Pokemon Movie 21: Power of Us

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After watching the previous Pokemon Movie last year, my interest to this franchise is slowly growing. Like, right now, I just downloaded the Pokemon Go app and will start play soon. Lol.

As I could never push myself to watch the whole series from scratch, I can only appreciate this franchise by watching its movies.

But as of right now, I dont have any copy of their old movies, so I just watch its latest movie instead. Made by the studio that brought us Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus Bride, here’s my thoughts about Pokemon Movie 21 – The Power of Us.

Ash and Pikachu embark on a new journey to Fula City where the yearly Wind Festival takes place. There they meet new trainers and friends in order to later help save the city along with the mythical pokemon Zeraora.


Okay, I totally didn’t expect this. I actually like and enjoyed this movie. I really thought this be like its predecessor, but infairness, I like this one more.

It’s quite clear to everyone that the target audience of Pokemon is definitely not my age range, that’s why its understandable that there were some moments that were really cringey and facepalm worthy. This one was no different, and yet, I liked it.

Based on its synopsis, this movie is no different to its predecessors (except last year’s). Ash & Pokemon in a new place, in another adventure. What I like about this series was its point to point story. We pretty much know, even before it started how this movie would end (everyone is happy), it’s the “getting there” part that made this movie shine. Everything that had happen on screen, shown in a subtle way or not, has a purpose. I never felt like there was a dull moment in the movie. Even though there were questionable out of this world logic…I cant help but just say that this is anime and just let it slide. It was that enjoyable.

The characters were really likeable too. Just like the previous movie, there were still some characters that were cringey af. But atleast, they had some developments that made me like them. Ash continues to be immortal and can’t be beaten or killed, and there’s surely an evidence to that here in this movie. I won’t spoil what actually happened, all I know is that he is immortal.

If you think not, Fight me.

Now for the Pokemons. As I had been out of touch when it comes to knowledge about this cute monsters, I can’t help but feel like a newbie. There’s a lot of new pokemons that I haven’t seen before. They are hella cute and I want to know them more and more. It was also nice to see the old pokemons showing up in this movie. Atleast, it’s not only Pikachu I see from the 1st gen.

Now, for its animation. I think this played a huge role in me like this movie. Dont get me wrong, I always loved the original look of Ash and the World of Pokemon, but the overflowing smoothness of Wit Studio’s art was undeniably fantastic to watch. The vibrance of the colors were not to bright and not to dull. The new character designs were a bit weird at first, but i didn’t mind later on. And bruh, the animation sequence during the fights were phenomenal. It made me remember how much I enjoyed watching Pokemon when I was kid. It was well done.

Wit studio definitely upped their game for this.

Overall, I really really liked this movie. Everything about this shouts to me as your typical Pokemon movie, but everything just works. I mean, even team Rocket had a purpose in the movie. I just liked this movie more than the one last year. Ooohohohohohoh.

You guys should at least check this one out.

Anyway, that’s it for now. This has been Will Sirius and Thanks for Reading!!!

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