Movie Feature: Gintama (Live-Action, 2017)

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Time to introduce a new feature of my blog! Ooohohohohhoho…

Movie Feature!!

It took me awhile to introduce this one. Heheheheh. I tend to forget to do this feature, and I am also scared to introduce some random topic out of nowhere. Lel. So for now, I will be featuring a movie that is somewhat related to anime. He.He.He.

Its the live-action movie of Gintama! Wooohhhh!!



  • Movie: Silver Soul (literal title)
  • Romaji: Gintama
  • Japanese: 銀魂
  • Director: Yuichi Fukuda
  • Writer: Hideaki Sorachi (manga), Yuichi Fukuda
  • Release Date: July 14, 2017
  • Runtime: 130 min.
  • Genre: Based on a Comic / Action / Action-Comedy
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan
  • Starring: Shun Oguri, Masaki Suda, Kana Hashimoto, Masaki Okada, Masami Nagasawa, etc.

Synopsis: Set in a parallel universe around the Edo period.
Alien species Amanto attack planet Earth. The people on Earth fight back against the aliens for more than 10 years. The Shogunate sees the power of Amanto and decide accept their conquest. The Shogunate builds a puppet government for Amanto and carry out the Sword Abolishment Edict. Due to these actions, samurai, that fought against the Amanto for their country and their lord, fall into a decline.
Gintoki Sakata (Shun Oguri) is a samurai and happens to meet people. He has an extraordinary experience.

My Thoughts:
Gintama live-action movie is amazing. Damn!!

Gintama is a famous and well-known anime, its story is……uuuuhhhhh….parodies? though they have an underlying story, but its mostly parodies. When I first heard the news that their was going to be a live-action of the anime, I was shookt. Wut?!?!!? I mean, with the recent bad releases, I don’t want this amazing series to be tainted. But damn, this movie threw all of my low and bad expectations away. BRUH!! Japan can still adapt properly. T_T

Its been awhile since I saw a live-action movie that is really really good. Recently, most of the live-action movies I approve that are great had romance or slice-of-life elements. Anime/Manga tend to go beyond imagination cuz, well, they are feeding our creative minds after all. That’s why this type of movie is out of this world and beyond expectations. Gintama was AMAZING!

The live-action movie was done really well. It resonates everything that made Gintama famous. The movie was so fun. I laughed hard during the beetle scenes. I couldn’t even stop myself face-palming on some jokes. The CG on some scenes looks weird and ridiculous but it fits man, I dunno why. The parodies were too on point to a point I got scared. LOL. They sure dropped alot of easter eggs. Hahahahahahah.

The characters, oh my, they definitely copied the looks of their manga/anime counterpart. They are definitely on point. Its kinda weird cuz they look stupid, but their looks do add some comedy flavours to the movie. I just can’t, they are too lame at the same time, too funny. Infairness, they got the personalities right. I specifically like Masaki Suda’s portrayal of Shinpachi. Damn, he looks so innocent, I’m not used to this. Hahahahah. Shun Oguri as Gintoki, Yassss!! He did it really well. He’s so good in his craft. I also really like Yuya Yagira and Ryo Yoshizawa’s performance. Though I admit, I got distracted by their good looks, their acting was note-worthy. I’m not much of a fan of Kanna Hashimoto, but she did okay. Didn’t expect I would see Masami Nagasawa here in this movie, but damn she portrayed her role right. Another surprise was Tsuyoshi Domoto. With all the news of his health problems last year, I totally didn’t expect him to be here in this movie. Nevertheless, he did amazing. It made me want to rewatch his old Kindaichi series.

One of the reasons that made the Gintama live-action movie successful was the fact that Gintama itself is a parody. So, in some ways, you could consider this movie as a parody of a parody anime. Gets?? XD

Overall, this movie is a must watch. People, this live-action is nowhere near Attack on titan live-action movie you know, so its not bad. This movie definitely gave me insight that there is still hope that the Japanese Movie industry could still adapt an anime/manga properly. Yep, they can still do it.

Now, please watch the movie.
Anyway, thanks for reading!!


  1. TPAB~ Permalink

    look at you gush, lol.
    I have never seen the anime or the manga, can I enjoy the movie as is?
    kita ko ung poster nito, medyo napa side tilt ako? haha akala joke nung una

    1. Sirius Permalink

      hahahahahha if you know how gintama is then I think its fine to watch it. Tbh, di ko pa nacomplete ng watch yung anime at di ko pa nabasa yung manga. I just saw some episodes from the previous seasons, and in a way I’m a bit familiar with the characters that’s why I get the movie.
      hhhhhmmmm…i think it would be better if at least u could watch 1 season of the anime, then ur good to go. XD


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