Nil Admirari no Tenbin – Teito Genwaku Kitan: After Thoughts

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There is always an anime that you watch in every season that you don’t understand why its still part of your watchlist. I mean, there is a lot of good and better animes to watch, but why?? Why choose to finish a mediocre anime??
In every episode of this anime, Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Teito Genwaku Kitan, those questions above keeps on creeping the shit out of me. This anime is…not even note worthy. Like, I’m having a hard time right now, on how I express and share my thoughts about this anime. I’m still gonna try, I guess.


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2018 to Jun 24, 2018
Premiered: Spring 2018
Studios: Zero-G
Source: Visual novel
Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: The Taishou era didn’t end in 15 years, but went on for another 25. In order to protect her waning family, a girl resolves to marry a man she doesn’t even know the name of. However, just before the marriage was to take place, the girl’s younger brother mysteriously committed suicide by self-immolation and was found holding an old book in his hands. Appearing before the bewildered young girl was the “Imperial Library Intelligence Asset Management Bureau,” more commonly referred to as “Fukurou.” According to these men, there exists “Maremono,” which are books that greatly affect their readers. On top of that, ever since the incident involving the girl’s younger brother, she unwittingly gains the ability to see “Auras” (the sentiments of the Maremono which manifest as bright lights and are usually invisible to humans). It was as though fate were trying to drag the young girl in its flames. And then, even though apprehensive, the girl chooses to venture outside her bird cage. Jealousy, hatred, scorn, compassion, and love. What awaited the girl was the darkness of betrayal that had already begun to bewitchingly inlay the imperial capital. Toyed by and swayed within that darkness, will the young girl finally reach the truth after her struggles, or…? (MAL)

With my intro above, you might think that this anime must be really bad. Nope, your wrong. This anime is actually a mediocre reverse harem series.

Compared to all the reverse harem animes I had seen all through my life, this one was the most weakest romance ever. I mean, I see alot of handsome men in this series, but their interaction to the main girl were weak and uninteresting. The only development I saw was between the main girl and the supposed main guy, but their romance arc was rushed. It would have been nice if the romance arcs were executed well, then this series would be really good. This anime focused too much on the mystery side of the series, which resulted to the romance part to feel rushed and no progress. And that’s weird cuz for me, reverse harem goes side by side with romance. Still, I do find the mystery plot quite interesting.

I am a sucker for mystery animes so I think that might have influenced my decision to continue watching this anime. After the episode 1, I got really curious as to how the cursed books were made, how they spread, and more importantly, who’s the villain. Infairness, the anime answered all of my curious thoughts along the way. Still, it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. The way they presented the mysteries in the anime were a bit boring, and the reveal of the answers were quite meh. I do like some of the twists and turns of the story, but some of them were predictable. It was to a point that I was already waiting for them to reveal it, and not be shocked by the revelation itself. Damn.

I’m quite impressed by the art used in this series. It added alot of the right vibes to the series. The character designs were really good. You can easily distinguish who is who, even though you forgot their names. The animation though, was weak and stiff. It’s on par with the other reverse harem/all guys type of animes. Not really amazing.


Overall, this series was meh. It was too mediocre and disappointing. I didn’t really enjoy much watching this one, but at least I tried to give this one a chance. Now, you readers, skip this one out unless you are an avid watcher of reverse harem animes or animes that consist of really handsome men.

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  1. Ang Permalink

    When I saw the trailer, I thought I was going to get a fascinating mystery. When I watched the show, I got a reverse harem with mystery sprinkled in. Like you said, neither is done well. The female protagonist did not have a personality. She’s like mashed potatoes before the butter, salt, and pepper, very starchy and uninteresting.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      lol XD
      Thats a nice description of her boring personality hahahahaahahah


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