Nijiiro Days Manga, a shoujo romance manga starring Guys

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Yo!! Sirius here!!!

Yes, you read the title right. This is a Manga review!! Wooohooooo!!!!

First ever, actually!! Yeeeee!!

I always expressed my desire to expand my content here on my blog. Because of me, the writer, being soooooo lazy and over thinker, I tend to not make any first step towards my goal. But now, I am a changed person (I’m trying….). I will be taking risks and fulfill my ultimate plan of posting whatever I want here on my blog.


Ehem. Okay… I think I said my piece. Time for the main point.

For my first ever Manga review, I will be featuring a complete shoujo manga that is dear to me. This series also got an anime adaptation, and it was through that that I got to discover this enjoyable manga.

And that manga is, Nijiiro Days (Rainbow Days).

Nijiiro Days follows the daily lives of four high school boys: the hopeless romantic Natsuki Hashiba, the sadist Keiichi Katakura, the playboy Tomoya Matsunaga, and the smart otaku Tsuyoshi Naoe. Even while constantly struggling in their studies, they spend their days goofing around and having romantic misadventures.

On Christmas Eve, however, Natsuki is dumped by his girlfriend. While crying alone, he receives a pack of tissues from a girl wearing a Santa Claus costume, and, in return, gives her the scarf originally meant for his ex-girlfriend. As the holidays end and Natsuki returns to school, he finds out that the girl is named Anna Kobayakawa—who luckily goes to the same school as him! Having fallen in love with Anna, Natsuki aims to get closer to her, despite his friends interfering with his plans. (MAL)

Like I said on my intro, I discovered this series through its anime adaptation. I really enjoyed watching the anime even though it was a bit short. The premise was quite unique as it starred Highschool Guys in a Shoujo Romance genre. Dunno about you hardcore manga readers out there, but this was the first time I encountered such premise.

Think about it. When it comes to shoujo mangas, the story usually revolves around girls discovering/meeting love. I maybe generalizing but most of the shoujo mangas I read are like this. That’s why, I find this manga really special. As we are already exposed to the perspective of the girls, it was refreshing to see and know how guys thinks when it comes to romance.

Nijiiro Days not only explored the perspective of guys when it comes to romance, we also go to see them grow and develop all throughout highschool. Seeing each of their growth as individuals definitely made me proud of how far they’ve come. It’s really nice.

Well, as this is a shoujo manga, of course, there’s a lot of pairings. With the main cast consist of four guys, there’s also four girls that captured or trying to capture the guy’s heart. Ayeeee!

Out of all the pairings, the most developed one would be Hashiba & Kobayakawa’s relationship. Even though, there are four guys as main, it’s quite clear that Hashiba’s the “poster boy” of the manga, hence, his relationship with Kobayakawa was greatly highlighted. I really liked them as a pair, but they are not my favorite. Compared to other couples, they are pretty muc the “standard” shoujo couple to a point, I was about to get annoyed by their “running around in circles” type of relationship. Still, I enjoyed watching them grow as a person and become a couple.

If I were to choose my ultimate favorite pairing of the ensemble, I would choose Matsunaga and Tsuitsui’s relationship. Their chemistry is amazing. Even in the anime adaptation of the series, I always squeal a lot whenever they have a scene together. My only problem with them was that their relationship took a backseat after Tsuitsui’s arc. There’s still so much stuff the mangaka could do with their relationship and yet, mangaka immediately shifted attention to the main couple. Uuuggghhhh…it was so frustrating. Yes, they still do have tiny moments here and there, but they were TINY…TINY MOMENTS. Not enough, bruh, not enough.

Good thing, there was Naoe and Asai’s stable relationship. I love both of them. Even before the series started, they were already a couple and was going strong. I really love their relationship. Both of them knows each other really well, and even though they are not to showy, you can feel how much they love each other. I especially love how their relationship got focused at the last arc of the series as both of them deserved the limelight too.

Lastly, Karakura & Matsunaga’s sis, Nafsuki’s relationship was not to my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea of kouhai pursuing a Senpai until they like you, but Karakura’s too complicated and immature that I couldn’t understand why Natsuki likes him in the first place. Out of all the couples, these two are not together…yet. With how the series ended, it’s quite clear that they’ll definitely be official.

But we can never tell because the series is now finished. Sad.

As I am making a review about this series’ manga, let me share to you my thoughts about its artwork. It’s very shoujo. Nothing new but it’s nice to look at. The character designs are definitely not flashy or unique, but they represent well the character’s personality. And for me, that’s more important.

I guess, the only downfall I saw from this series (other than the lack of Matsunaga and Tsuitsui’s blooming relationship) was its pacing. It was all of the place, but there were moments that it felt like the story got dragged a bit. This problem also was greatly evident in the last chapters as you can feel the sense of rush while reading. I can’t blame the author as maybe the publishing company wants the series to end at Chapter 80. It must have been stressful for his/her part.

Still, though this problem did effect my enjoyment of the series. As much as I want to give praises to this piece, its flaws were to apparent for me to ignore.

Even so, I will still recommend this to you guys as it’s a really good Shoujo manga. Definitely a must read for me.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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