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Omoi no Kakera: After Thoughts

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I really like to watch random anime specials/ONA’s/OVA’s cuz those project might have alot of potential but were only given an episode or two to show their worthiness. One of those animes I stumbled into was this: Omoi no Kakera.

This was first released last 2016 as an anime special project that was being produced and aired in NHK, for the reconstruction of the Tohoku region in Japan. Of course, we all do remember what happened in that region, so in a way, it seems this anime special was made to reach out to the people to let them understand and accept the changes of their town. I can’t really put into words the feelings of the people in Tohoku, but I could tell that this anime definitely delivered the message really well.



Type: Special
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Mar 24, 2016
Studios: Fukushima Gainax
Source: Original
Genres: Slice of Life
Duration: 24 min.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: Hina Satou is a 13-year-old who loves figure skating and lives in a port town in Miyagi Prefecture. After losing her mother in the 2011 earthquake, she and her father are currently living in temporary housing. With sad memories of the earthquake and memories of a gentle mother, the cheerful Hina continues to move toward her dreams.

My Thoughts:

When I first began watching this series, I immediately noticed the weird house of the main character. It looked unusual and not you typical japanese home that we usually see on animes. It also bothered me cuz I felt like I had seen that kind of house before. Little did I know that this series was showcasing to us, viewers, the life of the people after the calamity.



What I really like about this anime special was that even in a short amount of time, the writer/s was able to squeeze in a parallel between the town and the life of the main character. The main character, Hina, proclaims she is a normal junior high student. Her life is the typical one and boring, nothing new. It was around the time she got into a setback was when she realized the important things in her life. How she forgotten to notice the changes in her town, how her mother used to smile, and even the purpose of the things she put in the time capsule when she was young. She realized that her setback is painful, but to keep going, she needs to change, change for the better. This part parallels with the overarching narrative about the changes happening in the town. With the subtle clues shown in the anime special, we get to see the effect of the calamity to the people and the town. The town needs to be improved, but those improvements doesn’t come immediately. There is going to be changes not only in the surrounding, but also to the people. To move forward, the everyone and everything needs to be change, change to achieve a better future.


Now for the other things I want to point out about the series.

The art & animation was really simple. It wasn’t flashy or exaggerated, the art is your typical slice-of-life type. The animation was okay. I really like how the comedic scenes were animated. The faces of the characters were priceless. I am not a fan of CG in this anime, especially the ending sequence, but I accept them. No choice.


The sound and music all through out this anime special was really good. Its clear that alot of people gave their all for this anime. I really really like the voice acting in this anime, especially the main character’s. OMG, I think it was around the middle part when I start to notice the familiar tone of the MC, oh damn, its freakin’ Kiyono Yasuno, Kato Megumi’s VA. I MISS HER VOICE. She portrayed Hina really well, though I did cringe abit when I could clearly hear Kato Megumi in her performance.


Overall, this anime special was a simple passion project to encourage the people in Tohoku region to accept change and to keep going. The overall message of the anime was definitely delievered so that means the anime served its purpose.

I would totally recommend this to the people who likes and enjoy watching Saekano and is part of #TeamKato. KATO MEGUMI IS HERE IN THE ANIME. LOL. Only her voice. Hahahhaha. At least we get to hear her again, just before the Saekano Movie. I miss Kato.

Anyway, that is all.
Thanks for reading!

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