movie was full of fight scenes, it really needed good animation. Yes, there was some eye soring CG animation here and there, but all in all, it was amazing.

Overall, the movie was a really good sequel to the series. It was able to capture the same feel and I find that really satisfying.

It was a fun ride.

However, I do admit that it made me wanna see more of the anime. But this is made by Studio Madhouse so I shouldn’t have any expectations.

I look forward to more content here on my blog as there will be more in the next couple of days.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading.

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