Kemono Jihen Episode 6

S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kemono Jihen Episode 6

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Yo! Sirius here!

It’s time for me to share my thoughts on the 6th episode of Kemono Jihen.

In the last episode, it ended with the gang infiltrating a dangerous place to investigate a weird phenomenon. It just so happens that there were 3 mosquito-like kemonos sucking the life out of the employees to keep them from thinking straight and basically, have them to work 24/7.

It’s really nasty and cruel. Also very dangerous too. Mihai really went overboard in this mission. He put the gang in danger, especially Shiki. It turns out Shiki seemed to have a panic attack while facing the opponent. It made him remember his trauma and issues in the past, and personally, I feel sorry for him.

Good thing, Shiki was able to recover, not immediately from the attack, and was able to trap the enemy. He did very well.

Kabane and Akira were able to reach Shiki and regroup, only to be cornered by the eldest of the mosquito sisters. She’s very scary and strong. She even sucked her own siblings. Very nasty.

As Shiki was clearly weak already, he was immediately defeated by the enemy. Akira, also, as there were no source of water for him to use.

Kabane was the only one who can fight off the enemy, however, he had a hard time. He realized that the enemy was too strong and he was panicking. He wants to get stronger but was scared he would turn into a monster.

Mihai, pretty much figured everything out from the beginning, gave Kabane the tip that could help him reach his full potential. And what was the tip?

To listen to one’s heart.


But I kind of get it. Listening to one’s heart could also mean believing in one’s self. That you can do it. Kabane kept on losing against Mihai and now the enemy because he is technically using his own human strength when we all know he’s more capable than that. He needs to fully accept his demon side and feel free to use it for his advantage.

Which he did.

Good for him.

He was able to apprehend the enemy.

Then out of nowhere, the newest minion of Inari appeared and offered to clean the mess in the vicinity. That new minion was Nobinaru.

He’s very mysterious and I can’t seem to read him. At least he’s very courteous and well-mannered.

I really don’t know which side he really is on. He gave Kabane a tip on handling kitsunes and expressed his dislike against Inari.

I am very intrigued by him and I want to know more about him.

The gang went home and rest.

All is good until Kabane remembered that he made a promise to Kon. Turns out Kon was waiting the whole time. My baby. It was this time when the tip Nobinaru gave to Kabane made sense to me. It seemed Nobinaru and Kon are part of the same kind of kitsune. I mean, they have the same hair color.

But the loyalty and their strong will in following the commands and promises intrigued me.

To be honest, I am not very familiar with what kitsunes are, as they are mainly part of a culture I do not know much of. But this definitely made me curious more about them and where this anime could go from here.

Kemono Jihen continues to surprise me with their story and direction. With this new development of the gang and new characters being introduced, the future is quite bright for this anime.

I just hope they can maintain this until the very end.

Can’t wait for the next episode.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!

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