S.A.W. Winter 2021: Kemono Jihen Episode 3

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Yo! Sirius here. It’s time for me to share my thoughts about the 3rd episode of Kemono Jihen.

Sorry for this delay in release. I haven’t been watching much of animes lately, but I am catching up. At least I am here now.

In the previous episodes, we were able to see how Kabane was discovered by Inugami and how he starts to blend into his “new environment”.

Here in the 3rd episode, Kabane was asked to meet Inari-san, the creepy old lady from the previous episode.

It just so happen, I am quite interested in that creepy old lady.

I find it really weird that Inugami-san is in some ways connected with Inari-san. The creepy lady seemed to have an antagonist aura since the previous episode.

Immediately, we got to see the evil side of Inari-san. This made me feel a bit nervous for the main cast as they are about to enter the enemy’s lair.

Interestingly, the fox girl in the opening seemed to be under the care of the creepy lady. Based on the opening, she became part of the main gang, so maybe in the future, she will become their ally. But for now, it’s clear that she only serves for Inari-san.

As expected, the creepy lady, Inari-san seemed to be interested in Kabane’s necklace. It seemed to be connected to her desire to be more powerful and changing the norm between Kemonos and humans. She took advantage of Kabane and took the necklace and chopped his head.


It seemed Inugami saw this attack early because he made sure Kabane had a company. Because of this Shiki and Akira was able to hold their ground against the fox girl, while they got Kabane’s head. At this moment, we got to see more of Kabane’s prowess. He was able to regrow his own body. I know he’s like a half demon, half human, but he seemed to very powerful in a lot of ways. Another thing I noticed was how Kabane seemed to be quite smart than he let on. I mean, yeah he’s a bit dense when it comes to modern stuff, but he’s quite street smart and be able to adapt well to many situations.

He was able to defeat the fox girl by biting her, which was interesting.

It also turns out, the necklace Kabane gave to Inari-san turned out to be faked, which enraged the creepy lady and caused some accidents.

It’s quite clear to me that she’s an antagonist, I mean from the start, her powers involve the manipulation of humans and that’s not a good sign. However, based on what Inugami said near the end, Inari-san has connections which, I guess, is useful in their field.

Out of nowhere, the fox girl, being too loyal to the creepy lady, tried to attack the gang even though she was injured but fainted due to exhaustion. Once she recovered, she tried to attack again but Inugami used her loyalty to Inari-san against her. That was funny, by the way. The way she turned from being an angry and spiteful girl to an obedient one. Lol.

This episode was quite fun to watch. Not only we get to meet more interesting characters, but we also got more glimpse of what Kabane’s capable of and, I guess, an insight into the current relationship between Kemonos and humans.

I think there is more than what is implied in this episode, and I can’t wait for it to be explored.

Also, whatever Inari-san’s role is in Kabane’s life, all I know is that we haven’t seen much of her yet, so I am looking forward to it in the future episodes.


I know that episode 4 and 5 is released by the time this entry is released. I will watch them soon and catch up, so look forward to them.

That is it for this post.

This has been Will Sirius, and see you on my next post!

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